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Ben Adlin is an editor at Leafly who specializes in politics and the law.
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Gavin Newsom to Trump: ‘Dealers Don’t Card Kids’

The war on drugs has failed, Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom told President Trump. "We can't continue to keep doing what we've done and expect a different result."

White House Plans ‘Greater Enforcement’ Against Legal Cannabis

Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that the Trump administration will crack down in adult-use states.

Calif. Bill Would Make Underage Sale Violations Sting

One state lawmaker is proposing a stiff penalty for a business caught selling cannabis to underage buyers: the loss of its state license.

7 Gluten-Free Infused Edibles Actually Worth Eating

The pot brownie might be the quintessential cannabis edible, but it’s no good if you're gluten-free. That doesn’t mean you have to go hungry—or sober.

The Senate Just Confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

The vote puts cannabis patients, consumers, and business owners in legal states in a precarious position.

Washington State Lawmakers Want a Wall Around Legal Marijuana

State lawmakers have quietly introduced legislation designed to help protect legal cannabis from intervention by the Trump administration.

What Does Gorsuch Think About Cannabis? Not Much.

What would Trump's SCOTUS nominee mean for patients, adult consumers, and the estimated 123,000 Americans who make a living in legal cannabis?

How to Contact Senators About Jeff Sessions

After a hectic first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, senators are scheduled to vote Tuesday on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

Apple Just Invented a New Vaporizer. Too Bad You Can’t Buy It.

A patent application reveals something unusual: diagrams for what appear to be a new Apple vaporizer.

Can You Trademark a Cannabis Brand? ‘Stash’ Case Offers Two Answers

Two cannabis retailers were forced to re-evaluate their brands after accusations of trademark infringement. They couldn't have responded more differently.

Want to Buy a Cannabis Store? For $50 Million You Can Own Six

The surprise sale offer of two of Washington's top cannabis businesses has left some scratching their heads.

Sessions Hearings Fail to Answer Questions on Cannabis

Statements by the AG nominee did little to ease cannabis advocates’ fears that the incoming administration could put state-legal cannabis programs at risk.

MJ Freeway Clients to See Most Services Restored This Week

The software firm says retail clients will see services restored during the next few days following what the calls a “targeted” hack on its system.

Here’s the First Batch of California Cannabis Bills in 2017

With Proposition 64 the law of the land, California lawmakers are now introducing legislation to tinker with the state’s current cannabis laws.

Maine Gov. LePage, a Sharp Cannabis Critic, Signs off on Legalization

Within a month Mainers will be able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis as well as grow a limited number of plants at home.

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