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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Cannabis Plant Anatomy?

July 31, 2015

Most of us are familiar with the appearance of the cannabis flower, leaves, and plant as a whole, but how well do you really know it? Last year we taught you the basics of cannabis anatomy, now it's time to put what you learned to the test. Take our latest quiz to find out just how well you know the cannabis plant!

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  • mel frank

    Amazing how terrible Leafy is at its own quiz. It does not know that what they call calyxes are actually bracts. No one at Leafy has ever seen a calyx or a pistil since you must remove the bracts to see the entire organ that is the pistil, consisting of two stigmas and ovule. What leafy calls a pistil is actually a stigma. I could go on with more, but apparently this is a waste of time because Leafy does not read these comments and has failed to educate itself. The shame is that they continue to misinform newcomers with their terrible lack of professionalism and absence of responsibility to put out correct information.
    If any reader wishes to learn correct terminology, look at Cannabis Business Times online when the August issue comes out in a couple of weeks. I have an article with 11 photos that explains correct terminology. Mel Frank