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Sara is a photographer and photo editor.
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Sisters of the Valley: Elegant Photos of the ‘Nuns’ That Grow High-CBD Cannabis

Gorgeous photo series highlighting the "Sisters of the Valley," a group of self-described "nuns" in California on a mission to produce high-CBD products for ailing patients.

A Cannabis Advocate’s Case for Bernie Sanders

If the evidence stacks Bernie up as the only pro-cannabis candidate—and it does—why hasn’t the industry done more to support him?

Cannapics: 7 Stunning Images of Cannabis Joints

We scoured the web for the most visually stunning photos of cannabis joints so you don't have to.

Cannapics: Our Favorite Cannabis Photos on Leafly: February 2016 Edition

A roundup of the most jaw-dropping, trichome-rich cannabis photography uploaded by Leafly members.

Name That Strain Quiz: Emoji Edition

Your strain game may the best in the land, but do you emoji? Put your strain and emoji know-how to the test with our latest quiz!

Quiz: Which Hybrid Cannabis Strain Are You?

Not sure which hybrid cannabis strain suits your personality best? This quiz takes out the guesswork. Find out which hybrid strain best represents you!

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: 6 Cannabis Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

Make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers this holiday season with these six heavenly cannabis-infused recipes.

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Tincture-Infused Homemade Apple Cider

Spice up your Thanksgiving leftovers with this cannabis-infused apple cider mocktail recipe.

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Goodship Company’s Snickerdoodle Apple Crisp

This decadent cannabis-infused snickerdoodle apple crisp recipe is the perfect post-Thanksgiving treat.

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Cobb Salad With Canna-Oil Vinaigrette

Transform your leftover Thanksgiving leafy greens into a delectable cobb salad with cannabis-infused vinaigrette.

Cannabutter-Fried Stuffing Hash With Fried Eggs, Drizzled With Maple Syrup

Turn your leftover Thanksgiving stuffing into a cannabis-infused breakfast hash by following this simple recipe!

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey French Dip Sandwich With Cannabutter-Loaded Gravy

Transform your leftover Thanksgiving turkey into a mouth-watering French dip sandwich with cannabis-infused gravy.

Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Mashed Potato Croquettes Fried in Cannabutter

Transform your leftover holiday mashed potatoes into scrumptious cannabis-infused croquettes with this easy recipe.

Quiz: Which Sativa Cannabis Strain Are You?

Not sure which sativa strain suits your personality best? This quiz takes out the guesswork. Find out which sativa cannabis strain best represents you!

Show Off Your Favorite Strain With These 8 Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a dream costume that shows off your strain love this Halloween? We pulled together eight costume ideas inspired by some of our most popular cannabis strains.

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