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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

Most popular articles

New DEA Rule Says CBD Oil Is Really, Truly, No-Joke Illegal

The agency released a notice this morning clarifying the rules around CBD oil. It's still a federally illegal Schedule I substance, even if it comes from hemp. But is the new rule legal?

Bruce Barcott - December 14, 2016

Here’s what a gram of cannabis costs in cities around the world

There are bargains to be found in Montevideo. Value shoppers, stay away from Tokyo.

Bruce Barcott - January 30, 2018

Cannabis withdrawal syndrome: How to ease the symptoms

If you're on a tolerance break, you may experience insomnia and other issues. Here's how to combat them.

Bruce Barcott - August 8, 2017

In Rebuke to Sessions, Senate Committee OKs Medical Marijuana Protections

The Attorney General asked Congress to reject the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. Senators said: Nope.

Bruce Barcott - July 27, 2017

Cannabis Science 101: The Complex Chemistry of the Bong

What is the science behind the water pipe? Are those bubbles actually making your toke any healthier? It’s complicated.

Bruce Barcott - February 11, 2016

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

Area man mistreats cannabis plants in stolen van

A Delaware man is accused of driving a stolen van filled with uprooted and trashed cannabis plants—like, roots and all.

Bruce Barcott - October 14, 2019

Jurors revolt, refuse to consider felony charges for cannabis

In New Orleans, jurors refused to try a man for possessing an ounce on Bourbon Street. You can too.

Bruce Barcott - October 14, 2019

You’re wrong, Governor: Vape bans will only make things worse

Airplanes are falling out of the sky, and governors respond by banning buses.

Bruce Barcott - September 30, 2019

Why is Chicago’s mayor supporting illegal cannabis sellers?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to ban cannabis stores, helping street sellers thrive and continue hawking illegal vape pens.

Bruce Barcott - September 18, 2019

Could Trump pull a ‘cannabis surprise’ in 2020? It’s not impossible

At this year's NORML political conference, the halls were buzzing with people power.

Bruce Barcott - September 12, 2019

Fed Study Shows Teen Use Declines, but Is the Data Any Good?

The annual SAMHSA survey finds adult cannabis consumption up, teen use down. But the study's methodology raises questions about the data.

Bruce Barcott - August 21, 2019

How cannabis and Hempfest are driving the politics of pleasure

We advocate for legalization for many reasons, but rarely argue in favor of pleasure. What's wrong with fun?

Bruce Barcott - August 16, 2019

Arizona Groups File 2020 Cannabis Legalization Initiative

The 'Smart and Safe Arizona Act' would legalize for adults 21+, allow home growing, and expunge past cannabis convictions.

Bruce Barcott - August 9, 2019

Study Finds Cannabis Dispensaries Reduce Opioid Deaths by 21%

It's not just legalization, say researchers—it's access to legal cannabis dispensaries that helps the most.

Bruce Barcott - August 8, 2019

Kentucky Gov. Floats a Bunch of Batshit Crazy Cannabis Theories

Welcome to Gov. Matt Bevin's cannabis fantasyland. He's saying this nutty stuff today, but in five years he'll be singing a different tune.

Bruce Barcott - August 1, 2019