Alan Brochstein, The Cannabis Capitalist
Alan Brochstein, CFA, covers the cannabis industry full time from Houston, running 420 Investor, a subscription-based service for those interested in publicly-traded cannabis stocks, and New Cannabis Ventures, a news and information platform that highlights promising companies and influential investors in the cannabis industry. Before focusing on the cannabis industry in 2013, Alan worked as an independent equity research analyst following two decades as a portfolio manager, trader, and analyst.
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How to Invest in Canada’s Coming Legal Cannabis Boom

Current valuations are high, but future expectations are higher for Canada's 28 public cannabis companies.

Investing in High Times: Puff or Pass?

The media and events company is preparing for a public investment round. Alan Brochstein looks at the financials.

Investors, Beware of Cutesy Names and Unsustainable Run-Ups

This is the third big marijuana stocks rally since 2013. Here are a couple lessons I learned from the first two.

Investing in Cannabis Extraction: 5 Companies to Watch

The extraction process is fueling the boom in vaping, edibles, and concentrates. Who's profiting from the trend?

MassRoots Meltdown: 7 Warning Signs Investors Should Have Heeded

Investment columnist Alan Brochstein examines the warning signs that investors might have heeded.

Investing: Canopy Growth & MedReleaf Rally Past Weak Near-Term Results

Both companies missed analysts' revenue predictions, but investors didn't seem to care.

Cannabis Investing: Does Revenue Even Matter?

Revenue generation isn't always rewarded by the stock market. Here's how to read revenue figures, and why you should dive deeper before investing.

3 Canadian Companies Are Making Big US Cannabis Investments

Canadian Bioceutical, iAnthus Capital, and Liberty Health Sciences are moving capital south of the border.

Investing in Cannabis? Consider Going Global With Canadian Companies

Use the loonie to invest overseas: Canadian companies are involved in cannabis ventures on five continents.

5 Ways to Avoid Cannabis Stock Investment Scams

Are those 'employees' just models? Does the phone go straight to voicemail? Look for these and other red flags.

Investing in Cannabis? Ask These 3 Questions Before You Do

Leafly's new columnist, Alan Brochstein, separates the contenders from the pretenders. Meet the Cannabis Capitalist.