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How to Set Up Your Own Cannabis Dab Station

November 14, 2017

What Is a Cannabis Dab Station and How Do You Create One?

For cannabis concentrate fans who want to enjoy fast, intense highs within the comforts of their homes, a dab station is the perfect one-stop hash haven. Dab stations contain all of the essential dabbing tools required to enjoy your concentrate of choice. They can be as small as a bedside table or as large as an entire room outfitted with essentials. At their core, however, they are your own personal cannabis concentrate sanctuary, where you’ll be able to find anything and everything needed for that perfect dab.


How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

How to Scout the Perfect Location for Your Dab Station

If you want to set up a dab station for yourself, it’s important to take a few preliminary considerations in mind so you’ll pick a location that meets your individual needs. Here are a few tips to help.

1. Space

Choosing an appropriate space is one of the most important factors when setting up a cannabis concentrate dab station in your home. For example, are you planning on creating an intimate environment for just yourself, or would you like to create a space where you’re able to entertain guests? Furthermore, if you have pets or children, make sure to keep them in mind when finding your nook so you can restrict their access or keep breakables and consumables locked up/out of reach.


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2. Lighting and Outlets

Dabbing in the dark is neither fun nor safe for anybody, so make sure that you have a proper source of light, be it a window or lamp nearby. If a window isn’t an option, adjustable overhead desk lamps work very well for positioning light in the right places.

Additionally, while dab stations do not necessarily require an electrical outlet nearby, having one easily accessible will open the door to more product types and different setups.

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3. Surface Area

When setting up a dab station, your tabletop real estate comes down to how scalable you want your setup to be. Realistically, having enough space for a small rig, concentrate container, dabber tool, and torch is all you need, so something as compact as a bedside table should suffice.


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Keep in mind, however, that more space creates more possibilities. A dab station can also double as a storage solution for rigs and accessories. When choosing a proper surface for your gear, plan accordingly by making sure you can secure your belongings with a surface designed to hold what you have with minimal risk, especially if you plan on housing more than one rig. Bumps and shakes happen, but being proactive is your best weapon to defend against spills and breakage.

4. Ventilation

Fortunately with dabbing concentrates, ventilation is less of a concern than smoking cannabis. Nonetheless, proper airflow is important when choosing your ideal dabbing spot. Windows, doorways, fans, and filters are all solutions to provide better airflow to and from your dab station.


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Essential Accessories for Your at-Home Dab Station

After scouting a perfect location, you’re now ready to load it with all of the essentials needed for an optimal dabbing experience. There are all sorts of fun accessories you can add to your dab station. Let’s go over a few ideas to get you started.

Parchment Paper

You never know when this stuff will come in handy, but having a roll of parchment paper on hand will save you a walk to the kitchen or a trip to the store when you’re in a pinch.


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ile High Glass Pipes' Black & White Raked Recycler with 4mm quartz banger 


Tabletop rigs are perfect for dab stations. Dab rigs tend to run on the smaller side, so consider stocking up on multiple rigs as backups or to create a neat display of all your products.

Example Rig: Mile High Glass Pipes’ Black & White Raked Recycler with 4mm quartz banger 

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Dab Rags and Cleaning Solution

Cloth rags are perfect for cleaning up messes as well as polishing your glass. Keep some form of cleaning solution, even simple rubbing alcohol, nearby for a quick cleanup.


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Nails and Bangers


Every rig needs some standard nails and bangers, and it’s important to have options within arm’s reach of your dab station. Keep your titanium, quartz, and ceramic nails all in the same place so you’ll have what you need when the time is right.

Example Nail: MiniNail’s Deepdish Domeless Universal Nail made from grade-2 titanium

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If you’re using a torch/nail setup, having a timer is essential for getting that perfect temperature every time.


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Serious dabbers should opt for an electronic nail in their dab station. These units come in all shapes and sizes and work perfectly in a secure, safe area near a power source.

Example E-Nail: The MiniNail with titanium nail and carb cap package

Torches and Butane

Standard nails use a torch as their primary heating mechanism, so you’ll want to have a can of butane nearby for refills.

Example Torch: Wacky Willy’s Butane Blowtorch Quartz Banger Jet Lighter


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Dabber Tools and Holders

Myster's Fogpen metal dabber


Tools are fun and inexpensive to collect. Be sure to outfit your station with a holder to display your dabber tools for easy and quick access.

Example Dabber Tool: Myster’s Fogpen metal dabber

Hash Screens

For those who use hash products, screens are essential for getting that perfect melt while protecting your nail.


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Dab Mats

Mile High Glass Pipes' 8"x8" silicone dab tray


Mats are a safe and sanitary solution for holding rigs and accessories. There are many options out there, most notably the silicone mats that provide slip-free and easy-to-wipe coverage.

Example Dab Mat: Mile High Glass Pipes’ 8″x8″ silicone dab tray

Rig Accessories

These can include dropdowns, reclaim catchers, rig holders, and anything else designed to optimize your rig setup.

More Dabbing Accessories

Concentrate Storage

Kush Bottles' 5-mL silicone concentrate container


Storage containers for concentrates are essential and allow you to keep your product fresh and secure. Mini fridges work great for long-term storage if you have the space available. Otherwise, glass and silicone containers work as a good short-term solution.

Example Storage: Kush Bottles’ 5-mL silicone concentrate container


Nobody wants to stand around after a dab. It’s always a good idea to have a nice place to sit.


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Rosin Press


Having a rosin press nearby is a great way to give yourself fresh-squeezed hash oil in a pinch. Even a hair straightener is a fun and cheap option to have access to if you want to press your own rosin at home.

Example Rosin Press: RCCTools Heady ENail Designs’ CannaClamp handheld rosin press

All-in-One Dab Stations

There’s a lot of fun and creativity that goes into custom building your own personalized dab stations, however there are many pre-made options available for those who want to go that route. Here are a few favorites to consider if you’re in the market for a pre-made dab station.


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Kind Trays

The team behind Kind Trays has designed a line of trays and dab stations that are both stylish, and affordable. There are several options available, each one proving a unique solution to the dabbing experience.

ZeeFusion Custom Travel Stations

If you want a handcrafted, custom-built dab station that will absolutely blow your mind, check out’s made-to-order custom cherry wood dab stations. They represent the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship and will give your display a refined touch.

Ready to build your own dab station? Check out our catalog of dabbing products to begin creating your dream setup!

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