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Michael Knodt

Michael Knodt is Leafly's Germany correspondent. Born in Nordhessen, he has been living in Berlin since 1990. A certified carpenter with a background in history and journalism, he now makes regular visits to countries where hemp is cultivated. He served as editor-in-chief of Hanf Journal from 2005 to 2013 and now writes for numerous German and English-language publications. He is the face and presenter of, a popular program on hemp and its prohibition, as well as a proud father of two.

Articles contributed to Leafly

Should Cannabis Grow Tent Linings Be Silver or White?

How white-lined grow tents became the norm in some parts of the world while silver linings took hold in another — and which works better.

Michael Knodt - August 12, 2016

Join Leafly at Hanfparade, Germany’s Biggest Cannabis Festival

Germany's high hopes for cannabis reform will be on display Aug. 13 as advocates descend on Berlin for a peaceful demonstration to legalize the herb.

Michael Knodt - August 5, 2016

Die Hanfparade 2016 in Berlin: Legalisierung liegt in der Luft

Weltweit wird in vielen Ländern über die Legalisierung diskutiert.

Michael Knodt - August 1, 2016

Medical Cannabis in Europe: Supply Shortages and Limited Selection

European politicians are mulling plans to expand medical cannabis options, but until the talk becomes reality it’s still slim pickings for Europeans in need.

Michael Knodt - July 29, 2016

A Strange Blend: Why Are Europeans Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco?

Cannabis doesn’t carry the sort of health hazards tobacco does, a majority of studies say. But that doesn't change the European habit of mixing the two.

Michael Knodt - July 17, 2016

Cannabis in Germany: Steer Clear of Bavaria

Germany's cannabis laws are liberalizing. But in Bavaria, officials want no part of it.

Michael Knodt - July 12, 2016

German Parliament Opens Talks on Medical Cannabis Bill

After years of pressure from patients and advocacy groups such as the German Hemp Association (DHV), the dream of securing unfettered access to medical cannabis in Europe’s most populous country is finally coming to fruition.

Michael Knodt - July 8, 2016

Where to Buy Cannabis in Europe? Coffeeshops vs. Cannabis Social Clubs

There are two predominant ways cannabis is legally distributed in Europe. Which works best?

Michael Knodt - June 27, 2016

Why Cannabis Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the US and Europe

Due to differences in laws, electricity prices, suitable climate and some other factors, the European and the U.S. indoor culture developed on separate tracks. Here are the main differences.

Michael Knodt - May 31, 2016

How Austria Became Europe’s Cannabis Clone Superstore

Thanks to odd quirks of Austrian law, the country has become the capital of legal cannabis clones. Consumption, though? Still verboten.

Michael Knodt - May 23, 2016