Randi Druzin
Randi Druzin is an author and journalist in Toronto. She has worked at several major media outlets, including the National Post and the CBC, and has written for dozens of publications, such as The New York Times, Time magazine, ESPN The Magazine, and The Globe and Mail.
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‘It’s Impossible’: Canadian Police Challenge Legalization Deadline

Law enforcement officials across the country say they need more time to teach police officers how to enforce the new laws.

The Ontario Proposition: Details and Feedback from the Scene

To come up with its new policy, Ontario looked at the US states that have legalized cannabis, to establish a “safe and sensible framework.”

Torontonians Love Their Dispensaries. Why Is Mayor Tory Dead Set Against Them?

Why does Toronto's mayor remain steadfast in his opposition to dispensaries while so many Ontarians have indicated they want cannabis available through such retailers once recreational use becomes legal? The answer depends on whom you ask.

Ottawa vs. the Provinces: The Legalization Deadline Showdown Intensifies

Trudeau’s proposed legislation calls for the provinces to oversee the distribution and sale of recreational marijuana and to take on some related responsibilities. It’s a tall order, and provinces say they need help.

Ontario Unions Lead the Way for Employer Coverage of Medical Cannabis

Ontario Public Service Employees Union is among a growing number of employers providing coverage of medical cannabis.

Are Constitutional Challenges the Future of Canadian Cannabis Litigation?

When Ottawa police raided several dispensaries in November, they arrested nine people, including a 21-year-old woman who was working behind the counter.

Canada: Legalization Later, Decriminalization Now

With full legalization a year away, Canadian lawmakers push for immediate decriminalization.

Tragically Hip Enter Canadian Industry as Investors, Not Just Endorsers

Gord and the boys are bullish on Canada's cannabis future, and their deal with Ontario LP Newstrike gives them a stake in the industry.

Trash Talk: 4/20 Organizers Forced to Step Up Their Garbage Game

As rallies grow into huge festivals, organizers find they can't rely only on volunteers anymore.

It’s Showtime for 420 Toronto Impresario Chris Goodwin

Goodwin's first 420 celebration in the 1990s attracted a few dozen people. Today's event will draw thousands.

Canadian Critics Say Legalization Act Is Good, But Not Perfect

Most advocates and health experts are pleased. But the cannabis act isn't without its warts.

Here Is Canada’s Full Legalization Bill

Canada just made history by proposing the full federal legalization of cannabis. Here's the entire legislative package.

Canadian Companies Add Cannabis Coverage to Health Insurance

Coverage now includes medical marijuana for employees at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Canadian Dispensaries: Why Vancouver Allows Them but Toronto Doesn’t

One city gives dispensary owners licenses. The other arrests them. What's up with that?