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How to Make a Joint Burn Slower and Last Longer

September 27, 2016
Proper joint rolling is considered a fine art in many social circles. There’s something special about a properly rolled, evenly burning joint that seems to last as long as you want it to. Unfortunately, not all of us have the magic green touch and joint rolling can be somewhat of a cumbersome task.

One opportunity that plagues rollers from all levels of experience is being able to extend the life of a joint. Understanding how to make a joint burn slower is a question that has surfed the cannabis forums for some time. To achieve longer, more leisurely smoke sessions, here are a few tips to help make your joints last longer.

1. Grind Your Cannabis

make joints burn slower by grinding your marijuana

Ensuring an even and fine grind is imperative not only to achieving a longer lasting smoke, but a far more even burn on all sides of the joint. Try to find a grinder that gives a good fine grind when packing a joint. Be sure not to over grind, as powdery herb will prevent proper airflow and may compromise your smoking experience.

Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick one that will accommodate the capacity of your joint so you aren’t left having to pack multiple loads. When time is of the essence, you’ll want to avoid long preparations to save time for what matters: puffing.

2. Source Quality Starting Material

joints with higher quality marijuana bud will burn slower and last longer

Cure time will affect the burn rate of the cannabis inside of your joint, so buying properly cured cannabis is going to ensure you a much longer lasting experience. Cannabis that has been under-cured will burn very slowly, as opposed to dry or old cannabis that will burn far too quickly for a proper joint. Sourcing your herb from reputable establishments is the first step to finding a product that works best.


Factors That Impact Your Cannabis Strain: Part 5, The Curing Process

Another great tip is to have a conversation with your budtender or cannabis retailer about your intentions so that they can find a cannabis cultivar that fits your exact needs. In this case, you’ll want to ask for something that breaks down easily and will provide an even and long lasting smoke. Many shops sell shake bags that consist of partially ground cannabis, which is a great starting point.

3. Choose the Right Paper

some joint rolling papers burn slower than others

Rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes, and some are much better at providing a long lasting, even smoke than others. Finding the right rolling paper is a matter of preference, but some popular brands include RAW Rolling Papers and Zig Zags. Both of these brands offer highly recommended rolling papers that come in varying sizes. Hemp rolling papers offer a nice even smoke, and many claim that corn husk rolling papers will extend the life of your joint.

4. Use Multiple Sheets

joints can burn slower if two sheets are used when rolling
When rolling your joint, consider using an extra paper for fortification. Using more than one sheet will prevent burn runs from overtaking a side of your joint, leaving you with an uneven and undesirable burn. A second sheet may also help contain airflow, channeling it through a tighter space. This will help to prevent expedited burning.

5. Roll Tight

roll joints tighter for a slower burn rate
Airflow is the name of the game when it comes to having control over your joint’s burn rate. The easiest way to control airflow is to roll a tight, even joint. There are many methods for achieving a tight roll, and even machines that will help eliminate the guess work and dexterity required to achieve a precise roll. Opt for help if need be, because rolling a joint with the perfect tightness requires practice.


How to roll a joint

One method that works well for novice rollers is the canoe method. Fold a rolling paper in half and twist the folded side of one of the ends into a cone. This creates a “canoe” that can be easily packed and rolled. The twisted end contains your herb while you focus on getting the tightest roll possible. Try not to roll too tight, as you’ll risk splitting your paper as well as creating an airflow obstruction.

6. “Twax” Your Joint

adding cannabis wax to joints can help them burn slower

“Twaxing,” or the process of adding cannabis concentrates to your joint, is a terrific way of delivering an extra boost of cannabinoids to your system while also acting as a buffering agent for burn rates. Adding wax either to the outside of your joint or packed in with the ground cannabis will help to significantly slow down the rate at which your joint burns. This method will give you more hits that should pack a considerable punch.

Using butters or crumble works well inside of a joint, whereas shatters and saps do a wonderful job when molded and wrapped around the outside of your rolled apparatus.

7. Recycle Roaches

recycle joint roaches to make them last longer

Typically, the end of a joint will yield the last few remnants of your cannabis. Don’t let this go to waste — there are several ways of recycling roaches in order to extend your smoking experience.

Using a roach clip or roach stone will allow you safe handling for getting those last few puff in. Loading a roach into a bowl or water pipe is also a great way of extending the last legs of life out of your roach. If all else, fails, don’t hesitate to pick the last bit of green goodness out of your expired joint to repurpose somewhere else. Having your grinder nearby is a perfect storage place for that last little bit of leftover ground flower to save for your next smoking adventure.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you to extend your joint smoking experience a bit longer the next time you decide to partake. Remember, if you really want to make your joints last longer, the trick is to find a balance between quality cannabis, reputable rolling papers, and a roller who knows how to get the job done.

Bonus tip: Quality and quantity will always ensure a longer experience. If you want your smoke sash to last longer, try rolling bigger joints (and more of them). Remember, sharing is caring!

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Patrick Bennett

Patrick lives with his wife and daughter in Denver, where he spends his time writing, photographing, and creating content for the cannabis community.

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  • Christopher Barker

    One might suggest that just tip be exposed, ever so carefully, to open flame.
    I’ve seen more than a few ruined by someone deeply drawing the tip of the 2 inch flame on their Cricket through the fragile opening at the end of things.

  • bothsidesofdesk

    I found that two rice papers (Modiano) work very well. unglued is best. roughly tear one edge lengthwise to ensure proper adhesion. use two papers, smear oil on one paper, match and stick second paper to first. hold papers over light bulb and watch the oil infuse into the paper. since oil is on inside there is no mess. roll as usual. these papers can be made ahead of use since some time is required. I also learned that placing the herb in two mounds in the paper where your thumbs will go allows the herb to be evenly distributed through out the paper…no pregnant joints..

    • Geoff Jacobs

      Haha!! I can relate to pregnant joints!

    • Tasslehoff Burrfoot

      Great tip! I’ll have to try the oil trick for an intended mix.

  • Debra Wolf

    I’ve never thought about adding wax on the outside. I will definitely be trying that.

    • bothsidesofdesk

      add wax to inside…see my post above, should be less messy than on the outside..

      • Debra Wolf

        I’ve put wax and shatter inside joints.

      • Debra Wolf

        I just read your post. Omg that combination must be incredible.

    • Franklin Delanor

      My friends and I would roll out a little hash snake and coil it around the joint. Maybe give that a whirl?
      Also I opt for rice papers, but sometimes roll BigBambu for nostalgia 🙂

      • Debra Wolf

        I will have to give it a try.

    • PenguinPirate

      Dear god, noooo.
      Put in on the inside or do you want the smoke floating off into the sky? I don’t.

  • Sue Kozin

    My pre-rolls last longer because I cut open the rolled j and put it in my pipe. I can make the J last 5-6 days that way. 🙂

    • Cash Hayman

      why is it you buy pre-rolls if you just unroll them..?

      • Sue Kozin

        I found out I am not the only one. With arthritis in my hands it is a joy to buy cleaned weed.

        • Jake

          My only problem with that is that most of the dispensaries in my area put mostly trim in their prerolls. I just buy shake instead, which is usually mostly shake with some bud pieces and a lot of extra kief. Costs $5-10 a gram depending on where I go and the day of the week.

        • Cash Hayman

          You’ll find cleaner meds if you buy whole nugs. Or shake. I’ve found pre-rolls to be lesser quality. To each their own.

  • Epsium

    It’s all about the initial lighting. Hold your joint away from your mouth and flame the end for a good while. If done right, your first puff will be great and your joint should burn evenly the whole way down.

  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot

    I have good days for rolling and I have bad days for rolling. I used to use a rolling machine and then later a rolling mat then I spent several years rolling by hand. I personally would never put pre-smoked herb in my grinder but that’s just me. I clean the top 2 sections of my 3 section grinder after each grind. I prefer not to mix unless I intend to mix and I would never want the pre-smoked herb to taint a new flavor or experience. Roll the joint tight but not too tight. When I was first learning I sometimes used 3 or 4 papers often before I got frustrated ripped the joint apart and started again. Biggest problem with joint rolling is proper cleaning and the little tiny stems. Sift through your grind and remove them you only want nice fluffy bud leaf. It should slightly compress when you twist it. If it is really sticky bud roll it just a little looser to avoid clogging the airways.

    • Debra Wolf

      I use a cigarette roller. It seems to work quite well.

  • Petr Červenka

    Saving roaches is disgusting. Hate how Americans don’t know to roll joints with filters.

    • Debra Wolf

      When I was much younger I would empty out tobacco from cigarettes and replace it with weed.

      • Joshua Jason Molloy

        I used to wrap a rolling paper around a pen or pencil, slide off the paper just enough make a twisted end, take all the way off & fill. make sure to gently pack herb down with something like paper clip, pen cap, chopstick, ect. We used to call them tootsie roll joints lol.

    • Trevor McCabe

      Plenty of Americans use filters. If not, they wouldn’t be offered at EVERY decent head shop

  • Javontay

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  • John P Morin

    Hit me for a fix on top shelf mmj
    707) 276-6414

  • Sitkajo

    If you have an air tight container such as a pill bottle or film canister you can pop a still buring joint into it, it will go out, and save the rest for later.
    Some rec shops will sell joints in exactly such containers in a tube shape with an air tight lid.

  • riqqhatesyouall

    this is the worst fucking article ever. cant even usse quality flower pics, using ridiculous ideas, double paper will make your joint taste like shit, “twaxing” not many people know exactly how to and will do it on the outside or put a ridiculous glob in one section. recycling roaches will also taste like shit, and rolling tight??? isnt the first thing mentioned, that not everyone has the magic touch? nobody gunnna roll good with this half ass stoner article. step up yo game leafly im dissapointed.

  • Jeff Kelvin

    I did that exactly and I m stoned like crazy 😀

  • Dan_P

    What about PALM TREE wraps? They burn slow, I wonder if the oil trick works also..?