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Jesse B. Staniforth
Jesse B. Staniforth is the editor of the free cannabis-industry newsletter WeedWeek Canada. He also reports on Indigenous issues, cybersecurity, and food safety.
Most Popular Articles

Chuck Rifici: The Problem-Solving Cannabis Financier

How a passion for innovation—and disdain for opioids—made a cannabis true-believer of this Canadian entrepreneur.

Henry Rollins: How a Drug-Hating Punk Came to Respect Cannabis

The famously straight-edge punk legend holds forth on lovable stoners, the connection between cannabis and gay rights, and his goal of being a "moral force" in the cannabis space.

Quebec Wants to Ban Homegrow. Is It the Will of the Voters or Vested Interests?

When Health Minister Lucie Charlebois speaks of a majority who oppose home growing, it very well may be a deck stacked with companies who stand to make a profit from keeping Quebeckers from growing their own.

Canada’s Marijuana Party Founder Loves Legalization Even Though It ‘Pisses Me Off’

Founder of the Bloc Pot and the Marijuana Party (and co-founder of the Montreal Compassion Centre), Marc-Boris St-Maurice reflects on several decades of fighting the good fight for cannabis.

Indigenous Communities and the Cannabis Act: A Clash of Tradition and Treaties

Some Indigenous communities want an all-out ban on cannabis. Others want to be able to grow and sell cannabis freely. All feel they have a moral right to decide for themselves.

Articles Contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

Candidates Expected to Go Quiet on Cannabis Ahead of Federal Election

Liberals reticent to take credit for creating a thriving new job market.

Only 44 Canadians Granted Cannabis Pardons Under New System

…so far.

How Did the Ontario Cannabis Store Lose $42-Million Selling Weed?

Despite $64-million in sales.

Quebeckers More Comfortable With Cannabis According to New Poll

Quebec attitudes toward cannabis have nearly reversed.

16 Out of 51 Legal Cannabis Stores in Saskatchewan Have Yet to Open

Nearly one year into legalization, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority remains sluggish in their screening and approval process.

Edibles Regulations to be Challenged in Canadian Court

Lawyer John Conroy says Health Canada's edibles-package limit of 10 mg is not enough for medical consumers.

Were Applicants for Ontario’s Second Cannabis Lottery Gaming the System?

Allegations of 'ballot stuffing' run high as one Reddit user does some serious digging into Ontario's latest wave of cannabis retail licensing.

If Elected, Major Manitoba Parties Vow to Overturn Home Cultivation Ban

The Liberals, NDP, and Greens have promised they will overturn the ban on home growing if they win September's upcoming provincial election.

StatsCan Report: Halifax Consumes the Most Cannabis Per Person

Based on nearly one year of wastewater testing in five major Canadian cities.

Eastern Ontario Towns Shut Out in Latest Cannabis Retail Lottery

And mayors east of Oshawa are disappointed.

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