Frisian Duck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I popped 1 seed from Dutch passion and got this Beautiful purple budded plant with green leaves that when trimmed created an overall peppered look to the buds! Super Beautiful!! It was Easy to germinate! took off like wild fire!!! out of the 4 plants i had going it grew the fastest and had a large harvest in the end I was pleased!! Mine finished on flowering day 72! i gave it a bit longer to mature! It smells so good...”

  • “We love her. She has it all, Smell, Taste, and Yield.... When processed to concentrates, her fruity terpene profile remains with her through and through. Harvesting at 75 days (indoor w/ 30% amber trichomes) will bring out a high, that is uplifting and hits you in the eyes initially, followed by a lasting "stoney" effect, that will have everyone at the sesh sitting silent, deep in thought within a few minutes.”

  • “Smooth taste. (Pine and Spicy) Big fan of purple buds, which is a plus. Great hybrid, more towards the sativa side, so it's great for day time use. Awesome for stealth growing!”

  • “I Loved This Strain!!! Taste Reminded me of drinking Cranberry Juice on the Holidays!!! Not to mention how Gorgeously Purple the Buds where!!! <3 <3 <3 -Note: Not very Potent though! Still Good!!!”

  • “Absolutely 5* for this strain. Really easy to grow, a wonderful energetic, talkative high. Some of the plants had stronger elements of Purple Star hence the buds were purple and even went very dark blue almost black and some others had the Skunk gene dominant and these were greener and slightly stronger to smoke. A hybrid but definitely more on the Sativa side.”

  • “That moment of pepper flavour...”

  • “Bomb. Pretty colors and very discreet Crystally, but not the most potent strain ever”

  • “really easy to grow! the buds turned really dark purple with green and purple leaves wich made them look just beautiful. The smell was spicy and really fruity, the smoke really smooth and tasted like berries. i had a really nice energetic sativa high and running on my bare feet suddenly felt great. The best strain for stealthy growing cause the leaves are unrecognizable”