Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli
Kenzi is a French drug policy reform advocate and researcher at FAAAT (Foundation for an Alternative Approach to Addiction and Substance Dependence) who lives in Barcelona, Spain. He is involved in local campaigns in the Occitania (southern France) and Catalonia (northeastern Spain) regions and is a regular at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs meetings at the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva. He focuses primarily on harm reduction issues as they relate to cannabis and on the cannabis social club model as a health-based approach to cannabis policies.
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Like Barcelona, Bilbao is Taking Steps to Regulate Cannabis Social Clubs

The City Council of the Basque city of Bilbao announced this week it will begin the process of regulating cannabis social clubs (CSC).

Amid Drug-War Chaos, France is Reconsidering Its Cannabis Policies

Signs that France is finally taking cannabis reform seriously emerged this summer, but a recent series of events has sped the shift.

Spanish Doctor Launches Cannabis Research Hub Amid Push for Reform

A new cannabis research observatory in Spain is giving patients hope for improved information about—and access to—cannabis.

Will France Be Stuck with Cannabis Prohibition…Forever?

For 45 years, governments in France have held on to some of the harshest and most outdated cannabis policies in Europe.

How Will Spain’s Local Elections Impact Cannabis Reform?

A political stalemate in the nation's capital has put more importance on local cannabis reform measures—and could make them more likely to pass.

Spanish Group Forms to Strengthen Women’s Voice in Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis community evolves, finding a way to strengthen the voice of women has been a challenge. A new professional network hopes to fix that.