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Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $20-$50

A token of appreciation for your favorite people shouldn't break the bank, so we've got gift suggestions for your cannabis-consuming friends and family that are easy on the wallet.

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: Under $20

Looking for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts for cannabis enthusiasts? There are lots of good options that won't break the bank, but these are some of our favorites.

California Releases Emergency Cannabis Regulations

The race to Jan. 1 is on! California regulators have released revised rules for the state's coming cannabis market.

Using CBD to Achieve Balance and Wellness

CBD is among the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in cannabis. It doesn't produce head-swimming highs, and research has shown that it may help to treat conditions like anxiety and help alleviate stress.

CO2 Trimming and Freeze Drying: Crop to Cure in 24 Hours

The same technology that gives us astronaut ice cream is helping producers and processors cure their cannabis flower in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big

Races in Tuesday's election could have big implications for cannabis legalization—in a few states, at least.

Announcing Our First Book, ‘The Leafly Guide to Cannabis’

Modern producers and consumers have launched a craft and educational cannabis renaissance. Our guide gives you everything you need to navigate the market.

Ohio Picks 11 Smaller Growers for Medical Marijuana Program

Ohio has chosen its first 11 growers for its medical marijuana program, but it could be months before they can start their first crop.

Medical Cannabis Advocate to Talk CBD at World Health Organization

Medical marijuana advocate Raúl Elizalde will share how CBD has helped his family and others before the World Health Organization’s International Drug Scheduling Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

NJ Court: Medical Cannabis Benefits ‘Abundant and Glaringly Apparent’

The court has ordered the state to reevaluate marijuana’s classification because cannabis is now legally used to treat a variety of ailments.

Insys Founder Arrested, Charged With Racketeering

The Phoenix company manufactures fentanyl and contributed heavily to defeat Arizona's adult-use legalization measure last year.

Trump Declares Opioid Health Emergency; Sessions Blames Cannabis

Administration officials made clear that the declaration, which lasts for 90 days, comes with no dedicated money.

Developing Products and Partnerships

Partners with decades of experience are few and far between in the cannabis space. But in this burgeoning industry, even young companies are establishing themselves as partners looking to support the people they do business with.

Maine Lawmakers Address Key Issues on Adult-Use Cannabis

Lawmakers have returned to Augusta for a special session. One of the biggest clashes is expected to be over adult-use cannabis.

What to Look for in a Vape Cart Manufacturer

A top-tier cannabis oil deserves the best vape cartridge you can get. Learn what to look for in a cartridge manufacturer and how to work with suppliers to provide your customers the best vape pen experience.

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