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Cannabis laws and regulations in Nova Scotia

Published on October 14, 2022
(Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

Cannabis is legal for adult use across Canada, but the details vary between provinces, municipalities, and cities. Here’s what you need to know about buying, possessing, and consuming cannabis in Nova Scotia.

Possessing and consuming cannabis in Nova Scotia 

  • As with alcohol, you must be aged 19 or older to purchase or consume cannabis products in Nova Scotia or enter a cannabis store. Sharing or gifting cannabis to anyone under 19 is also prohibited.
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of dried flower in public. Provincial legislation does not cap the quantity of cannabis that you can possess in private, provided that it is for personal consumption.
  • Consuming cannabis is prohibited for drivers and passengers while in any motor vehicle, including boats. Driving while impaired by cannabis can result in licence prohibitions, criminal charges, incarceration, and/or fines.
  • Cannabis can be transported in a vehicle, provided it is secured in sealed packaging and out of reach of both driver and passengers (e.g. in the trunk). 
  • Consuming cannabis by vaping or smoking is prohibited in manypublic places, including (but not limited to): government offices, casinos, common areas of residential buildings, restaurants and bars (including patios), community centres, recreational facilities and fitness centres, public transportation (including shelters and stations), daycare or preschool facilities, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. It is also banned within 20 meters of a playground, sport, or recreational facility; on and within 9 meters of public trails; on public beaches and in provincial parks (with the exception of designated campsites); within 4 meters of a workplace window, air vent, or entrance; and on school grounds. Municipalities may place further restrictions on public consumption.
  • Consuming cannabis by vaping or smoking is permitted in private residences and on private property; outside of the prescribed perimeter of the locations listed above; most public spaces where smoking tobacco is permitted, such as sidewalks and streets; on designated, rented campsites. 
  • Landlords and condo boards may ban or restrict the smoking of cannabis in rental units for new leases, and amend existing leases to ban consumption (with four months’ written notice). Other methods of consumption may be permitted, depending on the rental agreement. 

Where can you buy cannabis in Nova Scotia?

Cannabis in Nova Scotia may be legally purchased exclusively from government-run cannabis and alcohol retailer Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, both in-store and online. Delivery is available in most of the province.

What can you grow in Nova Scotia?

In line with federal regulations, you may grow up to four cannabis plants at home in Nova Scotia, provided that you are over the age of 19 and that your growing material (seeds, etc) was legally purchased. If you live in a condo or rent your home, your landlord or condo association may limit or ban the cultivation of cannabis.