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Who is Rick Simpson and what is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

May 12, 2017
(Courtesy of Rick Simpson)
If you’re interested in medical marijuana, you’ll inevitably hear about a form of cannabis known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil known to have medical benefits, particularly for cancer, but where did RSO come from? And who is Rick Simpson?


Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

The story of Rick Simpson

Who Is Rick Simpson and What Is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

(Courtesy of Rick Simpson)

Rick Simpson stumbled upon his cannabis fame purely by accident. Long before “Rick Simpson Oil” was coined as a term, and long before cannabis was considered remotely mainstream, Rick Simpson was an engineer working in a Canadian hospital in 1997.

Simpson was working in the hospital boiler room covering the asbestos on the hospital’s pipes with potent aerosol glue. The boiler room was poorly ventilated and the toxic fumes caused a temporary nervous system shock, causing Simpson to collapse off his ladder and hit his head. He was knocked unconscious and when he awoke, he managed to contact his colleagues to take him to the emergency room.

He continued to suffer from dizzy spells and a ringing in his ears for years after the accident, but his prescribed medication had little effect, even making his symptoms worse.


What are live resin cannabis concentrates?

After seeing a documentary highlighting the positive benefits of using cannabis, Simpson inquired about medical marijuana but his doctor refused to consider it as a course of treatment. He ended up sourcing cannabis of his own accord and saw a significant improvement in his tinnitus and other symptoms.

In 2003, three suspicious bumps appeared on Simpson’s arm. The doctor agreed that the bumps appeared to be cancerous and took a sample for a biopsy. Sure enough, the bumps turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Simpson had successfully treated his symptoms with cannabis in the past, and he had heard about a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in which THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice. He made the decision to treat his skin cancer topically, applying concentrated cannabis oil to a bandage and leaving the cancerous spots covered for several days.


Cannabis and cancer

After four days, he removed the bandages and the cancerous growths had disappeared. Although his physician refused to acknowledge cannabis as a treatment alternative, Simpson was now a true believer in the medicinal powers of cannabis.

From then on out, he began cultivating his own cannabis and harvesting the plants to create his own specialized form of cannabis concentrate, now known as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge. He helped treat more than 5,000 patients with RSO, but his journey was not without its setbacks and struggles.

Simpson’s own doctor refused to acknowledge the benefits, and he faced arrest and persecution in his native Canada. His home was raided on multiple occasions and he had over 2,600 plants cut down and confiscated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but Simpson persevered and continued to distribute cannabis oil. To this day, he continues to spread the word of his findings.


The best cannabis strains for cancer-related symptoms

How to make DIY Rick Simpson oil at home

how to make RSO, DIY rick simpson oil


Making your own RSO at home is not difficult, and the process isn’t all that different from making cannabutter or other kinds of infused cannabis oil. Rick Simpson recommends using indica cannabis strains for best results, although patients may prefer to use the cannabis strains that work best for their medical condition.

Note: This recipe will produce the full 60 grams of oil for a 90-day treatment regimen. If you’re looking for a smaller treatment course, you can easily divide the recipe into smaller amounts. For example, one ounce of cannabis will produce 3-4 grams of RSO.


5 differences between cannabis concentrates and flower


  • 1 pound of dried cannabis material (indica strain)
  • 2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (can also use butane, ethanol, or other solvent)
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • A deep bowl
  • Wooden spoon for stirring
  • Cheesecloth
  • Rice cooker
  • Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml)
  1. Place dry cannabis material into the 5-gallon bucket and pour in the solvent until the plant matter is covered.
  2. Stir and crush the plant material with your wooden spoon while adding the solvent to your mixture. Continue stirring the mixture for about three minutes while the THC dissolves into the solvent. This will dissolve about 80% of the THC into the solvent.
  3. Drain the solvent from the plant material into your bowl using the cheesecloth. Place the plant material back in the bucket and add more solvent. Continue stirring for another three minutes.
  4. Drain the solvent from your plant material into your bowl using the cheesecloth and discard the remaining plant material.
  5. Transfer your solvent to your rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on your rice cooker.

Recipe: How to make basic cannabis-infused butter

Note: While you don’t necessarily need a rice cooker, if you’ve never made RSO before, rice cookers are exceptionally useful in this instance for maintaining a slow, steady temperature. If your mixture heats above 300 degrees Fahrenheit (148 degrees Celsius), the cannabinoids will cook off and the RSO will be unusable. It is not recommended to use a Crockpot or slow cooker, as this may overheat your mixture.

  1. The rice cooker should maintain a steady temperature between 210 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit (100 to 110 degrees Celsius), which is the correct heat setting for decarboxylation to occur.
  2. As the rice cooker heats up, the solvent will slowly evaporate. Continue to add your mixture to the rice cooker gradually.

Note: Make sure your rice cooker is in an open, well-ventilated area, and avoid all flames, stovetops, sparks, and cigarettes, as the solvent is highly combustible.

  1. Once the solvent has evaporated, siphon the oil into your syringe for easy dosing. The RSO will be thick, so if you have trouble dispensing it, run the syringe under hot water and the RSO mixture should dispense with ease.

Dab Dosage Guide: How to Dose Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

How to use RSO

For medical patients, it is always recommended to consult your physician before starting any new treatment regimen. However, as there are many physicians who refuse to discuss cannabis as a course of treatment, proceed with the Rick Simpson method at your own discretion.

For one patient, the goal is to gradually consume 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil over the course of a 90-day period.

Week 1: Start with three doses every day

  • Each dose should be about the size of half a grain of rice and should be administered once every eight hours (in the morning, noon, and night). The first dose will be about ¼ of a drop of RSO.

Weeks 2 through 5: Double your dose every four days

  • The average person will take between three and five weeks to reach the full dosage of one gram of RSO per day.

Weeks 5 through 12: Take one gram of RSO daily until you’ve consumed the full 60 grams.

  • Eventually, the patient will be taking about 8-9 rice-sized drops of RSO every eight hours.

The taste of the RSO may be slightly bitter or unpleasant, so patients may prefer to ingest the oil by swallowing it directly or mixing it with other foods, such as bananas, to help mask the taste.

Note: Do not try to dab RSO, as it is made with high-proof solvent and could be adverse to one’s health. 


Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Dabbing?

Side effects mostly include sleepiness, which is a natural part of the healing process. Increasing the dose gradually will help minimize the psychoactive effects and keep your tolerance to a functional level. Daytime sleepiness should fade within three to four weeks.

After a 12-week regimen of RSO, the patient may want to continue the treatment but it should be at a significantly reduced rate. About one to two grams of RSO per month is enough for a regular maintenance dose.

Rick Simpson Oil should not be considered a cure-all for medical conditions, but many patients have experienced significant relief from their medical symptoms and conditions with the use of RSO.

Have you ever used RSO? How has it impacted your life? Let us know in the comments!

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Lisa Rough

Lisa is a former associate editor at Leafly, where she specialized in legislative cannabis policy and industry topics.

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  • Derek Cloar

    How about we never ever suggest using a harsh hydrocarbon for extracting? Can it be done with ISO? I suppose so,by a chemist, however suggesting to the general public to use poision without them having a complete understanding of processing it ALL out then what you are doing is helping a lot of people poison others. The ONLY safe extraction fluid is Grain Alcohol. If there is any left behind, it’s not going to harm you.

    • Derek Cloar

      And good God! If it’s NOT clean enough to DAB it then it’s NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!!! Wake up peeps!

      • Two Bears

        You are wrong about that.

        I have dabbed QWISO many times. As a matter of fact i prefer dabbing QWISO to dabbing BHO. A much smoother vape to my throat and lungs than BHO, and the effect hits like a freight train.

      • djtejas

        Your stomach acid is not safe to put on your skin, yet it resides in your stomach.

    • Two Bears

      I have extracted with 99% ISO many times. Its vary easy.

      Put ground herb and ISO in the freezer. Remove from freezer after everything’s ice cold.

      Pour ISO over herb and swirl for 85-90 seconds and filter the herb from the liquid.

      Put the liquid BACK in the freezer for 6-12 hours so the chlorophyll, lipids and solids separate.

      Filter the liquid through a coffee filter; STILL INSIDE the freezer. The alcohol and cannabinoids pass through easiky. The stuff you dont want will be trapped in the filter this winterizing step is important!

      Pour the liquid in a container and sit near an open window with a fan to blow the alcohol vapors out the window.

      The alcohol will evaporate quickly.

      When you have a thick sticky residue scoop it up and put on low heat. 90-110 Fahrenheit. You dont want to destroy the terpenes.

      After the alcohol is purged scoop it up and put it away. An easy way to tell if the alcohol is purged is a two step process.

      1. The nose. If you smell alcohol it isn’t purged.

      2. Get a droplet of the hash oil on a clean paper clip and burn the oil and if you see anything other than a little smoke its not purged. If it pops or sparks there is a little alcohol left in there.

      I would NEVER use grain alcohol to extract cannabinoids for three reasons.

      1. The hash oil extracted with ethanol will be dark brown almost black. The ISO extract stays a honey amber color.

      2. Ethanol leaves about 30-40% of the medicine behind. When i use ethanol my yields are only 12-13%. Using 99% ISO my yields are 19-23%. Once i bought 26 grams of Northern Lights way too old to smoke. Noe Northern Lights is only 17% THC and 3% CBD. My yield was 4.4 grams or 16.9% that was after winterizing to get tge bad stuff out.

      3. By winterizing as described as above it gives a much smoother vape than BHO.

      I am of the opinion that 99% ISO strips the cannabinoids even better than butane.

      Once extracting Girl Scout Cookies my yield was 24.5%.

      If you want to use ethanol be my guest; but can i have the herb after you’re finished. I’ll get the rest safely.

      • Kenny Morrison

        Why does isopropyl extraction yield better than ethanol? Any idea?

        • Two Bears

          I dont know why. It just does. I think ISO extracts better than butane.

          I extracted with Everclear. And. 99% ISO. The ISO always extracts 30+% more.

        • Two Bears

          Most ethanol is only 95% alcohol that is one reason.

          The ISO MOLECULE may have something to do with it

    • Louis Byron

      The only safe extraction fluid is a solvent that has been PROPERLY EVAPORATED AND RINSED OFF. As an amateur chemist…even I know that “it is all about the rinse” lol. Most likely, the newer CO2 low temp/high pressure extraction process is the “purest” in a technically “solvent-free” sense.

  • Snapp

    Good God if you’re dieing. From CANCER I guess you will do just about anything to try and get it out of your body, until you walk in my shoes. I have Stage 4 Breast Cancer along with Bone cancer . SHUT UP! I
    already have deadly toxins in my body and chemo is more deadly toxins why not try something like this, why be jerks about it to people who are fighting to live! ***Holes!

    • Sonny Bono

      I have cancer, also. Medical marijuana isn’t legal in my state. Doctors wouldn’t prescribe it to me even if it was. They’ve told me so. The rumors about big pharma are true.

      • Mike Allan

        What rumours?

      • Snapp

        I get the Pharmcutical companies are raking in the money are raping the people who NEED medicine, but what does that have to do with my statement??

        • Sonny Bono

          They don’t want marijuana to become legalized… probably because it actually helps and can be produced by anyone. Their huge lab manufacturers aren’t required. Their funding would take an enormous hit.

          • Snapp

            In the state I live in it is legal for medicinal purposes, not recreational​ use. I do have my MJ card because of my stage 4 cancer. Although, I usually stick with CBD stuff.

          • Jim LaPierre

            CBD IS Not what fights cancer. THC is.

          • Durrrdurrrrrr

            Actually it’s different per type of cancer, all the cannabinoids and all the terpenes are what does it, not just the THC

          • MarionD

            You are correct

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            EXACTLY!!! People aren’t researching and cbd is getting the credit. YES it IS THC and combos of different THC’S with cbd and cbg oils that also enhance certain chemotherapy drugs and protect good cells from destruction

          • Emily Mclean

            Jennifer Mckinley,

            Can you please explain what you mean by the cbd and cbg oils and the combos of different THC’s?
            I’ve been diagnosed with cancer of lymph nodes on right lung and am very interested in the Cannabonoids

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            There are many different parts of the oils and the plant that are used in different combos that seem to work for different conditions in different mixtures. I would go to realm of Caring. it’s a website. That’s where I started. they can actually have someone call you to talk about your diagnosis and tell you what would work best. Just don’t get anything from anyone or dispensary that isn’t recommended by someone whose an actual medical grower, chemist, doctor etc..u can find that too on their website. gives about any info you would wanna know and links even from there. go to PubMed which is in my opinion the best for medical info, clinical trials and studies. you can put in your diagnosis and type in THC or Canabannoids after it and you will find so much information. Definitely recommend it!!!

          • Lynda Austin

            Thank you for the info on Realm of Caring. Very helpful.

          • Lati

            I heard exactly opposite, that the CBD healing with little THC for activate the CBD oil (I use 500mg cbd/25mg thc)
            For sure it help for pain.

            What do you know more maybe you can help me ?

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            GO TO Realm of Caring Website. High dose THC is more for Cancer. For pain the mixtures vary. You should have done one from realm of Caring call you. on their website you can email them and tell them you’d like to speak with someone about your health condition. ☺

          • Emily Mclean

            I thought both CBD and THC on a one to one ratio?

          • Greg Lucas

            Nietherr one directly fights cancer or any other ailment. What it does is excite your own immune system. Your own immune system then destroys the cancer cells or any other invaders. Big Pharma knows this. This is the reason and they are trying to use polio, AIDS and other viruses to create the same effect that cannabis has on our immune systems. You are correct all the ingredients in concert are better then just CBD or THC you need all the cannabinoids and the turpentines.

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            CBD alone will not cure cancer. THC COMBINED with a GOOD CBD oil containing several other Canabannoids considered medical grade…i.e. Charlottes Web brand is what will cure cancer. The CBD oil will counteract the potency of the THC so you won’t feel as much of the “high” but there’s nothing wrong with that “high” because it’s natural. you aren’t taking it because you are an addict. it’s a medicine that hasn’t been considered medicine in a long time but in many states it now is. Why not add it to your regimine? It’s not going to hurt anything. look on Pub Med under Cancer and THC. So many studies and info that EVERYONE should see!

          • James Peters

            The antitumour effects are modest at best and some of the preclinical studies found evidence that cannabinoids, under some circumstances, can actually stimulate cancer cell growth and contribute to tumour progression Furthermore, cancer cells can develop resistance

            The only human trial that has been published to date was back in 2006. It was a cohort of nine patients all with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (a type of primary brain cancer) After maximal safe surgical resection a catheter was placed in the cavity. Then every day doctors would directly infuse a very pure (delta-9)THC solution at a high concentration directly where the tumour had been, in the hope of killing off any remaining cancer cells. The median survival of the group was just 6 months which is what is generally expected with patients who have rGBM As for the two patients who survived the longest (yet still died), the effects could be attributable to spontaneous but temporary regression of the disease which happens, amount of surgical resection or a number of other factors like the drugs they might have been prescribed

          • dgirand1.

            It is working for my husbands colon cancer – his CEA numbers have dropped 20 points

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            I see all of your links here…been awhile since I’ve been back here and I keep referencing PubMed. There are numerous studies and trials listed on their website so that is where I get a Lot of my information…and on many things not just thc.
            . I 100% agree that its not a cure all and I definitely think anyone fighting cancer should be aware that certain chemotherapy drugs can be blocked by the thc. As in the case with my own son who was getting Etopiside. I was up front with his oncologists about my plan to use oil and even though its illegal for any use in Indiana they were ok with me doing so in the background. I wanted to make SURE I wasnt missing something and I was! I treated him up until chemo started and they agreed. I stopped when our oncology team found that there was a problem with this particular combo. If I had kept it a secret from them
            …I could have been responsible for blocking the best known cure at this time from my own child. It sent my mind into overdrive and even though this happened…the ONLY reason I saved my son from a possible death sentence was because I was honest with our docs. No matter what anyone told me…I thought it was safe no matter what. It IS safe…just not with every drug and I beg everyone who reads this to CHECK your meds WITH your doctor before you begin this regimen. Most are safe…but ours wasnt and studies are NOT there yet. I get it if you have cancer or an incurable condition but if there is a proven chance of remission…stop and make absolutely sure..ten times that your not just playing with fire. My son is beginning his 2nd stem cell trsnsplant and is doing it like a champ!!

            We need more real and public studies and clinical trials and each illness and each person is different. People are seeing this work and then going the same as another. We can’t do this on our own.
            Dosage is not exact or even close. I believe it is in fact the key to a LOT of issues but be very careful because the medical research is really just beginning and it needs more fine tuning and figuring when playing with cancer or an equally devastating disease
            ❤🎗 I’m woke as far as my own experience but very open to the chance it will become a main stream cure for many conditions…eventually.

          • yvonne

            You said that thc blocks etoposide? I’m glad i read you post. I start chemo in a little over a week, I have told my Drs that I use thc edibles. Can’t smoke right now due to my lung cancer. I am lucky enough to be in a state it is legal, but no one has said anything about it interfering with treatment. So you not only saved your sons life, you just might have saved out at least prolonged my as well. Thank you so very much

          • creativeps11


          • Aldous Satori Hunter

            I’m from MA the liberal police state. If it becomes totally federally legalized, there will be endless godless warehouse s full of commodity crop. It ain’t right. And people seeing this as a next venture investment will pay dearly in karma

          • Aldous Satori Hunter

            It’s like any vegetable, farm to table or Purdue with chems on the side

            I do drink beer and eat fish but, that’s not the point

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            But it SHOULD be legal for Medical Use 100%. How can you argue that? or are you arguing medicinal use. As in, my son has cancer. He shouldn’t have access to what helps him? What will keep him alive?

          • Patricia Silverman

            you have been brain washed God gave us this plant and the elites don’t want us to ha e it we become less able to be controlled what happens will tell everyone who is watching exactly how they work, and if they do that the price will drop to the floor this is a commodity crop and should be like $10 a pound maybe $15 for something special, it is all based on lies designed to make them more money

          • Jennifer Mckinley

            I agree with this 100%

          • James Peters

            Three (Marinol, Syndros and Cesamet) cannabinoid based drugs have been approved by the FDA. The agency will meet with GW Pharma on the 19th of this month. They will discuss the single new drug application for Epidiolex (a proprietary and standardised oral solution of pure plant-derived CBD) in two indications (Dravet syndrome & Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). If all goes well then DEA rescheduling will happen in 3Q (the company hopes it will be placed into Schedule 4) and the launch should be 4Q. A PhIII trial in the U.S. using Sativex (a standardised and propitiatory whole plant oromucosal spray) for patients with MS spasticity should take place sometime this or next year.

      • Mike Jager

        Old lady is getting card for michigan in 10 days,her nurse was happy to help her

      • surge619

        Dont believe them. They dont wanna mention it because they’ll loose money. See doctors make most of there money from prescribing drugs and if marijuana aint gonna make them money then why perscribe it .. Go get some marijuana oils even if u gotta move else where .. God bless 🙏

        • Chris Collins

          Please be literate in the cause of advancing Cannabis as a viable medicine. Spelling gaffes like “loose” (lose, you meant) and “perscribe” (flip the e and r please) make advocates look like fools!

          • Leslie Jurate Rzeznik

            Chris – while I’m a writer and a fierce advocate of proper grammar and spelling, not everyone is blessed with the ability to spell well. We get the gist of the message. Take a chill pill, dude.

          • katiehutton

            He also misused “there”.

          • Vivian Alfonso

            Do you have nothing better to do than to spell check everyone’s comments. SERIOUSLY? I am a cancer patient not a teacher and I am trying to find a solution to the cancer not spell checks. PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT NONSENSE TO CONTRIBUTE JUST SHUT UP!

          • dan Tilman

            get some cancer and then maybe you will get a life.

          • Ruth Siegel

            I agree, Chris. I cannot take a person who cannot spell or write seriously. Hasn’t everyone been required to go to school at least until 16 years of age?

          • Think Then Speak

            Some people are able to spell and/or read well, while others are better with numbers and really good at math math. How are you with Algebra these days?

          • Christie 🌻

            Sometimes, you need to let things like that slide. Spelling a word wrong is far better than being a self-righteous jerk on the internet. I’m pretty sure you understood their intent, and they were just trying to be helpful to someone suffering from life threatening cancer. You didn’t even comment until almost 2 years later, either. What’s the point? Time and place, my dude. This wasn’t it.

          • Cindy Heaton Torres

            Who cares if he spelled it wrong…get a life…

      • Bruce Hill

        Come to Santa Cruz, California where it is legal and readily available. If it saves your life the move is worth it.

      • Rita

        You can CBD oil legally in all states–or there are places to purchase RSO.

        • Jennifer Mckinley

          Only problem with the states that have legsl7zed just CBD is that the legal amount…here in Indiana I believe is 0.3%, is definitely NOT enough to make a dent in any serious illness. We use 5% that I ordered through a reputable company.

          • Ann Albertson

            Could you share the name of the company please?

        • Skylar

          I live in the Portland, OR area ( a legal state ) , but can’t find where to find out, which dispensaries have RSO.

          • Heather Teague

            Lazarus Naturals in Portland.

          • Don Beck

            Electric lettuce has RSO

      • adscholar

        Don’t believe that Big Pharma line. If medical marijuana was a cure all, big pharma would be marketing it. They have a huge advertising budget and would put small growers out of business.

        • benzene

          Mate I quit oxys, benzos, pregabalin and drinking due to cannabis. It’s illegal where I live but I don’t care, put me in front of a jury and I’ll state my case and see what happens. Fuck being addicted to the shit they were giving me and fuck these draconian laws

          • Allison Watt Crow

            That’s great! Praying I can as well…..Any advice?

          • Jennifer

            what did you take it for? just curious.

          • benzene

            Sorry missed this, which drug did I take what for? Sorry I’m confused! I was an addict, started feeling very anxious in my teens, put on anti-depressants at school they didn’t help, then got some sleeping pills when I was 17ish prescribed. I read up about them, learnt about the mechanism of action and GABA receptors, found out about benzodiazepines and that they affect the same receptors. I asked my doc and he gave me a couple weeks on low-dose lorazepam for anxiety/stress at work, it worked wonders, but then all the fear came back when I stopped, the doc said he cannot prescribe anymore.

            So I went looking, at the time is was the peak of the ‘research chemicals’ being sold legally. So I start buying benzos, become dependent, lived an evil life selling anything I could, they are then made illegal so I go to the darknet to have a look (yeah I’m a computer nerd). You can buy anything you want, legal or illegal it’s there. Addicts often ask who you get your stuff from/if it’s better etc, so I start slinging everrryything.

            Years pass, my life dissolves, I become homeless. Start going to addict groups etc, engaging with the recovery people. They sort out a house, some training, but would not prescribe the drugs I needed to come off. So I did it myself, along with mushrooms, RSO, CBD and other cannabinoids I got off all of it myself.

            I now work as a mycologist (I study mushrooms, specifically psilocybin [magic] mushrooms) and how they can help with lots and lots of mental health problems (or physical, cluster headaches eg). Mushrooms rule and they saved my life. It’s insanity that they are illegal, we often have to go to other countries to carry out medical trials, even on mice/rats. Hoped this answered lol.

        • Shelly Graham

          Well you must be in the pharma business since you know how much budget they have if medical marijuana,oil or other gives you even a little comfort to have a somewhat kinda normal day then I say Praise God….

      • Shawn Senecal

        i make RSO and would gladly help out

        • FireFly13

          Just posted my RSO Experience after surgery. Positive outcome. 11/9/18 brain surgery by 11/ 15/ 18 0ff opiates.

          • Juanita Lurks

            Hello how are you Ms. Shawn,i need your help.. My Sister has ovarian cancer stage 4 and fluid is filling up on her lungs and her body keep taking it off of her and they’re not giving her no more chemo cuz it had made her worse so what should I do if I really need your help is there any way that I can call you and we can talk

        • Lisa Taylor

          How could you help out I have a father in law battling neck & throat cancer for the second time in nursing home with a left fractured hip at the age of 65

        • Kristi E.

          Im in a state where it’s not legal yet. My grandma has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I’ve been told there are some Angels out there who will sell the RSO at little to no cost. We’ve chose to go hospice because chemo is not an option at her age of 82. Lung cancer with spread to liver. They give her only months to live, but she is on board with giving the RSO a shot. At least she won’t be wiped out from the Chemo. And possibly have a quality of life for her last months on Earth. Any suggestions for me. Ease let me know.

        • Shelli

          Shawn, I dont have a lot of money, but if you could help me w RSO then you are an angel! I don’t have cancer but I do have degenerative disc disease & other major problems w my neck… its legal in my state but im on a VERY tight budget & cant afford to get my card…if you cant help I totally understand! God bless you!

    • Two Bears

      Amen! Well said.

      I have Crohns disease.

      I would much rather extract with 99% ISO and purge it than extract with Naphtha which is a known carcinogen and really messes up the liver.

      • Louis Byron

        Two Bears. I understand your concern. But properly extracted RSO should contain less than 0.001% residue from any solvents used in its extraction. I agree that the newer methods–especially the “solventless” CO2 method–seem very attractive because of this point. But there may be something to the RSO process that creates a full-spectrum concentrate that is particularly effective in causing apoptosis (the return to normal, programmed cell death which is the theory behind the use of cannabinoids in treating cancer.) Something tells me that paradoxically it’s black, tarry nature makes it a kind of anti-carcinogen (call me wacko…it’s been done before I don’t mind lol).

        • Two Bears

          I have worked with and around alcohol for years and know what to expect.

    • Mike Jager

      wife beat the breast cancer like mike tyson.The ovarian cancer is the 500lb gorilla in the room with us.Started our grow so we can make rso.She has been trying different flowers and edibles and finding relief

    • surge619

      Im so sorry to hear . . my mother had it too. be strong 💪 and keep faith ! 🙏

    • Michelle Beigel

      I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was also just diagnosed with the same. Stage IV and the cancer has also spread to my 2 hip sockets and my spine. My doctor said there is really “nothing except hormones pills to slow down cancer”. I am very interested to know how this helped you as I see you wrote this 2 months ago. Thank you!

      • Snapp

        I am sorry to hear about what you are going through too… really anyone with this crap, my 81 year old father has it in his kidney and bladder and they say there is nothing they can do but surgery, he said nope.. I am too old for everyday he takes just like me a dropper full of CBD 200 mg Tincture oil. Because it doesn’t get you high, but they say it has cancer killing effects. Now do I know that to be fact? No..Am I willing to try anything to stay alive..pretty much, However, I don’t like the high feeling…it makes me paranoid so Rick Simpson oil is has the THC in it..not for me.. I tried…but everyone is different. Get your card if your state has Medical Marijuana..Try it!

        • Louis Byron

          Yes, but remember…almost all of the evidence for anti-cancer effectiveness has been with High THC/Full Spectrum concentrates. CBD by itself seems to be effective for certain symptoms (anxiety, depression, chronic pain) but not very effective for others (acute pain, nausea, lack of appetite). As for the actual TREATMENT of cancer, high THC Rick Simpson Oil COMBINED WITH some kind of live resin or extract seems to be the most effective. Yes, the quantities required for effective TX will KNOCK THE SOXS OFF anyone who does not already have an incredibly high tolerance to marijuana. Most need to literally start with a dose no larger than a single standard grain of rice. Then, over a period of a few weeks, you can slowly work your tolerance up to full dosage. He recommends 60 grams in as short a time period as practical (generally 60 grams over about 90 days since the first month or so is spent in slowly building up tolerance). I am beginning to hear anecdotal reports of folks getting their dose up to 3 or 4 grams a day to “cure” cancer or AIDS. I personally can attest to taking about 80 grams over 45 days to treat my HIV and Chronic Hep B with excellent results. Again, cannabis seems to work best as an “ensemble” or “entourage” therapy. Meaning the synergistic effects of the combined cannabinoids and terpenoids in the plant are much greater than the effect of any single component including THC or CBD.

        • smackdab

          Supposedly smelling ground pepper relieves paranoia.

        • Esteban

          If you try RSO, in suppository, you make your own ones, my wife takes I gram mixed with 1 1/2 grams of cocoa butter, and she avoid the high of thc, it works really good,

        • Debra Overcash

          suppositories! No high

          • Laurie WhysoSerious

            Is this true? Stage 3 melanoma but suffer from ptsd triggered by feeling high from thc

        • Sara Hatfield

          Try Citicoline. a nutritional supplement to help counteract the “high” feeling

          • Snapp

            Thanks, will do!

        • Es

          Some CBD products as well only have a small amount of thc only to help it activate better u should try loon lion cbd for your parinoia

      • Louis Byron

        Michelle. Not sure what State you are in. But, if you have the finances (or have someone who can help you out) I can walk you through getting the cannabis concentrate safely (if not 100% “legally”) from another state to your door. The best bet is to travel to a State where it is 100% legal like Colorado. You will end up paying a bit more for product, but you won’t need a “marijuana card” or to register and pay the state a fee. Use 2nd Day FedEx or UPS (never USMail) in a medium sized box with other random and inconspicuous items solidly packed in the box. If it’s Rick Simpson Oil or another form of oil or concentrate, it will already be sealed in a syringe or small plastic holder. Or package in a dop or make-up kit with toiletries and then CHECK (NOT hand carry) the luggage through to your final destination. This is life or death folks. So be prepared to tell anyone questioning your actions…HELLO! I HAVE STAGE 4 CANCER. Or in my case, HELLO! I WAS DYING OF FULL-BLOWN AIDS. (Off all “cocktail” meds for over 4 years with normal T4 counts and generally excellent overall health–albeit with severe, most likely permanent, peripheral neurological damage to my extremities). You must get drilled into your head BEFORE anyone questions you that You have a God Given right as a Human Being to put ANY substance in your body…especially under these circumstances.

        As for the actual efficacy of cannabinoids in the treatment of advanced cancer…this is groundbreaking. I know of anecdotal reports of folks so weakened from cancer that they had stopped eating and taking fluids and have had 100% so-called miracle shrinkage and complete remission of Stage 4b tumors. Supplemental antioxidants and other nutrients are probably critical to full effectiveness. Cannabinoids are a radically new approach to cancer treatment–they don’t seem to kill or destroy the cells directly BUT CANNABIS SEEMS TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO INDUCE APOPTOSIS (normal, programmed cell death & replacement) in the cancer cells in the body. So, unlike almost all traditional chemotherapy, the point is NOT to try and destroy the cancer cells with toxins which are not quite as “toxic” to normal cells. As I am a terrible typist…please let me know if you want more info and we can chat directly. God Bless, Louis Byron

        • Arina Montag

          I agree with your whole statement except I do not think the cannibis works by destroying or interrupting the mitosis of cells as chemo and radiation Rx does but rather instead acts more as a supporter by perhaps reducing inflammation inside the body and supercharging the immune system. Cancer after all is not foreign growth though often caused by outside irritants introduced into the body I would imagine which is basically unavoidable in today’s world

          • James Peters

            Broadly speaking, T-cells can be grouped into various subsets (e.g., Th1, Th2, Th9, etc) based on their effector functions, cytokine profiles and molecular phenotype. T helper type 1 (Th1) cells are required for host defence against intracellular viral or bacterial pathogens and cancer. THC given to mice triggers a shift from Th1 to Th2 (PMID: 18792785, 16837556 & 15815632) and induces mobilisation of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (PMCID: PMC3076065), and both these can suppress antitumour immunity. It could also enhance tumorigenesis by interfering with tumour surveillance by the immune system (PMID: 10861074 & 15749859).

          • Mike Allan

            A headline from Haaretz says medical marijuana can reduce effectiveness of immunotherapy cancer drug, Israeli research shows.

          • Erica

            Nice headline, but what did the article say?

          • Mike Allan

            The study was retrospective, observational and conducted by researchers in Israel who presented the findings at ESMO. They collected data from 140 patients with advanced melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and renal cell carcinoma (RCC) who were all treated with nivolumab. Eighty-nine received nivolumab alone, and 51 received both cannabis in combination with nivolumab. It showed that 33% of the lung cancer patients treated solely with nivolumab responded to the drug, compared to only 17.6% of those treated with the drug and cannabis concurrently. Among the melanoma and renal cancer patients, 43.3% responded to the drug-only treatment, while only 10% of those treated with cannabis as well responded to the drug. There wasn’t any significant effect on either progression-free survival or overall survival rates for the patients using both when compaired to those using nivolumab alone.

          • John Burnap

            and we all know that, depending upon how the study was conducted, the researchers can make the result say anything they want it to say, especially if the “study” was funded by pharma or government sources. And one study is insufficient to provide reliable findings. They must be reproducible and replicated by other studies in order to develop credible conclusions.

        • Nana Brenda

          yes please I sure would love to hear your opinion and all of the Knowledge you have about healing with Cannabis, I have been researching CBD oil , just to help heal myself of all of my medical problems but I have a cat that I am willing to do anything to help her heal from Cancer, she is 17 years old and does not deserve the pain that is starting up with her problems she as well has arthritis , I just was not sure of RSO because she is a pet, Please any thing anyone can help with is great. God Bless

          • Es

            Vet cbd a product specifically made for pets it is cbd oil in a tincture u can drop into there food or directly in there mouth or water all to help for there pain and wellness

          • Hyde

            My wife and I make tea out of fan leaves off our plants, water it down a bit, and put it over our 12 year old huskies dry food. Definitely dilute it a lot more for a cat, but her arthritis is much better, her coat is nicer, she’s more regular, her general health is just much better overall. If you don’t grow your own you can make tea with any cannabis you have, just start slow with the dosing and maybe try to find something with both THC and CBD. You could also infuse it into a little bit of coconut oil and put a drop or two in a treat if the tea idea doesn’t appeal to you. Best of luck!

          • Steph

            I surely hope you found a CBD oil for your kitty and yourself. I use CBD on all of my pets and the results are astounding! When everyone finds out how much CBD will help your animals, there won’t be any left to buy.

        • Zsaire Gable

          Louis Byron I am HIV+ and suffering from AIDS with no coinfections but all the rest of it…no immune system ect. I have only been + for just over a year and have been using Ozone to treat it. My viral loads are halving from applications but I know I can erradicate it and rebuild my immune system like you have done. Could we chat somehow? I am in Canada just above the Dakota’s. Many Thanks!

        • Carolyn Marie

          Louis…how might we chat more about RSO and your results privately? Stage 4b mastastic cervical cancer…looking for options where docs tell me I have none.

        • Jennifer Mckinley

          isn’t that why they use stem cell recovery? to put back in the good cells that would have been damaged by chemo and radiation? I read where one of the components cbg I think actually was shown to kill cancer cells..?

        • sarah

          I see alot of comments in regards to this oil base helping with cancer or aids. is there anyone who tried this for internal abcess the disease is called peritonitis. my family member is terminally ill and i was told this may help her. If you can please respond i would appreciate it.

          • Steph

            I just finished a 90 day treatment for my colitis. I feel amazing and believe in the RSO 100%.

          • mickey pot

            I have colitis to… How did it help are you Still on meds? Did you make your rso? In canada?

          • Steph

            Hello. I have not taken “meds” for a long time, was hoping I wouldn’t have to after my 90 day RSO treatment and I have NOT had to. All of my pain and issues are pretty much non-existent now that I’ve completed the 90 day course, as far as colitis pain goes. I also have a herniated disk in my neck, which the RSO completely alleviated all of that pain while I was on it, so now it’s a choice, surgery for my neck or staying on a low dose of RSO until I’m ready to do the surgery, I chose RSO, it’s just that good! I live in Oregon and make my own RSO. Let me know if I can help you in ANY way, I’m certainly capable of it!

          • mickey pot

            Thanks for the quick reply. You use top quality indica buds to produce the oil in a rice cooker? What meds were you prior to taking rso

          • Steph

            I’ve taken several different meds over the years, the last one was Apriso, along with intervals of antibiotics. I’m using top shelf OG Kush buds that have a wide range of cannabinoid profiles to improve efficacy, in a rice cooker. Different cannabinoids have different effects on various diseases, so we do a broad spectrum of cannabinoids to cover all the different diseases. We still don’t know which cannabinoids work on which diseases because the United States Government says it’s illegal to do that research. I’m attaching a very informative link regarding cannabinoids, please watch it. Let me know if I can help you further after you watch the video.

          • MaryMary3224

            Hello Steph I have sciatica in both legs and severe nerve pain in my back that has put me to laying in the bed about 85% of my days. I am 38 years old and I’m already taking the nerve pills for pain and regular pain medication. I desperately want something that will actually help. These other meds are just barley masking the pain for a very short time. I have tried the CBD oil ( a reputable oil) and with the 2400 mg I am feeling no relief. I live in Kentucky where there are no options for me. I don’t know anyone to get anything from so I am stuck with the pills. What can one do in a situation such as this?

          • Shelli

            Hi Steph…I have degenerative disc disc disease & other problems w my neck & I live in CONSTANT pain…was in pain management & taking pain pills…developed a bad opiot addiction, and quit cold turkey…if you can PLEASE help me w RSO oil I would forever be in your debt! God bless…

          • Andrew

            Did you find high quality RSO yet made from the proper strains in the proper ways?

          • Belle

            Sarah, I hope my reply is not too late. Intravenous Vit C is the best for peritonitis. I assume she is still in the hospital? Peritonitis is a serious condition. But only a few doctors use Vit C intravenously. If she is home, find a naturopathic doctor in your area and have high dose Vit C IV treatment. It will take several treatments. Not covered by insurance but It’s worth it.

        • kristen

          Good for you!! Cannabis is a lifesaver in so many ways!!!

      • Esteban

        My wife has the same as you, breast cancer, came after 3 years to hip and spine, she started 45 days ago RSO, high levels of thc, everything has become better, she is having the best quality of life that you can imagine, and the most important is that the pain in the cancer areas is gone, the only thing it bother her is her joints, if another member of my family gets cancer, I will treat them straight with RSO

        • Naeem Alvi

          My mother has stage 4 cancer. She has been going to chemo for the past year and it isn’t helping her out at all. We live in California. I finally went and got some cannibus oil, which seemed to help her out a lot. Gave her a lot of energy. But her new chemo medication is killing her.

          Can you please tell me where you were able to get RSO? I really want my mother to try that out and see if it helps out at all.

          • Patricia Enberg

            They sell RSO oil at our local MM pharmacy in Sonoma county.

          • Naeem Alvi

            Thank you for letting me know Patricia! Do you know any specific stores that have them?
            Thanks a bunch!

          • Patricia Enberg

            Mercy Wellness in Rohnert Park . They show it on their website.

        • Dessie Nie

          i am n stage metastatic breast cancer its in liver lungs and spine and doing a new treatment and looking into RSO now did your wife do chemo along with RSO?

          • Esteban

            She is doing ibrance now with a minimum dosis of RSO, and really help her with everything, pain, nausea, bowels movement, to sleep, I mean you can see the difference

        • Bex Beach

          Hi im in the uk my mum has the same breast cancer now gone to bones secondary hospital say they can do nothing where do you get the correct oilfrom please where im notgoing to get ripped off and can get shipped?

    • Jennifer Mckinley

      Omg! I LOVE THIS. Makes me soooooo Angry! My son is going through brain cancer for the SECOND time. I left his oil at home an hour away because we came by ambulance to the children’s hospital. I had no way home until my jeep was brought to me. I took off home and was back in less than two hours. my son had not eaten in EIGHT days. Phenergan, Zofran, Ativan, Marinol, Zyprexa, Periactin and Prilosec all on board at the same time and still dry heaving with a temp of 104.3. Zero ANC.
      One tiny drop of medical grade 80% THC along with 5 mg of CBD and 2 hours later? He’s eating rice, baked potato and orange sherbet. Temp down to normal. Up walking around and ABC hit 270 within 24 hours.
      How can ANYONE say that he should just suffer?!?!?!
      picture on left. my son in isolation 2 days ago.
      With cat hat on yesterday
      Nahhh it’s just drugs for fun. …right?

    • dgirand1.

      My husband has stage 4 colon cancer and chemo was not bringing his CEA numbers down. He has been using Cannabis oil for almost a month and his numbers dropped 20 points! Dr. Frankel in CA was wonderful helping us with it.

    • Dawn Macone

      Good for you!! Fight no matter what! No one will understand what they are not themselves going through!!

    • Deweys stuff

      Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guide Stones? They plainly state that there should be no more than 500,000,000 human beings alive on this planet at any time. If you do the math; at least 7.5 billion of us are expendable. Think about that the next time you take a prescribed pill. I really feel sorry for anyone who takes chemo. It destroyes any abillity that your body has to fight disease. It may put your cancer into remission, but it will in most cases come back and kill you in a few years. My prayers go out to you.

    • dan Tilman

      I know what you mean, I have been fighting a kind of brain cancer for 10 years and have now officially lost the battle and I would try anything to live. this stuff is $50 g gram at my dispensary, way out of my price range to help me live.

  • captaindandan

    I just need something for my crushed spine: L4 & L5 discs flattened = no cushioning effect. I have read the Sour Tsunami works like a miracle–but so far cannot find any. Any suggestions out there?

    • Hey Dan Dan, I have the same issue. I have had good results from other high cbd strains, such as MediHaze and Candy Land. (Both test around 10% CBD with comparatively low THC) Sour Tsunami is in the same boat.

      • Two Bears

        Another good strain to look for is Hawaiian Dream. 16% THC. 8% CBD

        A cross of Blue Dream and Maui Waui.

  • Debra Steffen

    I’ve been following Rick’s story and success since 2008. I believe in him and his oil. I really wish I had heard about him earlier as I lost my fiance to cancer in 2008.
    I was in the Medical field for over 35 yrs and the one thing I have noticed is how the Medical society has gone from Health Care to Business. What a shame. No longer are Dr’s concerned with curing patients, but just diagnosing and treating. Keep in mind that a cured patient reduces a Dr’s income.
    Add the poison the Monsanto and Big Ag have put in our foods, only to have Big Pharma follow behind with their meds, and the answer should be clear.
    Big Pharma stands to lose over $200 Billion (yes, Billion, with a B) from Chemo drugs if they admit the Cannabis Oil works. Never mind the money they would lose on Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and other drugs. Funny, they won’t admit that the oil works, but are in the process of creating a synthetic oil. Keep in mind, they can’t patent a plant. Something God put on this earth.
    Keep up the good work, Rick!

    • Two Bears

      I would NEVER buy RSO nor would i recommend any one else buy it.

      Make it yourselves using 95% grain alcohol or 99% ISO.

      Leave the poison Naphtha on the shelf.

      I would never buy RSO because you never know the solvent they used to extract it.

      I use 99% ISO but i prefer to get as much medicine as i can out of it.

      Grain alcohol leaves about 30-40% of the medicine behind.

      • Debra Steffen

        He doesn’t sell his oil, he shares the recipe for Free

        • Two Bears

          Correct. While in Canada he grew the plants, made the oil and gave the oil to sick people free of charge.

          Rick didn’t sell the oil but peoole make RSO and put it in dispensaries for sale. That wss what i was talking about.

  • Kaabi

    This is a good overview, but COME ON! Isopropyl alcohol?! PLEASE EDIT THIS ARTICLE AND REMOVE IMMEDIATELY. What an irresponsible and asinine thing to recommend. Food-grade ethanol should be used. Even CO2 is better than iso. Come on. But in terms of fighting cancer, cannabis extracts absolutely have that effect. You can download my book on the subject at

    • James Peters

      If we take into account the IC50 (the concentration of an inhibitor needed to reduce something by half) levels of both THC and CBD in preclinical studies (10-30+ uM) and the oral bioavailability of those in humans then we can work out a few things. That study shows the half-life is 1 hour and peak plasma (blood) levels are between 0.3-2.6 ng/ml. So a person would need to take 7-54 grams at hour zero followed by 3-27 grams every hour after in order to have a modest effect on the growth rate their cancer (assuming it works). A number of factors account for the low oral bioavailability including variable absorption per person, degradation in the stomach, significant first-pass metabolism to active and inactive metabolites in the liver and so on

      • Kaabi

        That is some good science there but is inherently flawed because the dosing does not translate to humans. The overall concepts appear to however. Clearly humans do not need to take such massive quantities or they would not be seeing anticancer results in the 50mg – 700mg per day range. When cannabinoids are used in humans, in the context of the fully-functioning endocannabinoid system, it works entirely differently than in a petri dish. If you are truly interested in seeing this work in humans, you can read my book linked to above. If you do not wish to see the actual human evidence, there is nothing I can do.

        • James Peters

          ”Clearly humans do not need to take such massive quantities or they would not be seeing anticancer results in the 50mg – 700mg per day range.”

          Where’s the published evidence for this?

    • Two Bears

      If you want to use grain alcohol be my guest. Send tge herb to me and i will gey the. 30-40% grain alcohol leaves behind, and i will do it safely. Vaped or dabbed ISO hash oil for quite a while.

      I would rather dab ISO hash oil than BHO.

      What i am doing now is pressing bubble hash or dry sift into Rosin then using 99% ISO to get whats left.

      • Kaabi

        That’s ridiculous, grain alcohol does not leave behind 30-40% of material. Maybe in a super quick wash but if done correctly you can get at least 95% of all cannabinoids and terpenes out. We’ve done lab test before and after on starting material and confirmed this. Also with iso how do you know there is no residual solvent? And if you get the residual solvent to absolute 0 you lose valuable medicinal terpenes. With food-grade alcohol you can leave a few hundred parts per million with no issues, which enables you to not overheat and preserve terpenes. Now that still isn’t ideal for smoking though, only oral ingestion. For smoking you would want to get 0ppm. But what if you mess up or the lab is wrong and there is some residual solvent? With food-grade ethanol it’s not a huge deal, with ISO it’s a major problem.

  • Darren Crook

    Some people are idiots, 99% Isopropyl alcohol works just as well as any fairly pure alcohol. Hell, you could even use vodka as a solvent.

    Also. Isn’t RSO ‘just’ oil, plain and simple? What is the difference between RSO and regular oil, if any? I understand it’s topically applied or ingested but there are creams and whatnot that are a lot easier to apply, and infusions and candies that are easier to ingest. Where is the benefit in this particular method? This article, while informative, fails to cover some salient points.

  • Robb

    I had great results topically on a squamous cell carcinoma on my arm, but my sister, who has lung cancer, would get so dizzy with it, that she fell several times, and stopped taking it. She only got to ~ 30 g total over 5 months, and never got used to the doses. She got very dizzy every time thruout she was taking it.

  • James Peters

    ”Rick Simpson is just like cancer quacks the world over, who have no firm evidence to back up their miraculous-sounding cure rates and excuse their failures by claiming that the treatment patients had before prevented the quackery from working. Quacks like Rick Simpson do those who think that cannabinoids have promise in treating cancer no favors.”

    Marc Emery has also called him out in the past: “Whenever I asked Rick Simpson to write about his work, or engaged other journalists and writers to write about Rick Simpson, and finally when I tried to do it myself, Simpson never co-operated. I could never get actual names and phone numbers of patients who were allegedly “cured”. I never could see any so-called sworn affidavits. I could never interview any patients. I could never get the formula used, or the strain, or anything specific whatsoever. That is why no journalist has been able to write about Simpson, he is unverifiable, in his claims, his patients, his documentation, everything, really. No solid paperwork either.

    Secondly, its cowardice to stay in Europe when Simpson should, to me, obviously come back and prove his claims in court. Lets have the “cured” patients in court, lets see the affidavits, lets have the science and the evidence submitted in court. If Simpson’s claims are true, he stands a good chance of making a great case of historical precedents.

    That Simpson wouldn’t want to return to Canada is suspicious to me. You don’t get “hero” status or folk legend or pioneer accolades by running away. He is not being sought by US authorities, its a local raid, its his third raid/charge, but it by no means is an undesirable situation. Putting Simpson in jail for cultivation still seems very unlikely, especially since Bill C-15 is not yet law. There is a great potential for a medical necessity defence. There are all sorts of opportunities to educate the entire nation in an extensive defence, bringing in the “cured” as witnesses, all of them will be compelling….if all the claims made by Simpson are true.

    I find Simpson a bit of an odd fellow. When he was raising money to travel across North America to promote his “oil”, they claimed to need $300,000 to do the tour, and they raised only $3,000, so it was called off. I couldn’t believe this $300,000 figure they claimed to be trying to raise. Jodie & I travelled to 30 Canadian cities across Canada for about $17,000 over 2 months from St. John’s to Victoria, and I told them this amount of money they claimed to need was outlandish for a tour, and absurd to try to get this amount raised for what would be a simple speech at the public library in selected cities.”

    • Robin Wakker

      Though i understand your skepticism, big pharma stands to lose over 200 billion USD a year, Rick Simpson doesn’t charge anything for the oil as you can make it yourself. Back to you…….

    • Al metzger

      Wow, your comment is one of the most ignorant things I have read in a long time. Honestly, I dont even know where to start with the misinformation in your post. First, Rick was in court and tried to brnig patients in. They did not allow it. Are you unaware of that? So your statement about him coming back and proving his claim in court just makes no sense whatsoever. Either you are truly an idiot or really reaching here to find something negative with Rick. Also, why would he want to return to Canada if there is no freedom there. Once again, stupid statement just trying to make Rick look bad. I dont know who Marc Emery is, but he sounds like a shill to me and so do you.

    • dgirand1.

      My husband has been using cannibas oil and his colon cancer diagnosis is improving – his tumor marker number has dropped 20 points and his liver function has vastly improved.

  • James Peters

    What I don’t support are claims for medical effects that are not backed up with good scientific evidence, and for medical cannabis including RSO then almost all the claims fall into that category That’s why I view medical cannabis as a backdoor way to get marijuana legalised. Personally I’d rather advocates of cannabis legalisation drop the charade, argue for legalisation, and stop with the medical nonsense.

    • Robin Wakker

      Science doesnt want to back up a study if there is a government that says a plant is illegal and no studies are allowed into it. Back to you……

      • Two Bears

        Right on sister!

      • James Peters

        There are a number of U.S. based cannabinoid pharma companies such as Zynerba who are conducting clinical trials as we speak. If we take GW Pharma then the FDA has granted them fast track and/or orphan drug designations for multiple indications using Epidiolex (a proprietary oral solution of pure plant-derived CBD). It’s now been proven to work in patients with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome after they conducted three robust Phase III placebo-controlled trials. The company hopes it will be approved this year and placed into Schedule 4.

        • Robin Wakker

          Great, just what we needed, a company that conducts trials with supposed natural plant ingredients. Keep your messed up synthetical junk to yourself, the people dont want it anymore. MJ cant be controlled by big pharma, and if it would be, ppl will just grow their own for the sake of taking care of their health.

          I think by now, it is clear that you, James Peters, works for big pharma, since you are sooooooo interested in MJ but keep throwing us names of pharma companies and who is conducting what tests.

          Government is part of big corporations, big corporations include pharma companies, so literely i dont give a rats ass if pharma companies are conducting tests, because we end up with the same old junk as always: synthetical 1 pill for 1 disease kind of cure and we end up with some other disease because of it.

          No thanks!

        • Two Bears

          Oh yes. Like they did Marinol?

          Marinol was designed to fail. Synthesize 1 out of 84 cannabinoids and release it for testing. Then when it failed said. See Medical Marijuana is a hoax and doesn’t work.

          Where was the. CBD, CBG, CBN and the other 80 cannabinoids.

          I have a frigging love/hate relationship with the plant.

          I love that Crohns is locked in a closet and only comes out 3-4 times a year.

          I need so little cannabinoids you wouldn’t believe it.

          I get low to moderate THC and CBD as high as i can possibly get.

          I dry sift the trichomes of 1.5-1.75 ounces of cannabis and that makes enough medicine to last me a year.

          Currently i am experimenting with micro doses 13-17 milligrams a day. I’m calm and relaxed for a while but not high.

          Never used Marijuana Before getting my MMJ card so i dont have a high tolerance.

    • Two Bears

      Mr. Peters. Is the sky blue in your world or orange?

      Fact. I have Crohns disease. Before MMJ I used to have 2-3 flares a week, and could barely leave my home.

      Fact. After MMJ i have had 3 flares in the last 11 1/2 months.

      Fact. MMJ gave me my life back and got me out of. Adult diapers.

      Shut your face when you have NO CLUE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

      • James Peters

        I’m glad it seems to be working for you. But the plural of this and other such anecdotes isn’t data.

        • Two Bears

          Oh yes. Dismiss reports by calling it anecdotal or calling it not data.

          Before MMJ my life was hell on earth. I had no life unless you call agony life.

          Stomach feeling as if it was going to explode.

          Uncontrolled diarrhea

          Gout or arthritis pain in my joints. Joints red and inflammed easily running a fever of 102 F in the affected joints.

          Feeling weak 24/7 didnt feel like doing anything.

          Passing gass like no tomorrow, and smelling like something dead.

          With just a little bit of Ganja all of those problems went away.

          That is the only thing changed.

          What it did was suppress my autoimmune response so my gut health no longer bounces between two extremes.

        • djtejas

          There’s no “data” because the medical industry wants there to be none…

          • James Peters

            In my reply to Diana Anthony I cited the only published case report (PMCID: PMC3901602) in which a terminal cancer patient used RSO. There are a few peer-reviewed journals that are devoted to publishing case reports alone, and they are all open access. I think the fact no others have been published in all these years speaks volumes. Even if there had been then they would come close to the bottom in terms of hierarchy of evidence.

          • Bingo!

          • James Peters

            A quick search of PubMed brings back many hundreds of studies. Yet the results are too modest for most pharma companies to be funding human clinical trials to test them.

  • Austin

    Distillates are the new RSO.

  • Diana Anthony

    Perhaps James Peters works for/ is invested in Big Pharma and other medicine for profit parasites(MFPP). Or perhaps he is just blinded by MFPP’s insistence on the double blind study that has guided humans for maybe 40-50 years of our millennia of existence. The case study is the more grassroots approach, and every time some person uses cannabis to get well, that is a case study. Centralized & blind authority is a modern scourge to which medicine is not immune. I bet James does case studies without even knowing it.

    • James Peters

      Only one case study has been published Sadly P.K. died within the time frame of someone with terminal cancer.

      • Robin Wakker

        It doesn’t say which strain and the method used to extract or anything. Your so called case study is blown to smithereens as there is over a thousand different strains and methods to extract. And 1 so called case study doesn’t disprove or prove anything as Rick himself has said that there are still people dying despite the fact they take the oil.

        • James Peters

          Did you read it? The author states: ”Rick (Simpson) worked with the family to help them prepare the (first) extract.”

  • Rebecca Lisle

    If anyone is interested in the same thing as RSO but uses “cold pressed” processing instead…..please reach out to me.

    • Gavin Wann

      Hello Rebecca! If it will help with fibromyalgia, I would be very interested!

  • Louis Byron

    A brave, brave, noble man. Wow. Like a modern day Christian Alchemist…a Nobleman Rosicrucian…in its original and finest sense of meaning. ‘I live in Christ to heal others’. Good show.

  • Fallon Flynn

    will it work for dystonia?

    • Jennifer Bridget’s

      you email,,

  • Glenn Radnell

    my partner has stage 4 prostate cancer which has metastasised in 4 other places. i was opposed to chemo but it was my partners choice in the end so we agreed that we would do both. my belief that the rso would serve as a measure of protection against the poisons, is valid.
    my partner has experienced no side effect other than mouth ulcers and after three sessions of chemo has a psa reading of 0.17.
    we are very happy with these remarkable results. the rso has also made him a lot less uptight. 😂

  • Rose Meyer

    I have learn a great deal since watching ‘Run For The Cure’. The science of Cannabinoids is rapidly moving forward. It seems for as great as THC is, CBD is the new cure for any and all who can’t or won’t use a RSO. As a isolate CBD isn’t that great, nor is THC (except for the side effect of the high which is unique) But CBD in a whole plant oil or tincture (as RSO is whole plant) is increasingly replacing RSO. It appears to be just as effective on Cancer, pain and many others conditions no one relates to RSO. Plus when made from a high CBD less than .3% THC strain it is 100% legal in all 50 states and 70+ countries. It has changed my life and as I take it daily I am convinced I will never get Cancer. Not all CBD oils/tinctures are equal. It must be Whole Plant high in CBD. I only use those which are CO2 extracted with hemp seed oil as the emulsifier agent. Thousands of people claim they have killed their Cancer with this legal oil. But the magic is only found in a true WHOLE PLANT CBD OIL.

    • Clem Turner

      Hi Rose. What is your source?

  • Jen Lemay

    My son has stage 4 cancer , and doctors said he is done and nothing they can to save him , he manage to get this oil and is still here , doctors said they were not the ones keeping him alive .. but can not officially say it is the oil but it is , he ran out for the last 3 months and now the cancer is getting the best of him once again :[ He just turned 24 and been fighting since he was 18 .. Please if someone knows how I can get this so my boy can keep living please tell me , he fought a coma and live supports and started living again because of this oil , now he is skin and bones and so much pain , please any information to get this , I have been searching since I found out he hasn’t been getting any more .. her in ontario canada begging for any info to get this

  • Patti Siracusa Moebius

    I absolutely love the idea of using natural ingredients to heal the body. Can anything else but alcohol be used? Just seems so toxic.

    • Norma Jean Vaughan Slagel

      While I am not against RSO I’m no user of RSO orally. how ever I do use coconut oil as my base. It is not potent in the way RSO is but also not extracted via extreme alcohol or dangerous solvent. The coconut infused with the cannabis makes it food worthy. In careful amounts it can go on say toast in the morning with breakfast and maybe a teaspoon straight of the spoon around lunch or later afternoon and again at dinner melted in rice or something. Closer to all natural than harsh solvents. In this way I can continue to utilize cannabis as a food. I am about to harvest my outdoor plant and will turn some of it into RSO for topical use of basal and squamous cell carcinoma. So depending on strength you seek, would depend on extract used. I do make a tincture though with less strength alcohol to carry with me when traveling. Easier than taking oil when I can drop the tincture into my coffee or other beverage. I also do not utilize either alone as medicine but in addition to diet and herb changes that I will do for life. It is amazing to me how much it helps aches and pain in general as well as smoothes big polar flares. I am even more organized in the brain and clarity is noticeable as long as I don’t over do the amount I consume at any one given dose. If that happens I am physical couched locked and I don’t care for that anymore than smoking and being high. Also a nice cup of hot tea with fan leaves or trimmings would be a lovely natural way to consume.

  • scott

    I live New Zealand. My Sister was diagnosed of melanoma cancer and she have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. A friend of the family told us about cannabis oil and its curing ability in treatment of any type of cancer. I purchased the cannabis oil by emailing and they gave me instructions and a video recording disc to teach how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of melanoma cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, my sister was totally free from cancer but i was advised she takes the oil continuously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that my sister is free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer and the family is happy again. Cannabis oil is a natural treatment for cancer without any side effect.

  • Arina Montag

    Taking a closer look at this recipe, I must admit the use of such solvents makes me a bit nervous. Is it possible to just steep the buds and leaves as a tea like when making sun brewed iced tea? I assume perhaps this method produces a higher amount of THC released from the plant when drawn out by the isopropyl which perhaps might be more appropriate for fighting back cancer or any precursors for those at high risk I suppose. This isopropyl alcohol, I assume is the same isopropyl alcohol used most commonly as an antiseptic as is found in alcohol swabs or what used to get used to clean wounds, until further research discovered it also acted as an irritant. But still, how much worse than can it be than chemo?

  • Arina Montag

    oops accidentally erased my previous comment as I meant only to add an afterthought. I was going to say it surely cannot be anywise than using chemo alone.

  • Arina Montag

    I suppose just steeping the buds in hot water and drinking it as a tea is out of the question or what? lol

  • Jerabek

    I live in Queensland, Australia. They have legalized it for Ltd use. But to get it is almost impossible due to LONG paperwork.
    What people should know is the Gov is saying it will ONLY USE GM Cannabis..Why? Drug Co’s removing the AntiCancer molecules ?

  • Zoey Thompson

    We have been using cannabis oil with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio from “AnnCannMed” in treating my husband with pancreatic cancer with a lot of improvement since 3 weeks and the product is working in a miraculous way beyond our expectations. The medication is working with super proof. We recommend you visit AnnCannMed for your health prescriptions and medical purchases and feel support talking to licensed physicians

  • Zoey Thompson

    Your advise was very helpful. I did just as you suggested and have received my medicines from them without any headaches. You were right, they are quite professional.

  • Sheldon Zev Aberman

    i am a medical cannabis newbie i completely stopped drinking 18 months ago i quit 3 mg lunesta nitely and replaced it with rso the rso is at a minimum equal for me as far as sleep goes The biggest surprise is that my chronic shoulder pain is MUCH better and i did not make any changes other than the above ALSO i notice that my blood pressure is a bit lower and better

  • Erica

    A close relative was on her last leg with her stage 4 cancer. She had collapsed due to a mass on her neck that had restricted her airway. She had been fighting for a long time and it seemed like it would be over soon as her doctors couldn’t do anything more for her. She followed the RSO plan and she consumed over 60 grams of RSO in the 90 days. This was her fighting chance and today her scans are clear. Her doctor stated that their is no cure for her cancer…. and he was astonished. You see it online or read an article here and there about these incredible stories and you choose to believe them or not, but I witnessed this with my own eyes. And let me tell you, it works.

    • Pam Smith

      I’m making RSO for a friend with stage 4 on her spine ,breast,and lung.
      Using 4 diff. Strains of indica greater than20 % there anything else that might help my friend that helped your family.member?

  • scott

    Good i’m Jenni by name from United state am here to testify how I got heel by ricksimpson cannabia oil after taking treatment from one doctor to another I tout it’over me till a friend of my introduce me to the man called ricksimpson who God use to deliver me:help your love once by Emailing(

  • Greg Fowler

    SCAM ALERT!!!!

    Don’t buy from Rick Simpson, you will loose your money!

    Rick Simpson told me I needed to send him $988.00 for the Cannabis oil. He then told me the shipping cost was $200 after I had sent him my money, which was supposed to cover shipping cost too. I never received anything from Rick Simpson. My experience is that he’s a liar, a thief and a scam artist! This guy should be ashamed of himself and should be in jail for scamming people who have cancer!

  • Lisa Sturgeon Baker

    I got some of this for my brother who was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. My question is will it show a positive THC result in a mouth swab test. His employer does random testing and although he qualifies for medicinal marijuana, he would be able to keep his job but he wouldn’t b able to operate the heavy equipment anymore. I’ve tried researching the Internet but can’t really find an answer for the mouth swab test. Thanks for any info.

  • James Gillen

    I ordered from this company which ships globally very discretely, high quality fresh rick Simpson oil. We ordered it for my father in law who has liver cancer. Comes in the mail this week. It comes in a suppository, we ordered a 90 day supply.

  • Suzanna Kincaid

    I say anyone fighting cancer try this recipe! Life is worth fighting for

  • Jennifer Bridget’s

    I live New Zealand. My Sister was diagnosed of melanoma cancer and she have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. A friend of the family told us about cannabis oil and its curing ability in treatment of any type of cancer. I purchased the cannabis oil by emailing{ ]and they gave me instructions and a video recording disc to teach how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of melanoma cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, my sister was totally free from cancer but i was advised she takes the oil continuously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that my sister is free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer and the family is happy again. Cannabis oil is a natural treatment for cancer without any side effect

  • Brian Woodworth

    Thank you! I’m having such wonderful results. Less pain, more energy, and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve been telling everyone on the CBD, chronic pain groups how I feel. Everything else I tried didn’t work or was way too expensive for a tiny amount. So happy to be almost completely pain free everyday.

    • bmwvet55

      Brian Woodworth can you tell me more about chronic pain group info, and what has worked for you?

  • Jennifer Bridget’s

    I live New Zealand. My Sister was diagnosed of melanoma cancer and she have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. A friend of the family told us about cannabis oil and its curing ability in treatment of any type of cancer. I purchased the cannabis oil by emailing{ ]and they gave me instructions and a video recording disc to teach how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of melanoma cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, my sister was totally free from cancer but i was advised she takes the oil continuously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that my sister is free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer and the family is happy again. Cannabis oil is a natural treatment for cancer without any side effect

  • Henrik Hansson

    I know people should not advertise but I go to a very trustworthy company called ANNCANNMED to buy my Cannabis Oil. Thanks to them I can treat my disease without taking basically speed. My life, appetite, and overall happiness has improved a lot : )

  • Cheri Mosdell

    My mother in law is suffering from Parkinson Disease and I feel that she is being given too much dopamine causing hallucinations daily. Can anyone recommend anything to help her tremors to avoid too much medication?

  • Montana Mom

    Going to be trying it for the first time tonight. I deal with a LOT of pain and have been mostly horizontal for months now. I have procedures set up to try to improve by low back pain and then it will leave me with just my fibro pain and whatever further deterioration occurs in my spine. I’m excited to give it a try.

  • fasil sheikh

    great article !

  • lesliedavis

    Cannabis is the most important medicine in the world and its total range of benefits are not known. What is know is that big pharma hates it because almost anyone can grow it almost anywhere and it does no harm. As the Earth Protector founder, based in Minnesota, I know this is true from decades of use and study.
    Leslie Davis

  • Eileen S

    Have heard RSO can help with COPD. Has it helped anyone or does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I do live in a state where it is legal. If marijuana helps someone suffering, I say GO FOR IT!!! GOOD LUCK to those looking for relief!

  • Salmane

    “Side effects mostly include sleepiness, which is a natural part of the healing process.”

    lmao. Sure.

    We won’t be mad if you say it’s a side effect of taking cannabis LOL

  • MarionD

    I have a personal story to tell about the use of Cannabis. I’m a 65 year old artist, wife, mother. I’m not a pot head. I don’t do drugs, never did until now. I’ve never been a law breaker, until now. I’ve never even gotten a speeding ticket. A goody 2 shoes. But…

    I was finally diagnosed (after months of misdiagnoses), in mid September 2017 with metastatic colon cancer…Stage 4…inoperable lesions all over my liver, multiple tumors through my body cavity, in the soaz muscle, etc: Prognosis: Terminal.

    I had surgery where 2 feet of colon was removed along with my right ovary, appendix and all the tumors except those in the liver.

    I was required to sign a paper stating that I was aware my chemo was for palliative care only.

    After lots of research, we decided to do the Rick Simpson Oil treatment…at the same time as chemo. Totally illegal!

    And I had to buy a whole pound of high quality bud…I started speaking the language of drug dealers! I had to boil it down (I used Naptha) and guess on the dosing. (How big is a short grain of rice?). Unscientific but no other way!!!

    I was scheduled for 12 infusions. Chemo hit me hard. I got every side effect listed for each of the poisons in my infusions. Oncologist never saw anything like it, in 20 years of practice, but of course won’t even write in his notes that I told him every time I saw him that I was doing this treatment.

    I’m not a pot head. Never was. Never liked the way it made me feel (when I tried it back in the 1960’s). But I managed, despite staying on the sofa, uncomfortably high, for 3 months, I managed to kick this.

    The Cannabis (80% indica and 20% activa…a cross called Booberry) stopped all nausea. I slept like a baby. My blood pressure stayed 110/70 throughout.

    But I got other nasty side effects from the chemo. So the Dr stopped chemo after 6 infusions because of the severe side effects…he said he nearly killed me.

    In January 2018, one week shy of 3 months of treatment and 98% through my 60 gram treatment….I got a clear PET scan. No metabolic activity. No sign of disease. No sign of cancer. Tumors in liver had shrunk and are not active. Of course, the Dr insists it will come back.)

    More good news, Feb 15, 2018: My tumor markers were 268 in September, 134 in January, and now are 29.

    Incidentally, I had a droopy eye that tightened up. And it appears that it also cured my hyperthyroidism …waiting on bloodwork now.

    People are calling me…neighbors, friends, strangers! They’re begging for my Cure. I can’t say I’m cured for 5 years, but if Rick Simpson has cured 5,000, why shouldn’t I think so?

    I know of 8 people who are doing this treatment right now…for cancer, lupus and Alzheimer’s. Remarkable results. A man with terminal kidney cancer metastasized all over…given 2-3 weeks to live… is improving and Dr is stunned, saying maybe 6-8 more weeks. Another man, 82, Stage 4 kidney cancer was sent home from the hospital on a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago…to die.

    He started his RSO on Saturday night. Doc was shocked when he showed up for radiation Monday morning. He told him he didn’t know how he’d survived. His kidneys had shut down, legs and feet so swollen they looked about to burst, but then he started peeing again.

    That week he improved and got 16 more treatments. He went from poor condition to fair. He continues to improve and is at home now, still getting his chemo and radiation, but also on a good dose of RSO.

    For those who worry about getting addicted or Cannabis leading to other drug use-fake news! I didn’t get addicted taking my Cure 3 times a day for 3 months!

    • dgirand1.

      Your story is a God-send! My husband also has stage 4 inoperable colon cancer. He is 3 weeks into cannabis treatment and his CEA has dropped 20 points. His Dr. called him very surprised. We were praying about stopping chemo for the summer so he could have energy to swim and play with our 2 preteen boys (since chemo really wipes him out). We were thinking we were on the right track since his liver function test is suddenly almost normal as well. This gives me more hope that it will continue to go down and we might truly have a normal summer!! Praise God – Thank you for sharing!

      • MarionD

        Do not stop the oil. He really needs 3 full 60-gram courses. Continuously.
        Break from chemo yes. Break from cannabis NO

        GOOD LUCK

  • starlagade

    I’m using RSO that we make ourselves. We live in Oregon so blessed to be able to grow our own legally. I have Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma, diagnosed 2/17 Stage 4. It’s a blood cancer that effects your lymphatic system, which of course is BIG part of our immune system. NHFL isn’t curable and often comes back after you’ve done the recommended 6 months chemo and two years of maintenance chemo of recommended treatment. Lots of folks have repeated chemo that becomes stronger each and every time, including bone marrow stem cell transplants. AND STILL not cured. So I figured working on strengthening my immune system and fighting the inflammation of the cancer with RSO and a whole host of natural healings such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (where cannabis has been used for ever), acupuncture, essential oils, herbs, and of course a big change in lifestyle, diet and stress. A year ago my oncologist told me I had 18 months if I didn’t do chemo… yes I still have lymphoma, and swollen glands, but I feel better than I have in several years and my blood test showed GREAT improvement this week. I’ll keep doing this and constantly working at honing in on better tools towards healing. BTW We use an organic everclear alcohol rather than the other solvents mentioned.

  • Jennifer Mckinley

    My 15 yo son is having a brain biopsy Wednesday. They found two very small lesions on his brain MRI on February 8th. He was in remission for 17 months from CNS Germinoma and left wuth Adrenal Insufficiency, Diabetes ibsipidus along with growth disturbances. we were just about to start growth hormone therapy as he is just 5foot 2 when he began to have severe vertigo. November scan was clear so we thought it was an inner ear problem. nope. it’s probably back. during Take I, I asked for Marinol the synthetic marijuana and it put him from just 47 lbs…yes starvation mode because he couldn’t eat without throwing up and 3 months later he was 120 lbs and cancer free. THIS time, I want the REAL oils that could possibly help cure him. I live in Indiana…its on the desk they say, they may have talks to legalize for medical only they say. We don’t have the TIME for that. I will do whatever it takes to help my son gave the best possibility of survival as a recurrent germ cell brain tumor is an angry cancer. first photo was 17 minths ago…next is my son and daughter just a few days ago. i cannot bear to see him the other way again…or lose him.

    • Franklin

      My heart goes out to you for sharing. The obvious answer is to get your family to a state that has modern medicine. St. Francis hospital in Indianapolis is who I would talk to in person if possible to the Chaplain.

      Aside from the details I’ve read here, your son has not yet been properly diagnosed. If medical marijuana helped him get out of critical care before, then there is no moral excuse for anyone preventing a mother from getting that plant oil.

      Your son isn’t undersized at that age for his height. The weight fluctuation is alarming. Growth hormone therapy could be a disaster with the rest of these symptoms. I would say “No way” to that. Severe vertigo, if that is properly diagnosed, is caused by inflammation of the optic nerve. Optic neuritis is a diagnosis that could lead to other conclusions and away from some dangerous treatment.

      A change in diet could eliminate some possibilities and reduce inflammation which is what is happening with the cannabinoids in medical cannabis and if it helped him before that is the action.

      Remove dairy products from your house. Cut out most meat. 5 pounds of vegetables and fruits, for every pound of lean meat. Cut out all pork and processed food. Let him lead the way on what he likes to eat. He is more likely to eat foods that are easier to digest. He is very likely having digestive problems related to other symptoms. It might not be that he doesn’t get hungry as much is digesting some food can cause discomfort or even pain.

      I would recommend a diet based on The China Study because it’s the biggest pool or real data we have on disease.

      In the meantimes, Indiana is not gong to offer anything directly for some time. First they will pass a limited CBD only bill, and that won’t be available for probably 2 years when they haven’t have got a bill passed. Neighboring Illinois does have quality medical cannabis products. If you could find a way to migrate one state over most of your problems are solved when it comes to medical marijuana. The reality is that you need to move if you think that is going to save your boy’s life.

      You also do have representation in Congress. Your local representative needs to hear from you. If you can meet the person, then all the better. Share your story and the urgency. He or she can, whether they know it or not, introduce a private bill that would allow just you to have medical marijuana provided by the Federal government to your home for free. Whether that representative in congress agrees with the science on marijuana or not, they are still bound under the constitution of Federal and State law to represent their constituents.

      In reality that takes an incredible amount of energy. I would instead contact them and ask for their direct help. Save your energy for your kids and yourself. What does you doctor recommend? They are just hands in the air clueless? Is this some sort of Obamacare doctor? Believe me, I am more upset than anyone with the quality of overall medical care in America right now, and how it varies greatly from one place to the next. Some of the doctors are not qualified to work in a pet store. When you find a doctor you can trust, hold on to them like family. If you can’t trust a doctor then they are of no use to you.

      Move to a legal state where you have family or friends established. Illinois would be closest. Michigan has a good program. All the West Coast programs are the best. Maine has a very good program and Massachusetts is coming along. They have the oil you need. New Jersey does as well and they are expanding. Florida voted in medical but reports say its the worst in the nation so far and Minnesota and New York was already very bad. They don’t know what they are doing and at the same time aren’t listening. It’s politics in those states. I’m sorry but Indiana is just years away with the politics. I would call St. Francis though. I can’t give you names but I can say there are genuine Christians and qualified doctors at that hospital.

      • Jennifer Mckinley

        THANK you so much for the information!! it is confirmed as of yesterday NO CANCER CELLS IN his spinal fluid. we are one step closer to our hope. It will be easier to fight and kill if the brain shows positive for cancer due to know metastisis.
        We are very happy with our treatment at Riley in Indianapolis…it is the ENT doc he saw that simply stated vertigo was caused by chemo and/or radiation after 2 15 min visits. no testing done..just close your eyes touch your nose etc…
        After the biopsy 2 days ago, no vertigo as of yet strangely enough. This is also great as is his mood. if he does have cancer in his brain and I’m not given the ok for the treatment I will in fact go anywhere I need to to supplant treatment. I’m familiar with St. Francis and I’ve written down the information you have provided. again, thank you for that!!! I will update when results come back possibly today, probably Monday.

  • Katie

    I was hit by a drunk driver in 1996. After four back surgeries, still not ‘fixed’. I deal with a level of pain, which many people’s debilitating, it’s embarrassing, it’s frustrating that I can’t be an active mom for my kids, can’t work and there are days that I can’t function or get out of bed at all. I’d been taking opioids for over 20 years when I discoceres the benefits of RSO and medical marjuanna. Unfortunately, the cost of buying my medication from a dispensary or growing it, has become beyond what I can afford ( about $700 a month ). I’m so thankful I got off the opioids! I don’t want to have to take them, I just wish that it was more affordable! Or better yet, insurance coverage for a natural medicine that works would be amazing! Insurance companies don’t even blink at cover opioids.

  • Lati

    Hy.. I will be very grateful for help.
    I did 2 chemo, I can’t continue .. I already felt better but I am also taking from the some time, daily CBD (500mg/25mgTCH).. so I get better but now.. (I don’t want to be negative).
    Truly the CBD save me a lot of pain that I had before.
    What do you offer ? I live in Los Angeles and I can get marijuana from the store. RSO (I need to make it by myself ? Can I purchase it ready ?)
    I eat candy that have more THC truly was something scary for me (after my Doctor with 1/2 smile, told me I was in high) I don’t looking for high, I am even not smoke. I just want to get better and back to my perfect health again.

  • David West Sr.

    You can get the recipe from “cannabis alchemy“ published in 1972. Gives many alchemy recipes. That’s where I got the recipe in about 2000. Most likely the same place Rick Simpson read the recipe that he claims he re-discovered with no chemical background.

  • Dana Wirth

    Everything I see is about cancer and I have already beat breast cancer twice. I now use cannabis vape oil for Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome and it has allowed me to cut my opiate use;hopefully to zero someday. My grandmother had leukemia in the mid-seventies and when I took her to UC Davis they offered a Marijuana derivative as part of her treatment. Thanks to the government and it’s relationship with big pharma and religious right political positioning put an end to research. Now the greedy bastards can’t wait to regulate their way into a grab for the lucrative cannabis business. But back to my question; Rick Simpson started with Tinnitus and attempting to treat that. I have terrible tinnitus, vertigo and nausea. I am currently vaping a pure concentrate Blueberry indica cannabis oil not looking for a “cure” but just help with vertigo and nausea. It is my understanding that nothing can be done about the initial noise in my ears/head. Does anybody know anything relating to treatment for tinnitus?

  • Kathleen Peres

    I have seen with my own eyes it cures cancer

  • Kathleen Peres

    My friends daughter had breast cancer at 29 they removed. Both breasts and gave her new ones she got cancer again stage 4 this time and said no more chemo i will die so i told my friend about the hemp and gave her specific instructions to follow what i said to a t. And 3 months later she is cancer free to this day and this was over a year ago

  • Ann Marie Ralston

    Someone let me try this I was having 6-10 seizures a week from a car accident I took 1 rice grain size 3 days ago & haven’t had a seizure since. This has to be better for me than the 27 prescription pills I take daily! #legalize

  • George Love

    Would this help my dad he has dewy body dementia

  • ibantam

    I’m not judging cancer victims for trying RSO, but just don’t forget about the power of BHS (By HIS Stripes). There is POWER in the blood of Jesus, “and by his stripes (wounds) we are healed.” Have the elders of the Church anoint you with oil according to the Word of God, and take hold of Jesus by faith.

  • StayC

    So how do you go about obtaining a pound of indica material without getting caught? Is it seeds, stems, leaves?

  • Olelo Mai

    I don’t knock anyone with cancer looking for a way to get rid of it! What I don’t understand, if you can’t get high from it and it’s no longer in a form that you can smoke, why is it illegal in some states? Also, if you take this, does it show up on drug tests as you taking a drug?

  • pgent_adelphia1

    I tried CBD Oil with THC for the first time and this is what happened: took a rice grain size at 9 pm and slept for 4 hours, woke up and was so high – then at 6 am I couldn’t move or talk. I thought I was having a stroke. It took me 2 hours to be able to make some noise for my son to hear me. He called 911 and they knew immediately that I did not have a stroke. They said it was from the CBD oil with THC. Have any of you ever heard of this type of reaction? The only reason I was trying it was because I have severe anxiety and insomnia. I am 71 years old weigh 125 pounds and still work. I just wanted to sleep. Please point me in the right direction to find out what happened to me. Thank you.

    • yiehom

      The dose you took was way too high for you, imho. start the lowest possible and get accustomed to the thing.

  • Donna Moorhouse

    It breaks my heart that people are STILL dying from cancer, etc, when cannabis can heal so many! Here we are in the 21st Century, and Reefer Madness is still rearing it’s ugly head! Archaic propaganda is KILLING US! I lost my 78 year old Mom back in March to Alzheimer’s because NY’s Compassion-less Care Act refused to include Alzheimer’s. I saw her wither to a mere shell of herself over the last 6 months of her life. She lost her memories, her dignity, and her recognition of family and friends. The last time I saw her smile was on Memorial Day, 2017, when I took her dog to visit her. The pharmaceutical medications only worked for about 18 months, but left her with horrible side effects such as gagging, explosive diarrhea, and weight loss. She dissolved from180 pounds to 110. When I became too ill to care for her after having a stroke, she was sent to a nursing home where she was warehoused at the cost of $15,000 dollars a month!! We need to LEGALIZE NOW!!

  • Madge Skornovaco

    I grew and dried/cured about 4 plants worth of buds from Blueberry and Big Bud. Are these appropriate varieties to use for RSO? What are the very best varieties to use? I’m going to be growing my legal quota of cannabis again next spring. Thanks.

  • FireFly13

    I am sharing a current experience . I recently had brain surgery for Moderate size Cyst. I started RSO Not for cancer, but for pain control. It was a full spectrum CBD:THC made with high potency bud. Six days after brain surgery I stopped the opiates for pain and started tincture of 300 ml CBD:THC Sleeptime oil at bedtime, with 1/2 gram of Custom RSO every 8 hours for pain along with ice paks as needed. Shared my experiment w/ neurosurgeon. First visit with Dr. healing well after 2 weeks…

  • Karen Coleman

    Okay RSO is not good for you please go to Treating COPD with Cannabis it also works for cancer it is cooked down with Everclear not solvents I use it for COPD and in 3 yrs went from 47% lungs to 45% which is really good I’m staying in stage 3. Jeff Waters is who helped me

  • Karen Coleman

    you can get even illegal states

  • godzgyft2gurlz

    Inc omplete article, rick simpson oil require all parts of the plant for it to work in healing disease. Most of the healing comes from the chlorophyll, thc and cbds are the helpers that treat the symptoms, chlorophyll does the dna repair. Thc and cbd are acidic and chlorophyll is alkaline, healing happens in alkaline stat e. Using thc or cbd alone on treats symptoms.

  • 34150497

    Well here’s the rub. In my state we do have Medical Marijuana in place and getting a recommendation and signature from a requisite Dr. is not hard. What is hard is the price. RSO is between $60 at the low end and $100 at the other. You do the math. Not cheap and when your health insurance company will pay for all the federally legal drugs you can consume, RSO is, for now, not covered. Can you guess where the patient is going for for help?

  • jeff cobb

    Greetings. I have neither cancer nor tried rso yet but wanted to share this. I have Lewy Body Dementia (see Robin Williams) and wanted folks to know that if you have anything like this (Parkinson’s, alzheimer’s et al), you need to try a specific high end formula I and others have found d to be magic for dementia related symptoms. Specifically its gots to be an 18:1 cbd:thc ratio. They cbd has to be between 60 and 70% +/- 5 %, the thc must be 2-4%, +/- 1 %. Step outside this profile and efficacy falls to zero almost immediately. One 50mg dab is enough to clear fog in 2 minutes or less. For me and a few fellow travellers on the USS dementia it’s been like magic. My neuro is very interested in this. Oddly, friends with PTSD and add have reported great success getting off meds, but all I can swear to is the dementia. It’s a help and not a cure so wanted to get this out before my aphasia removed communications entirely.

  • kristen

    I have Adult Onset Stills Disease, IveI been on chemo, disease modifying anti rheumatics, biological medications and nothing works. My state legalized for medical use and I’ve been using medical cannabis, it’s a world of difference, I’m now healthier than I’ve been in 10 years since my diagnosis.. big pharma, they don’t support it because they can’t corner a market on it, if it didn’t actually work, big pharm would have never agreed to produce Marinol.

  • It says above, “Note: Do not try to dab RSO, as it is made with high-proof solvent and could be adverse to one’s health. ” What does dab mean?

  • ruth

    I am Nathalie Anette, I was diagnosed with lung cancer 7 months ago, I was worried about finding a cure. I contacted Rick Simpsons email at I bought 60 grams of cannabis oil, 3 days later the oil was delivered to my address. I took it at the dose prescribed by Rick Simpson. in no more than 7days, I noticed some changes and contacted him again. He advised me to continue for 7 weeks when he prescribed, I did it,about 7 weeks Later, I contacted my doctor for a Scan, I was surprised, my Doctor. say that I’m free of cancer now. I thank God and Rick Simpson for curing my lung cancer with medicinal cannabis oil.

    Nathalie Anette

  • Stacy Kent

    RSO and weed has given me quality of life! Off my cane, lost weight. Keeping all my chronic pains controlled and got off a bunch of medications. Even when I get a fracture, which I average a few a year with osteoperosis.

  • AngNdereK Peters

    i am so glad that the ignorant and the “miserable with life” people put themselves out there so others know exactly where they’re at
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  • Ranger Roc

    please tell me how i want to lose 50 pounds in 3 months

  • Laura Love Heckman

    I use RSO from my local dispensary. I became a patient about 18 months ago. I don’t use nearly as much as suggested above (financial ruin) but I use it (depending on day) between 1-3 doses daily. I also vape. I have Crohns and chronic migraine. I have had these issues for decades. I have tried most traditional meds for migraines with little success. Using RSO and marijuana have changed my life.
    We are not druggies. We are regular people trying to get back some type of normalcy in our lives.
    The most important reason that I respect/enjoy cannabis is that I battle no side effect from using it. NONE

  • Novachaser

    Please do not use isopropyl alcohol or any denatured alcohol when making your Rick Simpson Oil. They are not safe to eat.

    Buy everclear aka ethyl alchohol instead. It is more expensive but important in the long run. Of course, if the price difference is going to keep you from beating cancer, definitely use isopropyl alcohol but the extra $100 every three months probably isn’t going to break the bank and it may keep you sane and seeing.

  • Vivian Alfonso

    Big Pharma SUCKS All they want is money money and more money. GREED IS A BETTER WORD. If they were to stop selling chemotherapy they would be broke as ever!!! The cure for cancer is available but not to the world THAT IS BIG PHARMA FIGHTING NOT TO GIVE IT OUT!!! THEY don’t give a rats ass if I drop dead right now just another cancer causualty oh well. I am finding my own solutions with RSO praying that it will allow me to get off the chemotherapy.

  • MsNooneinparticular

    Is RSO a full-spectrum extract…as in, does it contain all or most of the whole plant’s cannabinoids? Or is it more like distillate where it’s mostly just THC with a dash of CBD & maybe 1-2 terps?

  • lorreann

    How concerned should I be about ingesting the solvents? It’s hard for me to believe it could all evaporate if it was the base of the oil. I am very chemically sensitive, especially about solvents and petroleum based products, and worry about ingesting this. Does anyone have any insight on this?

  • Al Vaillancourt

    Might want to remove the (can also use butane line), potentially putting a lot of people at risk. Some might read this as filling a vessel with 2 gallons of liquified butane then igniting a rice cooker….its already dangerous enough with alcohol or ethanol.

  • Cindy Hayes-Binette Curtis

    What other ailments, does this help fight /cure ?

  • Krissy

    I’ve had breast cancer twice. The first time I didn’t know about RSO. The second time a friend provided me with the 90 Day Regimen. I also used CannaSalve. My tumor was shrinking before I even started medical treatment. Chemo was meant to shrink the tumor down to an operable size. But by the time chemo was done, my tumor was “clinically gone”. Which means prior to biopsy, even on CAT Scans – the tumor could no longer be found. After mastectomy and final biopsy, they found a very small 5 mm section of remaining tumor. I’m glad I live in a legal state, and that the majority of doctors here are on board with medical marijuana.