Harrison Jordan
Harrison Jordan is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and enjoys reading and writing about the regulatory affairs of cannabis in Canada and around the world.
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Canada Announces Craft-Scale Licenses for Smaller Cannabis Producers

Responding to criticism about favoring large cannabis producers, federal officials today unveiled a new "Micro" license.

Canada Cannabis Legalization: A Guide to Marijuana Laws by Province

Coming into effect on October 17, Canada's Cannabis Act will legalize adult-use recreational cannabis across the country. Here's a province-by-province guide to Canada's new cannabis regulations.

Five Things Canada’s Cannabis Act Will Legalize Besides Possession

From smoking devices to storage, the Cannabis Act is set to legalize more than mere possession.

Comedy, Cancer, and Cannabis: Alan Park’s Wild Ride

After finding fame with Royal Canadian Air Farce and confronting mortality with a killer cancer diagnosis, Alan Park reemerges as a fearless cannabis advocate (and conspiracy theorist?)

The Canadian Government’s Curious Cannabis Slang

From 'boom' to 'errl,' Health Canada's 'cannabis slang terms' have Canadian cannabis fans scratching their heads.

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Mom-and-Pop Shops Compete Against Corporate Giants in the Canadian Cannabis Marketplace

When legalization goes live on October 17, Canadian cannabis consumers will have their pick of locally owned mom-and-pop cannabis shops—at least in some provinces.

International Cannabis and Billion-Dollar Buzz at Toronto’s MJBizCon

Helmed by the US-based trade journal Marijuana Business Daily, MJBizCon Toronto brought a truly international approach to exploring the cannabis industry.

In the Year Before Legal Edibles, Cannabis Oil Is a Non-Smoker’s Best Friend

Cannabis-oil drops placed under the tongue bring the quickest effects, while adding cannabis oil to food or beverages invites a more prolonged experience.

The Hazy Boundaries of Canada’s Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

The Cannabis Act's prohibitions on endorsements and testimonials only get triggered when representations “promote” cannabis. But what are the nuances of the law? Two Canadian cannabis lawyers weigh in.

Key Facts From the Canadian Cannabis Act’s 400 Pages of Regulations

From approval of outdoor grow-ops to the creation of a new class of “cannabis pharmaceuticals,” here are the key facts from the Cannabis Act's 400 pages of regulations.

Heroic Hippies & Canada’s New Cannabis Regime: An Interview With Master Grower Pete Young

The co-founder of the Canadian LP Indiva holds forth on unsung trailblazers, cannabis capitalists, and his legal obligation to be chaperoned by a "responsible person in charge" at his own damn company.

We Took Alberta’s Mandatory Training for Cannabis Workers. Here’s What We Learned.

To work in cannabis retail sales in Alberta, a citizen must be included on the province’s list of “qualified cannabis workers.” To get on the list, a citizen must take and pass the SellSafe course.

Canadian Senate Amends Cannabis Act to Limit THC, Allow Provincial Bans on Homegrow

The Standing Committee also rejected a number of amendments, including a proposed nationwide ban on home cultivation.

5 Things We Learned at North America’s Largest Cannabis Expo

As Canada speeds toward legalization, Toronto hosts the year's biggest, buzziest cannabis expo. Here are five takeaways.

New Excise Tax Puts Canada’s Blackmarket Cannabis Producers on Notice

Under the Excise Tax Act, illicit cannabis producers could face huge fines or five-year prison terms—on top of the potential 14-year prison sentences they face under the Cannabis Act.

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