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Here’s what a gram of cannabis costs in cities around the world

January 30, 2018
One gram of cannabis: $32.66 in Tokyo, $1.34 in Quito. Pictured: Candyland grown by Sweet Water Farms (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)
The world’s most expensive gram of cannabis can be yours for $32.66 on the illicit market in Tokyo.

Want something legal and cheaper? Head to Quito, Ecuador, where the same weight of plant matter can be had for $1.34—and you can possess up to 10 grams without running afoul of the law.

Those are the highs and lows according to a 2018 cannabis price index released Wednesday morning by Seedo, the German company that manufactures small-scale hydroponic grow devices.

Seedo’s team of data experts selected 120 cities around the world—in countries where the plant ranges from highly illegal to adult-use legal—and surveyed street prices, store prices (where legal), and annual consumption totals.

One lesson seems fairly obvious from the data: Regulated legalization generally drives prices down for the consumer, but not always and everywhere. The least expensive cities tend to be in partially legal nations (Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay), and the most expensive cities are all illegal—except Oslo, although they (or rather, Norway) just decriminalized last month.

Top 10 most/least expensive global cities

Illustration: Elysse Feigenblatt / Leafly. Data source: Seedo 2018 Cannabis Price Index

Highest/lowest prices in the US

Sorry, Washington, DC. You voted for adult-use legality years ago, but Congress won’t let you implement any regulatory process that would allow legal farming and sales. You can possess cannabis legally, but it’s really hard to obtain it. And it’s expensive: $18 a gram!

Meanwhile, the power of a legal regulated market has proven to be a boon to consumers in Denver and Seattle, where a gram goes for less than $8. (Although we know some stores that sell it for $6.)

Illustration: Elysse Feigenblatt / Leafly. Data source: Seedo 2018 Cannabis Price Index

Real talk: Who smokes the most?

No contest. New York City, you are the king. Seedo’s data team estimated the Big Apple’s consumption rate at 77.44 metric tons per year, nearly twice the intake of the second city, Karachi.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, where cannabis is extremely illegal, the entire city consumes only about 44 pounds of the stuff per year. And, frankly, we’re a bit surprised to find only 0.44 metric tons of consumption in Reykjavik, a very hip and happening town. Then again, the city only has 123,000 people. Still, New York’s per-capita consumption works out to about one-third of an ounce per person. The residents of Iceland’s capital consume a little less than half that.

Illustration: Elysse Feigenblatt / Leafly. Data source: Seedo 2018 Cannabis Price Index

Further findings

Seedo’s engineers have developed personal indoor growing machines that allow home gardeners to grow cannabis at home, “avoiding pesticides and taking ownership of their personal supply,” says Uri Zeevi, Seedo’s chief marketing officer. “We believe that by understanding the cost of weed around the world, we can help to educate smokers about the potential financial benefits of hydroponic growing technology.”

Zeevi noted that “illegal cannabis use is so high in countries that still carry the death penalty, such as Pakistan and Egypt. Those in power ought to see how desperately new legislation is needed. By removing the criminal element from marijuana, governments will then be able to more safely regulate production, take away power from underground gangs, and generate huge tax revenues.”

More findings from the survey:

  • Boston has the most expensive cannabis of all the cities where it’s legal, at $11.01 per gram, while Montevideo, Uruguay, has the least expensive, at $4.15. (Although possession is legal in Boston, it’s not yet legal to grow or sell for the adult-use market.)
  • While Tokyo, Japan has the most expensive cannabis of all cities where it’s illegal, at $32.66 USD per gram, Jakarta, Indonesia, has the least expensive, at $3.79, despite being classed as a Group 1 drug with harsh sentences such as life imprisonment and the death penalty.
  • Based on the average US cannabis tax rates currently implemented, New York City could generate the highest potential tax revenue by legalizing the adult use of cannabis, with $156.4 million per year. Singapore would gain the least, at $40,000.

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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • Legalize420

    I am not sure how they determine how much it goes for, and where, but I am from MA, and medical shops are $15/g whereas on the street I still hear of people getting $20/G.

    Maybe it’s my area but I have never seen a gram for $11 yet. Maybe shops before tax costs? If so, still doesn’t represent what we pay. Just something I noticed. I was shocked to see $11 next to Boston as I’d pay that in a second being a MAMMP.

    • Julia

      hmu lol

      • Legalize420

        Haha you know it! 😉👍.

    • PJ Draudins

      I Live in Brockton MA and I get amazing organic grown indoors for about $10-$12 a gram, $40 for 3.5, most dispensary grams are $15 to $20 with some charging up to $60 for 3.5 when I get same quality, I also know quite a few growers so that might tend to help. I’m VERY VERY picky with my flower, I’ve turned down more then I’ve bought over the years I’m that picky, but someone could easily get $20 a gram for the quality I get. #houseofterps508

      • Legalize420

        That’s awesome. I’m right next to Salem. Street people still want basically dispensery prices which is crazy IMO. I need to find quality but for now best I got is Healthy Pharms in Georgetown. They don’t sell grams but an O is $325. Cheaper than ATG Salem.

        I love good homegorw. I like to grow my own but I can’t where I’m staying now. Only have a tent big enough for basically one at a time or a cramped 3-4. I love growing as the plant itself is very interesting/exciting to see grow. That’s awesome you know someone who grows quality. I am picky myself, but mostly with my strains. I won’t take stuff called “fire” or “dank” anymore and if it’s not a strain with genetics I like I tend to try to avoid it. I just can’t be very picky due to my situation. I hate it when people leave sugar leaves on the nug.

        Haha ah well. I’m happy as I was finally able to try some Lavender and Vanilla Kush and some decent Lemon Skunk from Georgetown. Very terpy. 🔥👌👍✌🍁

  • John Griswold

    It’s legal to possess in Boston, and it’s legal to grow (but as Bruce says, not for sale), as of December 14, 2016, IIRC. Our illustrious Legislature bobbled things, and delayed retail marijuana until July 2018, rather than the July 2017 starting date that was voted in.

  • Ian j

    South Africa? The sort of Weed that you guys smoke in the USA, its about $12 per gram.

  • wes yampakid

    just got oz in denver 45.00 ha,ha, is it 420 yet

    • Penny Bradley Racine


      • J Schnetzer

        Penny in the ghettos there is low grade for .75 a gram. Some people I know pay nothing whatsoever (Patients), He didn’t say I got me some 27% THC for less than $50. Soon I feel the market will drop out to about $100 per Ounce in California. As there are still hippies up north moving lbs for $500 in December. me;30yrs experience in 3 countries and several states. Oh high grade can be found for as low as $2.00 in so cal.

        • Eric Kent

          All true I usually dont pay more than 4 dollars for a gram of high quality ounces around 140 or so.

        • Don S

          if yer buying LBS,maybe…

    • PhatB01

      I usually buy half or quarter ounces each time every week.

  • foxman76

    I live in The Great Weed State of Oregon. I have NEVER paid over $5/gram…in fact I know of numerous places where you can get a gram for $2-$3!….In fact I tell people all the time that if you pay more than $5 for a gram($15 for an 1/8)then you are wasting your money.

    • Lynda Domina

      progressive collective has Friday specials… it depends on the week if it is $1 or $2 per gr. there is a limit of 2 or 3 gr. (seems to vary)

    • Don Podlas

      I hear you foxman76. I also live in Oregon and we have 3 and 4 dollar grams all over the place. Prices are pretty low all over right now mainly because of the large over-grow last year. All of the dispensary owners I’ve talked to are very confident that prices will continue to fall until the market settles down. I’ve been using cannabis for over 50 years and Oregon is a great place to be for nature lovers as well as cannabis fans! Peace…

    • mtnmedic

      Ditto here in Central Oregon. One can easily get grams of decent cheap weed for around $5-$6 w/or without sales tax, depending on the value of the day’s specials. Typically in the $8-$10 range for most strains. The really good stuff for around $12-$15/gram. Still, a tad steep (especially when you add the taxes) but certainly affordable. Once the market settles a bit I expect the prices to drop a little and level out.

    • Auryan

      For some reason Oregon seems to be outside the radar of CO, WA and CA. Hmmmm…..nice!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in central Oregon. But me thinks we are in our own category of Awesome.

    • carl

      “Great Weed State of Oregon”
      I’ve traveled the US extensively, and recently weed tourism is a big plus to that.
      Oregon certainly has cheap weed. Cheap cost and cheap quality.
      Hands down, Colorado blows the rest of the US away. The top shelf may also be more expensive than most places, but as far as consistency from dispensary to dispensary, Colorado’s dispensaries KILL IT. They have amazing weed. And you can also find a $99 oz here and there.
      Oregons weed quality hasn’t gotten into the same league as CO. The difference is like high school football vs NFL, sorry but you guys can’t even get in the league. Maybe you’ll get there. Ya’ll are a little different though…

      • foxman76

        Some people just cannot handle the truth, as it is apparent that you cannot accept the fact Oregon is a better Weed State than Colorado…
        Where is your excess weed Colorado??? Oh that’s right, that’s Oregon… In fact we have so much excess, we will be selling it to Colorado… it is just another one of the States that just cannot seem to produce enough….
        So you can sing the praises of Colorado all you want….
        For EVERYONE can see the Truth…even if you are to blind to see the FACTS…

        P.S.- I must thank you for the great belly laugh you gave me…. $99oz…
        Colorado must be worse off weed wise than I know….
        I buy high quality ounces every week…. and I NEVER spend more than $40 (usually under $30)…
        So please tell us again how wonderful Colorado is….
        The land where you can expect to pay 2-3 times more for your weed…

  • In Italy in the street for 1 gr. you must pay 10/14 euros. Illegal to grow

  • grewsy

    How they’ve sourced the data isn’t clear… this all seems like BS but a great marketing exercise for Seedo

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      So cynical….

  • Talira K.

    Really? Here in rural NV we pay at LEAST $17-$20 a gram!! $65 for an eighth and $440 an ozer!! From the comments, it seems that the statistics might need to be clarified as to its parameters such as B4 or after taxes, etc. Great article and comments from real life tokers!

    • Lynda Domina

      *blinks* we pay a wide variety of prices here in Oregon… but I know in my area I can easily get it for under $100 an OZ

    • Peggy Howell

      Then you need to drive into Vegas because those prices are over the top!

      • Talira K.

        Good to know and where to go? Our 1 dispensary here has a monopoly to serve the whole of Nye Co.! No competition, No deals.

  • Jason Cravens

    Here in the cornbelt, Illinois to be specific, it’s come down. but it’s not Oregon! wow. $5 a g. !!!! 🙂 Street price is still $15 g. but i can get my oz for 200, and that comes out to a decent price per/g.

    • Eric Kent

      Wow I got angry the other day when the budtender at this dispensary I go to would not come down to 130 for an ounce of top shelf.I am getting half OZ for between 60 and 80 but I have a great place that grows on site and it is primo fresh buds.

  • Jay

    Here in the UK dealers give you 1.6g to 1.8g for £20 unless you know a grower..and if you buy an ounce it ranges from £180 to £250..depending on how good the weed is…so really not sure who they asked to come up with those figures…

  • Sativa53

    Remind me not to retire in southeast Asia unless I switch to alcohol

    • Alan479 Martin

      You could get the death penalty in Singapore and all of Indo

      • Sativa53

        fully with you Alan

  • Neomisanthrope

    Medical use in Canada requires you purchase only from licensed producers. Currently those LP’s are charging whatever they want for their product, but it seems higher THC is pricier. 7-15 per gram and between 12-25% THC. Now if you want black market (or grey) you need only go online and you will find the same LP strains for $750 a half pound. That is $3.30 a gram.

    Those who use recreational won’t be hugely affected by high cost, but if you use a couple grams a day with prescription (with no medical insurance willing to cover it) you’re looking at a financial burden akin to a car payment every month.

    • dixie

      where would one find the grey market ? Thanks in advance Dixie

      • Neomisanthrope

        Online. Just search buy cannabis in Canada online.

  • @x

    Is this a seedo ad?

  • Lynda Domina

    I live outside of Portland Oregon… just this last week I bought some of a local dispensaries “Friday Special” maximum 3 gram per person at $1.20 a gram (incl. Tax) ! can not complain at all! (medical card holders pay $1)

    • mtnmedic

      Where? I go to PDX from the east side of the mountains every now and then. Typically go to Nectar but wondering where this is that you mentioned.

      Oops…NM Found an earlier post from you: Gonna check them out. Hopefully, they’re got a store near my route to PDX.

      • Lynda Domina

        We go to nectar as well

        Progressive collective
        9810 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97216

  • Talira K.

    Does anyone think the prices will drop here in NV eventually?

    • Peggy Howell

      They didn’t even include us in the statistics!

  • Fun Please

    How about per person? NYC most pounds of brick seeds and stems weed.
    I’d bet money that Seattle or Portland Oregon smokes far more THC per person than a NYC fool.

  • J Schnetzer

    This is just an advertisement, sourced by SEEDO, the “data” was comprised by seedo. Maybe an employee of theirs asked around to get some information on current market quotations, however these are estimates, just as the estimated consumption values. I doubt a single broker in any legalised area was consulted on this matter. Here is some information on Southern California; Dispensaries were paying up to $3.75 on average in my region wholesale, the average retail rate is between 7 and 15 per gram depending on quality. This article mentions not of the quality or potency of the “compiled data”. Leafly C’mon we are not dumb stoners this is click bait and attempts to gain attention on a hydro system for dummies, that has not yet been finished and is set to retail at over 1000.00 per unit. Yay a $1000.00 salt ball machine!

  • egregore23

    I just looked at the receipt for my last 1/8 purchases in NJ. At one of the dispensaries I paid 62.50 an 1/8, not counting the sales tax (of approx 6.85% now I think). So legal medical “top shelf” for NJ is $17.85 a gram… plus sales tax. 🙁 The lowest non-shake I have been able to purchase is $40 an 1/8. I really hope the new governor can help get prices down to a reasonable price.

  • metronome

    I grow my own. I grew one 7 foot Blue God plant two years ago, gave more than half of it away and still have two full mason jars with high quality one toke get you good and stoned pot.

  • SeattleJeff

    We’ve watched pricing in Seattle drop to where I can get a gram of flower and a gram of concentrate for 20-bucks.. 15-wax, 5-flower.

  • Brian Phillips

    Move to Michigan…

    • Christina Dawn

      I second this im a card holder and i dont pay more than 8 a gram

      • Zargabaath Ronsenburg

        buying ounce @120 per n 240 for 2 in Michigan #G3C

      • jimbro44

        Same in Phoenix here, or close anyway, I think it works out to about 7.50$ a gram after tax.. but I can also buy 88$ oz and 380$ and you get what you pay for to an extent. I get 200$ oz of 24%+ thc, which the places charging the most aren’t even testing. Actually I only know of 2 places that regularly so out of like a dozen.

        Gram.prices here (PER GRAM) are 6 to 15 dollars so I guess that’s where they got the average for phoenix anyway, that’s fairly close..

        • Joshua Jason Molloy

          Picked up a 1/4 of Blue Dream for $30 up here in Chino Valley Az. For about the past month and a half I’ve been able to get 1/8s for $15-$20 and since I smoke about an 1/8 a week I’m paying way less that I was b4 my card lol. A few of the strains I can remember are: Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Lemonage, Girl Scout cookies, & skittles.

          • Lee

            So If you have a Medical card in your state is it discounted? I was an idiot and did not read the Cali ballot measure close enough. I just assumed that people with a card would get a discount. I just bought two 1/8’s total spent was $70 and the tax was nearly $25. Those who are on a fixed income have to learn about micro dosing just to be able to afford something.


      We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .

  • Glen Folkard – GWS Survivor.

    Here in communist Austraya its top dollar for squashed biker weed. Pathetic.

  • Jay

    if most users grow their own it would force prices down…We need medical use over here minimum, so our government can see how much they can make out of it….maybe coming out of the EU will pay off for us and make my grow legal…. I need it medically so if i used dealers round here it would cost a fortune..

  • Greg Bezoff

    I grow outdoors in Canada, and my cost is about $0.50 per gram thanks to strains like Blueberry Headband.

    • PhatB01

      I love blueberry. My favorite. I’ve tried others but have not impressed me. Purple kush is pretty good too. I like sativa strains because it doesn’t make me feel too drowsy. Usually smoke while sippin some good coffee from starbucks.

    • Mary Patterson

      I’m in Canada too and want to try growing some for the first time this year. I want a strain that is very high in CBD and very low in THC. Can you recommend what kind of plant I should get?

      • Good vibes happy growing

        Mango haze cbd the best high cbd and low thc you can smoke.
        Best taste good quality buds awesome strain

  • John Manuel

    $10.00/G in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania!!!

  • John Manuel

    Some damn good shit too!!!

  • bruiser Dog

    It can cost up to £25 a gram in Aberdeen Scotland which is $35.66 dollars

    • Alan479 Martin

      Better start planting seeds now

  • Harold Leon

    the number isnt right! its $1.15 per gram im from ecuador!


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917

  • Bryant Jones

    Regardless where the data was sourced I’ve consumed cannabis from Florida to Alaska and am pretty familiar with pricing state to state. Clearly they’re promoting Seedo (not so low-key) but these numbers are relatively accurate domestically, within a few bucks per G, and it’d benefit novice growers to at least learn about DIY options. Can’t speak to the international market but I’d assume costs in Asian countries are highest given the penalty. DC’s pseudo legal market sucks but, between pop-up shops via initiative 71 and MD offering medical quality product its not hard to find high grade 1/8’s for $25-40 on the “illicit” market though its technically decriminalized. Confusing…I know.

  • Dan Torres

    I live in panama and the gram is not 3.85.. it goes from 5 to 10 for regular decent quality weed.

  • Rikimaru10

    I’m from Chile, i think we smoke a lot, like really a lot (10 – 20 gram in a month)
    1 Gram Is like 18USD on the “illegal”
    market ($10.000 in CLP but you can find in $8.000 CLP, or Colombian Cripy in $3.500 CLP)

    I think we must be in one ir two of this lists at least, but i dont see nothing about Chile…

    We still fight for a modification of the law 20.000 (anti-drugs law in Chile) and make consumption legal, we only have consumption for medicinal uses.

    • Philip Tomlinson

      We smoke that in a day bro, 2 grams a joint easy

    • Mona Jacobs

      ok well then I need professional help csuse I smoke 2-3 grams a day and I also grow my own. I start my plants in my windows in nov-dec and let them grow that way til May when the snow is gone and it’s about 18-20 degrees Celsius. I make my own butter,,,,marijuana olive oil and tinsur…. I’m to afraid to buy weed off the streets cause of all the fetnol and carfetnol…i grow LSD marijuana ,White rino and purple cush….but we must smoke alot here in ontario for girls compared to other places…lmao

      • Sy Katus

        Your consumption appears very normal to me. I have been smoking cannabis since 1963. I started smoking 2+ per week then maybe 4 or 5 grams a week but eventually I consumed about 2+ grams a day regularly for many years. I am down to 2 more or less now a days.

        • icjr52

          I find that less is more…its call Micro dosing which can help with energy as well as creativity… More just burns out your receptors…which is a waste of good weed… smoking a lot especially if its premium for me is a waste and really just a waste of good flow. thanks for sharing…

      • DoomedNY

        What’s fetnol and carfetnol?

  • Drewskee122

    In FL, its $20 per gram

  • DemonicSymphony

    I know they certainly couldn’t do a tremendous amount of cities, but I live in Delaware where our only option is still charging medical patients 16-18 dollars a gram. We’re still only medical legal only.


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .

    • DoomedNY

      I don’t think it’s possible for you to spam any harder.

  • Cory Elia

    Why is Portland Oregon not mentioned


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917

    • Michael Madarasz

      Do you get a cut? 215 ads for your supplier?

  • Insomnus

    There was a cannabis expo in England where growers could sell their wares. It was illegal, and they used passwords to enter. The top price was £50 per gram. It usually sells for around £10 per gram on the street.


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .

  • Marco Den Breejen

    No Amsterdam, The netherlands? Just An add..

  • Malan Strydom

    Not accurate for South Africa. $5/g will get you reasonable quality outdoor. Top shelf will set you back around $18/g.

  • Jon L

    Luxembourg city 7$? 😆 More like 18$!!! For 7$ per gram you need to buy like 0.5kg at once.. Following this misinformation I don’t even know how much of this whole article is true.

    • Eric Kent

      Here in California I can get primo indica for 5 bucks a grams at a place I know.

    • Joshua Jason Molloy

      Even if there info is inaccurate or even completely untrue what has happened in the comments is interesting. Everyone gets to see what the price is in different parts of a state, country, or the world. lol

  • sleepy

    My problem is getting seeds.

    • Eric Kent

      You have to buy online to get some good genetics I have been lucky a couple time with KC Brains seed bank. Good luck to you.

      • sleepy

        Thanks for this lead!

        • Legalize420

          Yes. You need to use seedbanks for seeds and all seedbanks are different. Try Herbies or attitude. They carry a wide variety of breeders or if you are in the US there is TGA if they have a distributer in your state, or other banks as well. I have a bunch of quality genetics bagged up in a mini fridge freezer for storage. A strain by DJ Shorts son called Purple Terps and seeds of 86 Williams Wonder i got from Spain I can’t wait till I’m able to grow. Or I’d like to see how my Columbian Gold x Panama Red beans do. Best of luck. ✌


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .

  • punkleruckus

    I KNOW their data is grossly inaccurate, which is probably why they don’t give any source info. I am assuming they didn’t survey many clubs in SF since some clubs still sell grams at around $10, depending on the strain. Their pricing data for the legal market alone is highly questionable (at least for CA). I would also like to know how they surveyed the black market price index.
    I grow my own, and buy from other growers or friends (not from clubs) when I run dry. The legal market in CA bay area is still lacking in good enough competition to lower prices sufficiently.
    Plus, this article doesn’t address quality.

    • Dean_the_Human

      Yeah, I’m curious about how they got their prices….and for what quality. I live in Fresno, and even though adult use dispensaries aren’t legal in the city at the moment, most medical dispensaries here have a great selection of $5/gram bud that’s not exactly low-quality, and I’ve never paid more than $10. I’m taking this article with a grain of salt until they at least cite some sources.

  • Chad Allen Strope

    I’m from small town Ohio. Medical has passed but not recreational. I am a regular smoker, on average an eighth a day. Here we pay $20 gram for the fire. Ounce here runs between $250 and $350, depending on quality and who you score it from. Guess its time to move to Denver.

    • FlunkedAgain

      You’ll have to buy your own house in Denver. Landlords aren’t 420 Friendly, and most building are Smoke Free.
      Before you move to a 420 Friendly area, check out the job opportunities, and housing situation.

    • badforu

      Im from northern ohio and we get kick ass stuff at 150 for 14grams/half ounce, and what they call reggie nowdays goes for 100 a z or so.

    • Yarde105

      Wow here in Cleveland its 10 a gram and a ounce is 175-220 of pure funk..
      Guerrilla glue

  • Sy Katus

    I believe the grams in some countries like India mentioned here are pollen Hash.


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      So, where do you get yours from?


        Hi Dummy his a legit connect from Michigan we got Top grade A medical marijuana and THC/CBD Cannabis Oil from him you can get to him via Phone number +18045370917


    We just got some medical marijuana and Cbd/Thc oil from Dr peter hurt via Phone number +18045370917 .

  • garyashton

    you missed out sydney australia

  • Patrick Gillent

    I’m from Belgium and i see Antwerp but the price for 1gram is 10euro

  • 360dunk

    In Las Vegas, it’s all indoor grown because of the climate but we tend to be focused on what we’re smoking more so than the price. Because of regulations, costs might be a bit higher but everything is tested for molds and pesticides so that takes away a lot of the doubt and concern. I’ll gladly pay a bit more for peace of mind.

    • nixnoutz

      It’s good to hear that the legal Cannabis is tested. As all legal should be. Some day soon hope to visit L.V. again.

  • Anton_Zilwicki

    Been growing pot for 48 years. I can tell you that there isn’t an App that will make your pot grow better or make less work in the process.

  • Daniel

    $80 an ounce for 22% THC Purple Hindu Kush at a Portland Oregon dispensary I frequent. That includes the 20% tax.

  • Johnny Furniture

    Denver is waaayyyy overated… aromas dispensary claims 33.83% and absurd 37.33s on their percentages. Cali will say 24.55 and cali’ s 24.55 gets you way higher than denvers bullshit lie of 37%…. I can smoke a whole gram of their 37.55 and can’t even finish 1/4 of a joint of California 24% thc… aromas dispensary also offers basement pot… taste like mildew.

  • Wade Rawluk

    This is not accurate for New York because patients can only buy oil in vape pen cartridges. The buying of flowers or hashish is banned for patients and all adults so prices for flowers and hashish can only reflect those prices found on the illegal market. On the illegal market in New York City a gram of sour diesel flowers will be $20 and an eighth of sour diesel flowers will be $70.

  • Chris

    i live at Cali, Colombia, and here 1 Gram of cannabis can be found by 0.25 US at almost any place around the city, we have one of the most lowest cost cannabis in the world I guess…

  • Aubrey John DeBliquy

    Cape Town is cheaper. You can grow it legally in your home for free.

  • PhatB01

    Anyone try hydrophonics? Hydro weed is insane and kicks ass. It was the rage before these legal weed came out.

  • PhatB01

    How about hydrophonics? Anybody know if this is still done or available? I used to get this before and it was great. Very strong weed. Ever since all these new strains came out, hydro weed disappeared. Anyone knows why it’s not available anymore? Any reason other than it’s more expensive to grow (equipment, electric bills, water filters, water tanks, lamps, exposure to sunlight via the lamps, etc) ??? It’s more of an indoor grow than outdoors since it’s grown using a lot of water.

    • FlunkedAgain

      If you look around, you’ll find Hydroponic Supply stores abound. There must be quite a number of people growing winter tomatoes.

      You might want to check out Coco Coir as a growth medium. It’s similar to hydroponics.

  • Jo F. Teichmann

    BTW: @seedo is not a german company! they are based in Israel and manufacturing in CHINA!!!!!

  • anthony banks

    I’ll be in Las Vegas next month what’s the best Bud dispensary to hit out there?

  • Arne Hansen

    Cannabis is NOT! decriminalized in Norway. Just last weekend no less than 123 ppl was fined 2000NOK (240$) on 1 small festival alone

  • BUHO

    Been receiving emails from Leafly for over a year now and not once have I seen anything about New Mexico, it’s dispensaries, availability or anything else. We get hit here for $16 a gram, so it’s quite obvious that we are getting ripped off here; a victim of bad government. Why don’t you do a story on that!

  • briteleaf

    Outdoor, organic autoflowers are the best. The plants are mostly only 2 or 3′ tall and about 70 days later, it’s harvest time. The small plants are easy to hide and can be moved in their small pots or bags. Plus, you don’t get stuck with only one type/flavor for years. Variety is good. Some are more stimulating and fun and others are cushions for pain and anxiety.

    By the way, it’s cheaper to buy in Portland, Oregon than anywhere in America.

  • Shrikanth

    The data for India is quite legit . It starts from $1.40 – $5 depending upon where you live. I get it for $1.68 where I live.

  • punkleruckus

    These numbers may-or may not- reflect the actual consumption of the cities they selected, I would have to look further into their data. But I think the black-or grey- market is grossly misrepresented in the current dialog.
    For example, SF is a BAD example of bay area cannabis consumption. ESPECIALLY since Oakland is recognized around the world as being the epicenter of MUCH of California’s groundbreaking cannabis legalization initiatives, and home to -possibly- the largest black AND grey market, not to mention legal market consumption in northern California.
    Leafly and many other recent cannabis media outlets seem to have forgotten the importance of Oakland and all the talent that continues to come from there.
    Jorge Cervantez, Frenchy Cannoli, Ed Rosenthal, Ken Estes, Kevin Jodrey……. they ALL openly acknowledge Oakland’s importance and influence. It is time Leafly did too.

  • Fester Sixonesixonethree

    I have to wonder why Oregon isn’t represented in this survey…

  • Lucinda Karlic

    In Washington State we can grow with a medical card…

  • Dag A. Torp

    Err… Norway has not decriminalized quite yet. Decrim of use and posession is in the pipes but will not be formally happening for a few years to come.

  • barry winsbury

    Grow my own far too expensive and a great deal of crap on the streets over here UK
    last crop of Northern lights on the dregs now
    hydroponic indoor 2 x 600 watt

  • bjorneinar

    no idea where they got the notion Norway has decriminalized it. it’s still very illegal here. no change lately, and no change planned