Greentank’s vape hardware positions brands for the evolution of cannabis

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As one of the easiest, most convenient ways to consume, vapes hold a significant share of the cannabis market. It’s not hard to see why people love them. You can change out your favorite cartridges as often as you want, and there’s something about having a vape pen in your pocket, confident that you will always be prepared for your adventures.

With vape technology, there’s little room for doubt or error when it comes to building brand trust and a reputation for dependability. People who vape do so because they love the reliable format. A shoddy battery or poor performing heating element makes the difference between a vape pen that gets left in a drawer and a vape pen that goes everywhere the consumer goes.

Greentank vape cartridges on blue background

Greentank’s expert engineers are constantly innovating hardware solutions to enhance performance and user experience.

Cannabis should be grown and extracted by companies that are experts on plant matter. The battery-powered device heating the extracted oil should be created by a company dedicated to the optimal delivery of the extracts’ flavor and quality. One such specialty manufacturer is Greentank.

A partner that pushes brands forward

Greentank vapes on white background

All Greentank hardware combines modern design with revolutionary performance to deliver full-bodied vapor and maximum flavor output.

The vape industry has seen its highs and lows, but there’s no denying that it’s here to stay. There’s always been a race to provide vaping consumers with what they want, but now it’s about looking into the future and meeting consumers not just where they are, but where they want to be.

While some brands are eager to achieve this as fast as they can, Greentank works with its partners to achieve it as well as they can, including ideas and concepts specific to moving cannabis brands forward.

Brands like LucidMood work with Greentank not just for their wide range of sleek aesthetics, but also for their commitment to safety within their innovation and design. In addition to using premium alloys and metals, food-grade ceramics, and organic absorption materials, all products are inspected based on a 3-tiered quality assurance policy before they leave the facility—because they simply refuse to compromise on safety.

Greentank is helping to build a new landscape where vape safety is embedded in the fabric of their partner’s products, providing brand loyal customers with peace of mind and the ability to believe in what they breathe.

What it means to be Greentank Made

Pete Duckett inspecting a vape pen with Greentank logo in background

Greentank’s Chief Engineer, Pete Duckett, who was pivotal in developing some of Dyson’s marquee products over the past 16 years.

Greentank recently launched an in-house Device Lab at their Toronto facility, which gives them the ability to provide original design manufacturing (ODM) services on-site in a controlled, workshop environment. State of the art tooling and testing equipment allows for rapid prototyping opportunities and speed to market for their customers.

To achieve their goal of pushing boundaries, they knew they’d have to bring in experienced engineers and material scientists to lead the way, including Chief Engineer Pete Duckett, who was pivotal in developing several of Dyson’s marquee products over the past 16 years.

“At Greentank, we study the way people consume cannabis and observe the true problems that people face when vaping. It is essential for us to first understand these problems in order to find innovative solutions that enhance the performance and user experience of the hardware. Then we can create closer connections between the consumer and the plant,” says Duckett. “Finding the right combination of flow, temperature, and time in a consistent and complementary manner is the key to delivering a great experience. And as always, the user’s health is, and always will be, central to the design of our hardware.”

Turns out, being Greentank Made means that each vape they produce is carefully-crafted and cutting edge, just like the company itself.

Bringing vape brands to life

Colorful vape cartridges on blue background

With the most in-depth customization options in the industry, Greentank will turn your brand blueprint into reality.

The new reality for vaporizing is this: brands have one, maybe two, shots at staying top of mind with (and in the pockets of) consumers. Fancy features and light-up buttons aside, the device they use to vape has their time, their trust, and their user confidence.

Cannabis brands don’t have much time to waste on figuring out what their consumers want because the evolution of cannabis is already here. Greentank’s dedication to total customization is their invitation for new partners to think outside the box and wow their customers with a vape experience they love and remember—bringing brands to life with vision, safety, and design.

Presented ByGreentank
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