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David Bienenstock

Veteran cannabis journalist David Bienenstock is the author of "How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High" (2016 - Penguin/Random House), and the co-host and co-creator of the podcast "Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean." Follow him on Twitter @pot_handbook.

Most popular articles

7 Cannabis Strains That Changed the Game

The backstories of many strains are shrouded in mystery, but these seven are enshrined in the cannabis canon for their outsized impact on cannabis history.

David Bienenstock - January 8, 2018

Taking Drugged Driving Seriously: What Does the Science Say?

Recent headlines raised fears about stoned driving. We looked at the data and found a different story.

David Bienenstock - September 21, 2017

6 Cannabis Concentrates That Changed the Game

From history’s oldest cannabis concentrates to today’s high-tech extracts, learn about these innovative concentrate products that have changed the game when it comes to potency, diversity, and medical utility.

David Bienenstock - April 9, 2018

7 Cannabis Edibles That Changed the Game

Explore the history of our favorite “secret ingredient,” cannabis, through seven unique edibles that all changed the game.

David Bienenstock - February 22, 2018

6 International Cannabis Strains Worth Seeking Abroad

Planning an international adventure to one of the cannabis capitals of the world? Don't miss these legendary cannabis strains, which are best enjoyed in their country of origin.

David Bienenstock - March 6, 2018

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

It’s time to release cannabis prisoners—like today

With COVID-19 flaring in America's prisons, governors can save lives by releasing our prisoners of the drug war.

David Bienenstock - March 27, 2020

High school student busted for smelling like weed—but he didn’t

A Dayton, Ohio, school seems to go easy on vaping white kids while suspending their Black peers on dubious 'marijuana smell' claims.

David Bienenstock - February 19, 2020

Pete Buttigieg wants to end the war on weed—but not in South Bend

Mayor Pete talks a big game on national drug reform, but at home in Indiana he didn't do much to improve things.

David Bienenstock - January 21, 2020

The most important cannabis science stories of 2019

Check out what researchers found out about cannabis with the best studies from 2019.

David Bienenstock - December 30, 2019

Is Bernie Sanders still ahead of the curve on cannabis?

He pioneered decriminalization in the 1970s and led legalization efforts in Congress. How would he act as president? Bernie's got a plan.

David Bienenstock - December 18, 2019

Cannabis farmers scramble to protect heirloom seeds from Big Ag

Old-school California growers are prepping for a patent war against global agricultural giants.

David Bienenstock - December 12, 2019

One man’s crusade to open-source cannabis DNA

You can't patent information in the public domain. So Kevin McKernan is sequencing cannabis DNA and posting it, to keep the plant free.

David Bienenstock - December 11, 2019

This company filed the first cannabis DNA patent—and nobody knows who they are

Bioscience Institute lists no executive officers and no corporate address. But it owns potentially valuable cannabis patents. The researchers who work for them don't want to talk about it.

David Bienenstock - December 10, 2019

Leafly investigation: Inside the billion-dollar race to patent cannabis

Backstabbing partners, secret financial backers, hired-gun geneticists: Welcome to Leafly's series on the new cannabis patent war.

David Bienenstock - December 9, 2019

Mike Bloomberg’s ideas about cannabis legalization are totally bonkers

If the former New York major jumps into the Democratic presidential race, Joe Biden will no longer be the worst candidate on cannabis.

David Bienenstock - November 11, 2019