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YouTube Continues Its Cannabis Purge and Nobody Knows Why

April 24, 2018
Kiev, Ukraine - May 21, 2014: Woman holding a brand new Apple iPad Air with YouTube logo on a screen. YouTube is the world's most popular online video-sharing website that founded in February 14, 2005
A few weeks ago, Sam Houston, a California cannabis aficionado, was checking out some of his favorite YouTube channels when he noticed a trend. One by one, accounts such as those run by users “Vader OG” and the horticulturalist known as Jorge Cervantes were being shut down. All were given the same ominous message: The channel’s content had been flagged for review and was found to violate YouTube’s guidelines.

For the last month, the global video platform has been shutting down a wide swath of cannabis channels, often with little or no warning.

Houston, who works as a community manager in San Francisco, was perplexed. Those channels have been around for a long time. Some were showing or discussing cannabis growing techniques or sharing the trials and tribulations of growing the plant. Most were merely informational videos, not sexually explicit or dangerous in any way.

Houston wasn’t alone. His frustration has been felt across the entire community of cannabis YouTube content creators. For the last month, the global video platform has been shutting down a wide swath of cannabis channels, often with little or no warning. Two years ago, Facebook famously shut down many cannabis-related accounts, but YouTube has always been much friendlier and more tolerant of cannabis material.

The move, which came with no public notice from YouTube, has the cannabis world confounded. It comes as an abrupt about-face at a time when cannabis is gaining wider social acceptance. The plant remains federally illegal, but only a small handful of states outlaw it in all forms.

Goodbye, years of hard work and thousands of subscribers.

YouTube’s Warning Flags

Dylan Osborn is the founder of Greenbox Grown. It’s a site and channel aimed at teaching people how to grow their own medicine “without spending too much money or without too much time or effort,” he told Leafly. YouTube flagged the channel a few weeks ago.

That channel boasted 13,000 subscribers and more than 200 videos. Many of them were  instructional how-to videos, along with strain reviews. Several months ago Osborn started getting flagged, the “sixth time in the last four months,” he estimated. But he’d always be reinstated with a quick email.

This time, though, it wasn’t just his channel. “You could tell it was different,” he said. “Lots of other channels were getting taken down, channels that had been around for years and years.”

Why Cannabis? Why Now?

Osborn expressed frustration at the inability to figure out how exactly he was suddenly violating the channel’s rules. “There are tons of other videos violating content guidelines that aren’t cannabis related,” he said. “You can watch videos about how to make bombs out of household items on YouTube all day.”

Osborn has since switched to self-hosting his videos and charging a $14.99 monthly subscription fee.


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First Guns, Now Cannabis

The ban on some cannabis content echoes the recent shutdown of channels showing gun videos. Many who had gun content turned to self hosting or moved their videos to Pornhub (which went on to implement its own ban). Some cannabis content creators are now moving their material to Instagram and other social networking sites.

In April, YouTube was quoted by New York magazine as having changed its policies. A YouTube rep said in a statement: “While we’ve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories.”

Now, it seems, YouTube is taking a similar approach to cannabis—with a liberal interpretation of what might constitute the “promotion” of cannabis.

Maybe It’s the Ad Money

Clark and Alice are video bloggers from Hollywood, California. They post to YouTube as “That High Couple.” They too have been abruptly deleted, losing 28,000-plus subscribers.

“We’ve determined that it violates our guidelines.” That High Couple received the YouTube video death penalty for their content, and found no way to appeal the decision.

“YouTube’s reason for suspending our channel was that we ‘broke community guidelines,’” they told Leafly in an email. “There was no specific reason, only a generic list that it could be because we were promoting violence, illegal drug use, creating spam content, etc.”

They surmise that the reason behind the shutdown is advertising money. “YouTube can’t make ad revenue from cannabis content,” they wrote. “Last year, YouTube went through what most are calling ‘The Adpocalypse,’ where many top advertisers were seeing their ads play before content that was inappropriate and damaging to their brand. Once the money started leaving, YouTube updated their algorithm to prevent ‘unsuitable’ content from getting ads delivered against their content and the whole system has been crumbling ever since.”


How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 4: Social Media Marketing Strategies

But Alex Jones Is Okay?

YouTube has come under scrutiny for allowing questionably appropriate content for children. Most recently, the platform has come under fire for allowing videos by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones attacking Sandy Hook survivors and claiming that the mass shooting of schoolchildren “didn’t happen.” Meanwhile, YouTube removed a video report by Media Matters showing how Jones spread falsehoods. (It was later reinstated.) YouTube also took harsh criticism for its handling of the Logan Paul controversy, in which the YouTube star exhibited the body of a person who had hanged himself in a Japanese forest.

“Advertisers again pressured YouTube to monitor their content, and many channels with ‘questionable’ content have been getting terminated as a result,” Alice and Clark wrote in their email.


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No More Warning Strikes

Another channel creator, Kord Tagley, also had his channel shut down last month. Tagley’s channel, GreenGenes Garden, offered mostly informational material, such as programming about grow lights and other technology. The channel began six years ago as a marketing tool for Tagley’s business, Pacific Light Concepts, which sells LED lights.

Kord Tagley felt he did everything he needed to be compliant with California state guidelines on advertising. But that didn't stop YouTube from ending his channel.

YouTube’s sudden denunciation of cannabis content is puzzling to Tagley. He felt he did everything he needed to be compliant with California state guidelines on advertising, such as including age-appropriate (21+) warnings before the start of his videos. He became part of the Google Adsense partnership program once he crossed 10,000 subscribers a few years ago (he had 43,000 when he was shut down) and had amassed about 7 million total video views.

Tagley was making a tiny profit from his YouTube videos, he said, but that’s not what upsets him. In addition to the loss of viewership—once YouTube makes a channel a partner, the platform boosts its views—YouTube bypassed its usual three-strike warning protocol before deleting his account.

After the first strike, “you can no longer livestream for the next 90 days,” he said. “Two strikes, you can’t upload any more content, and three strikes, they’ll delete your account.”

He’d received a few strikes for five-year-old videos, appealed, and won—and the strikes were rescinded. After receiving emails from the Russian government “saying that they were going to ban some of my videos in their country and that Google may have to act accordingly,” he said, “I received emails from Google or YouTube saying that there had been one or more legal complaints and that they had to act and delete my account.” He’d struck out.

As an alternative, he’s now airing his daily videos on, a community-created, cannabis-focused video site.

Moving to Instagram or Pornhub

Several other channel creators reappeared on Instagram. There, they directed followers to other sites, including gaming platform Twitch, which recently opened up to allow cannabis content for livestreaming. Users are also creating new YouTube accounts to reach their old subscribers. After one video was flagged, YouTuber “Vader OG” made a second one—which was flagged as well. “YouTube went ahead and gave me two strikes,” he says in a video on a second channel, which he dubbed his “lifeboat.”

“The first strike was two videos. It was just kind of weird, but I kept uploading, of course, and bam, I got a second strike,” he continues. “So I am unable to upload for at least two weeks, which kind of gets in the way of the daily series.”


😂 I didn’t even get strikes… @youtube just flat out suspended my acct. dun dun dun another one bites the dust… #KeepItGreen 🌿 #TeamOG 🐳 #JellySquadron 🐙 #GrowTube 📺 #HerbNLoot 🎁 #WeedLife 😵 #ThumbLove 👍🏼 #StreamNerd 📡 #StartANewLife 🌰

A post shared by Crazy Dago (@crazydago) on

Others, have followed the approach of some gun channel creators, shifting to a site with a high tolerance for adult content: Pornhub.

Osborn has been in contact with other YouTube channel creators about next steps. “We are all trying to figure this out together,” he said.

Nobody Can Reach YouTube

YouTube’s motives are equally unclear to the channel creators. Communication is hard, if not impossible. “YouTube only gives you 500 characters, so that’s spaces included, to appeal any of their strikes,” Tagley says. “It appears that bots are reviewing the appeals, because they’re getting bounced back in a matter of minutes.”

Messages left with YouTube’s media contacts were not immediately returned.

Osborne and the other video creators are frustrated by the lack of communication. “It’s unfortunate they are not working with us on this issue,” Osborn said. “They are just shutting the door and that’s it.”

Update: On April 25, That High Couple had their YouTube channel restored. Leafly and That High Couple are still waiting on an explanation for the original shutdown and the restoration.

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Tricia Romano

Tricia Romano is the former editor in chief of The Stranger. She previously worked as a staff writer at the Seattle Times, and has been published in the New York Times,, Rolling Stone, the New York Post, New York magazine, Slate, Grantland, Spin, and Salon. She covered underground culture in New York City for the Village Voice for eight years in her column “Fly Life.”

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  • George Trosky

    Do we have to stop using and promoting google as a brand before they do the right thing?

    It’s not even like the issue is in a grey area… they are doing what is obviously wrong in everyone’s face.

    These content creators are following the law… But Alex Jones insane rantings are ok?

    WTF is wrong with these people?

    • Vegas Steve

      Politically correct I bet. It’s everywhere anymore. No one can have an open discussion.

      • Jay

        I’m a liberal, but this gustapo information wars crap has to end. Does liveleak have these insane policies? Maybe everyone should just go there

        • Vegas Steve

          Some have moved to vimeo. Others are working on a weedtube channel independent of the bozos at google.

        • MindFog2287

          Yep. Liberal here too. This is total BS.

  • This is sad and sickening. We have experienced the same type of moronic actions on AdWords. While we understand a policy preventing ads that indiscriminately targets anyone with messages about over consumption (e.g. dab videos), the Google-opoly (Google + YouTube) is over stepping it’s role as a platform.

    Our firm, Canna Ventures, provides marketing and data services to businesses in the cannabis space. Our business operations do not touch the plant (and honestly, so what if they did?). We attempted to use Google AdWords to promote our services very precisely to other businesses who may have an interest. Not only was our account removed, our entire agency AdWords account was threatened with removal which includes mostly non-cannabis industry accounts. We posted a blog with more details about that experience ( We’ll be publishing an update on this in the coming days.

    At this very moment we have a client who is a public health agency in California. They’re producing good material for parents about how to talk to kids about cannabis and information about the impact on teens’ development. It’s effectively a public service and information repository. It too has been flagged as violating Google’s policies. We pushed hard just to get to speak to a human at Google. Their response was to keep complaining and maybe something will happen because internally Google’s policy team is a cluster-f*ck. That’s almost verbatim. No one knows the internal protocols for getting a human review or why one account is removed and others aren’t.

    To Google: you’ve harvested our data, know where we live, search histories and our approximate ages. (This is true if you have a Gmail account and honestly filled out your profile.) If you must restrict access why don’t you use the technologies available that you deploy in other products of yours (e.g. Gmail, maps, search, etc.) to age-gate and geo-fence content to areas where products are legal?

    The irony here is that this is about money. Big mainstream advertisers (Wallmart, Target, etc.) don’t want their ads to run on content their audiences might object to so they complain. Yet the cannabis industry would LOVE to be able to advertise on AdWords. Marketers in the legal cannabis space don’t want to advertise to kids. Advertising is effective when it targets the adults with disposable income of legal age and location to buy. Why don’t you let us do that instead of playing morality police? And Google/YouTube, in case you didn’t know, well over 61% of Americans support ending prohibition.

  • Most of this article is accurate….though I should point out the #1 place channels are moving to is not pornhub or instagram, but TheWeedTube, which opened up specifically to take in refugees from YT. I got hit too. 78K subscriber channel gone for no good reason.

    • ErickR

      What about Vimeo. I see tons of cannabis videos on there.

    • LuxoCamper

      I think I’ll wait until they [weed tube] can get videos to actually work, before I tag them to my faves bar…

  • Silverado

    That’s just it – YouTube doesn’t know why either.

  • Juan Navalon

    In Spain there are many YouTube accounts that have been shut down last weeks.
    We all together have publish a manifest expressing our rejection about YouTube’s guidelines.
    We will invite you to read our communicate visiting this web

    • Hi Juan Navalon, I have been in touch with Clara from www; Han quitado mi canal tambien.

  • Jon Goff

    Seriously, you can’t figure out why they are removing your channel when it says, “promoting illegal drug use” is against their community rules. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug by the federal government. If you can’t figure out why your videos are being pulled, perhaps you’re indulging too much in your own product. SMH.

    • Scooter Bell

      Documentaries/education videos about Marijuana are not the same as sales/marketing videos promoting it’s use. YouTube would need to remove all videos on Suicide education as well, as it is also illegal; as well as the NPR documentary shows on Opium addiction. This is not sales – it is life. YouTube would remove that as well according to your argument. If that doesn’t change your thought, read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

      • mtnmedic


  • I remember people of a certain political orientation cheering the attacks on gun speech.

    It turns out that once free speech gets restricted they will come after you.

    Pastor Niemoller should be required reading.

    • Snegurochka

      Pot never killed anybody, the gun-fondlers kill people pretty frequently. See the difference?

      • ridnovir

        No difference it is the issue of free speech it is either free or not and currently all sorts of speech are being censored on the internet thes started out with “gunnuts” then moved to “nationalists” then “right wing” then “drug promoters” soon they will ban your mother’s cooking channel for “politically incorrect” cookies!

  • Tim Patrick

    Alex Jones attacking Sandy Hook survivors and claiming that the mass shooting of schoolchildren “didn’t happen.” Meanwhile, YouTube removed a video report by Media Matters showing how Jones spread falsehoods….. Alex Jones never said Sandy Hook didn’t happen so Leafly you need to stop following CNN fake news .Leafly stick with marijuana news and stay out of politics .Alex Jones media empire is a lot bigger than Leafly..

    • Scott

      Tim – You need to get off your ass and do some research about what Alex has stated. Morons like you spread information that isn’t true because you’re lazy and won’t take time to look things up. You’re gullible because you believe idiots like Jones when they backtrack because they’re getting their asses sued. Typical Trumptard conservative.

      Look this up Timmy. This is from Politifact Texas. Check out the video for yourself. Oh, by the way, there are other sources out there for the same information. So Timmy, your comment on the BS – O – Meter is off the scale and FALSE.

      “The same day, Jones disputed Clinton’s statement, telling viewers that Clinton “lied, not only to the U.S. but the world… that I say that no children died at Sandy Hook and they were all actors. I’ve never said any of those things.” A moment later, Jones went on: “They can’t find anywhere where I have said that I know the kids killed at Sandy Hook were actors or that it didn’t happen” and furthermore, he said, he’s been criticized by conspiracy theorists who maintain the Sandy Hook events were fake–“because I don’t buy into that.”

      We were curious who was right, so we put Clinton’s statement to the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

      Starting from a story in The New Yorker magazine, we zeroed in on posted video of Jones telling a caller to his program in January 2015 that in his view, “Sandy Hook is a synthetic completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured. I couldn’t believe it at first. I knew they had actors there, clearly, but I thought they killed some real kids. And it just shows how bold they are, that they clearly used actors. I mean they even ended up using photos of kids killed in mass shootings here in a fake mass shooting in Turkey — so yeah, or Pakistan. The sky is now the limit.”

      We also found that in another episode, in December 2014, Jones called the shootings “a giant hoax.”

      We rated Clinton’s claim True.”

      • Tim Patrick

        Libtart= Moron!

        • mtnmedic

          Troll. Can’t even spell your favorite word.

          • “Libtart” means ‘sour liberal,’ trust me, I’ve been called that many, many times!

      • Joel Munson

        Is it possible for you to refute someone’s comment without name calling?

    • Danny Ford

      How can you possible defend the statements of Alex Jones. As said, in another reply to your laughable post, do your homework on dear Alex. His only real reason for those type of statements in to get attention. His videos should be subjest to oversight.
      Cannabis is legal, in some form, in over half the states. Does that mean the Youtube actually benefits by removing the Cannabis related videos and accounts? Just a sad thing to restrict legal content. Google is now way to large and powerful to not be oversighted by someone, though I have no idea who that someone could be. We should take a look at the European Union and their efforts to reign in Google. This whole Youtube thing is quite a crock.

  • Ellen Komp

    This article fails to report that on April 3, a 39-year-old woman named Nasim Najafi Aghdam, shot and wounded three people at You Tube headquarters before killing herself. Her family said she was distraught over YouTube censoring her videos. That someone would take such a terrible and tragic step ought to make YouTube seriously re-evaluate their policies, especially their unresponsiveness to the public.

    • Chip Butterfield

      It’s ruining people’s financial livelihoods. It can make a lot of people go nuts when monetizations become a primary source of income.

    • Joel Munson

      Any idea why her content was censored? I don’t see the harm in vegan body building..

  • My channel, was banned today.
    I received a “Strike” today and made an appeal
    Two hours later my YouTube channel had disappeared.
    I had more than 150,000 subscribers
    300+ videos
    Fortunately many YouTubers copied my videos and they live in cyberspace.

    • 420 Marketer

      Add them to your own website man. Own your content

  • DCBC

    Youtube took a big dive already for me when google bought it(how lame that everyone’s a sellout to the empire builders), well I came to watch people’s video’s not adds. Anyway a few good reasons have been discussed here about the removal of these video’s but what wasn’t mentioned is that it may be to protect businesses like Green Flower Media and others that are trying to sell this information, which is pretty lame because most of it is already shared for free.

  • heavyd

    Well , this just means that we will survive using another channel. We survived for years without them and we will continue to do so. Hey YouTube , you are putting your ideals on the wrong side of this thing and if u think you are untouchable, you are not.

    • nixnoutz

      If you’re not using an Iphone, Itablet, or Windoz phone, Google shoves Utube on you. Like Internet Explorer was, you can’t get rid of it or Gmail. Go check your history on Google. They’ve got everything on you. It blew me away.

  • lovingc

    Time to sue for equal time. There is no reason for it now!

  • DedTV

    What’s really silly is that I just today saw a 3 minute ad for a cannabis grow system before a Youtube video on organic vegetable gardening.

  • Auryan

    The mass hysteria purge continues…the net effect will be transparency EVERYWHERE. It is unfortunate for Youtube that they are apparently vague in their specific reasons for shutting down channels and allow others to continue. Little do they realize that it works both ways. What they do not get is that people will find a way to do what they wish to do and youtube will go away because more transparent, viable and fair sites will prevail…even if it looks crazy right now. So thank you Youtube for showing your true colors…they are turning grey to blacker each day your policies turn more archaic and nonsensical.

    • Chip Butterfield

      Youtube will never go away. People will always go on there to watch videos around the world. That’s like Walter White saying Grey Matter will just go away.

  • gary

    What are Dank and Dabby gonna do now???? NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! LOL …but seriously, dick move YouTube!

  • gary

    We need to all get together and support the first person who develops a GreenTube!!!!

  • 68eric86

    The problem is in my opinion the pharmaceuticals are going after cannabis.  They are making a big push because they know full legalisation is around the corner.
    The bigger problem is people are so short sighted and have the attitude “as long as it doesn’t affect me or my views, I am ok with it”. YouTube was going after guns and conservatives a lot of people didn’t care or even worse praised it. Even in this article they mention that they are banning cannabis and not Alex Jones. If you are thinking like that, you are part of the problem, it doesn’t matter what they are banning you should be furious that they are banning anything, (short of murder, rape, torture, etc.)
     Wake up everyone the TPTB, establishment, controlling elite what ever you want to call them are trying to control us and the number one rule in battle is divide and conquer. I am not a conservative, liberal, or libertarian i am just a person with views from all of them depending on the subject, I believe most people fall into this category. Don’t fall for the division tactic, be brave enough to believe the truth and research things fully before making judgements.

  • AK girl

    I don’t believe in god but look at all those crazy christian videos on YouTube. I think those are vile and incite people to do evil things. I don’t complain about them, I just ignore them.

  • Geezer Lifeson

    We are getting to the point where corporations have as much, if not more, control over our lives as government.

  • IIG

    I really hope an alternative to YouTube comes along. Even worse than the deleted channels, the content creators still working are walking on eggshells scared of their next strike. It’s sad to watch these days. It will take a juggernaut like Amazon to overtake YouTube. But it can be done.

  • August Dunning

    Don’t kid yourself…this is Bayer,Monsanto and GW pharmaceuticles…controlling the market in preparation of the GM Weed being grown in Uruguay.

    • Alan479 Martin

      I’m sure these big pharma boys played a part and they also are behind the murdering of 90 holistic doctors in the last 5 years.

  • E.L. Bl/Du

    Im not sure if this author is accurate. I subscribe to Jorge Cervantes and a few other growers b.c Im a grower myself. I just went to his channel and EVERY video I clicked on worked just fine! Whats really going on?

  • 420 Marketer

    Without the ability to be found via search, any other platform is a poor option. My channel, Cannabis Lifestyle TV is one strike from being removed and all we do is create educational content, no daily dab videos for teens smdh.

    My suggestion, get Vimeo Pro and place your videos on your own platform aka YOUR WEBSITE. The Weed Tube needs a team of developers, not one former weedtuber. Pornhub will not get you ranking in search, and Instagram posts are irrelevant after 2 days.

    Get a website asap!

  • nixnoutz

    Does Utube still air videos about Rick Simpson cures? ‘Cause when they started smashing video intros with ads my interest in Utube dropped tremendously. And autoplay? My main interest was camping and traveling video. Then browsers developed ad blocking and ads disappeared. So viewing a few more videos was favorable. And why aren’t there more competing video sites?
    A few months ago I ditched Verizon dsl for portable cheap mifi. Now I really limit Utube viewing, even though the 4G mifi is unlimited. And hearing of Utube creators having their Utube income cut didn’t help. Now this. But if all you creators moved elsewhere maybe it’s time to check you out. So post where your content is, please.

  • Michael Volkin

    Same thing is happening with the huge PR distribution company Cision.

  • ErickR

    This makes no sense, if ad revenue is the problem why don’t they show the right fking ads? There’s TONS of companies selling products for cannabis that target cannabis videos for direct advertising (such as myself). I spent $2000 on youtube ads to promote our greenhouses in the last 3 months. Now I am pulling my adpsend with Google and removing all our videos. We even had a regular greenhouse video get flagged that has no cannabis on it and doesn’t mention cannabis once.

    With schumer’s new legislation and even the GOP moving forward on legislation I don’t get it.

  • Inhale Time

    Or not rely on a social media platform for a source of income…

  • TOBY T

    At one time YouTube didn’t even exist. All we need to do now is quietly show them that they are not necessary. Just leave it for those that simply don’t get it. Don’t do a search, don’t watch any videos and don’t talk about them, kinda like they don’t even exist. I have warned all of my friends not to email or text any links to YouTube or risk being blocked from my life for supporting a community that believes in censorship. At one time the United States of America stood for freedom, what happened?

  • Chip Butterfield

    My wife got hit for a non-monetized ad video for our online apothecary for CBD oil. Received a strike but she isn’t going to appeal, why rock the boat when evidently that’s the wrong way to go? Yesterday, I saw a pharmaceutical ad for a lung cancer medication the other day. It would not surprise me if Big Pharma’s ad revenue has something to do with all this. Makes me want to go with an iPhone even more and ditch google altogether.

    • MindFog2287

      I seriously considered this after Google announced it’s dumping Google Play Music. I have a 10 year old son and I am not going to give him free access to videos with YouTube Music. It’s just the latest in a long string of offenses by Google – they kill off products that people love, or decide to just let them die without updates. I’ve been in the Google ecosphere since my original Motorola Droid, but I canceled GPM and jumped to Apple Music. It’s been hit or miss. The audio quality is great.

      But I bought a used iPad and an AppleTV to stream music to my entertainment center (no more Chromecast) and I remembered that every time I try Apple technology it’s just infuriating. My Apple friends tell me Apple stuff “just works,” but that’s never the case for me somehow. The connection kept dropping to the entertainment center from the iPad, and because the iPad was a few years old, I couldn’t even use some of the apps I’d like to use. It’s a shame because I like that they keep my information a bit more secure. But man, so frustrating.

      I swear, as soon as a viable alternative comes to these companies that doesn’t cause too much user pain for me and my family, I’m jumping. They’re all freaking evil, especially Google.

  • oldtimer

    Another reason that I don’t think has been mentioned yet: the rescinding of “net neutrality” by the FCC.
    Not a lot was made of that when it occurred a few months ago.
    At the time, I felt that this would come to haunt us.
    I believe this is part of what has the emboldened sites like Youtube to act more aggressively regarding content.

    • mtnmedic

      Totally agree. It’s selective targeting and it’s indicative of the assault on freedom of speech from the Trump administration.

  • lovingc

    Use does not equal abuse, stupid!

  • I had my channel terminated from a video where I was Banned from no joke. My channel was my name Myles O’Howe. If I dont get mine back I can have someone else manage a channel for me but I cant get them to upload many videos and id have to keep them with my classic science space travel videos and music videos. I created the website Ceawe, notice we don’t live in a free market where THE PEOPLE have a fair chance to make money in business? Why doesn’t Ceawe have a fair chance to compete with YouTube or facebook? Media popularity is rigged, ppl who are censored can go to other places but its really limited, most people use YouTube they almost have a monopoly since there isn’t anything better. Investors won’t invest so something could be better. I developed my own website I have videos on Ceawe almost like on YouTube but I can’t afford to host other peoples videos or even have too many videos uploaded at all until I can afford better website hosting, since investors invest in scams and fraud in the stock market they don’t care to invest in Ceawe to give YouTube, not to mention instagram and facebook, a run for their money. The fact I developed Ceawe ON MY OWN with NO HELP goes to show the potential.

    People honestly don’t care, if other people used Ceawe then my friends would join Ceawe, isn’t that weird? Seems some people pretend to be my friend and try and screw me over, I haven’t had a girlfriend in years the online dating website pof is full of scammers and fake accounts, I have resorted to going to bars again and having 1000% better luck meeting ladies at bars than online dating. Society is suppressing the truth I have the documentary Overpriced, YouTubes censorship means ppl can’t view the original documentary I uploaded on my channel….My vimeo account is full I can’t afford to host my documentary anywhere and Ive had bad luck with thepiratebay actually censoring MY DOCUMENTARIES THAT I CREATED, think about that ppl pirate and steal movies on thepiratebay and they censor documentaries that are not mainstream…The economy seems rigged like a totalitarian dictatorship with a bunch of global actors trying to lead the world to higher energy prices and suppress cannabis from being cheap to make renewable energy, even by suppressing the truth movement the fascist war against drugs is literally based of fraud and deception, science proves cannabis is safe and protects the brain from damage, even a lot of “cannabis activists” believe fake news thinking cannabis isnt good for the developing brain, but science proves cannabis contains cannabinoids that have antioxidants and neuroprotectants which protect the brain from damage. News I post on Ceawe does not show up in Google News, ever.

    Big money interests don’t WANT good websites like Ceawe to get further developed, I wont be surprised if big money interests are sabotaging my life to make sure my good ideas and documentaries don’t get help. Why won’t ladies date a nice guy like me? Im 31 turning 32 in june no girlfriend that kissed me in about 10 years im not kidding ppl don’t want cannabis to be cheap, ppl plotted in ontario so the government has a monopoly over cannabis like a communist/fascist dictatorship. many ladies are brainwashed by corporate propaganda and they eat meat that causes cancer and other health problems which cannabis heals! ladies are so addicted to eating meat they wont date me because I dont eat meat, lots of bullies call me crazy and sabotage my life, nobody cares, human civilization headed towards higher energy prices via mass censorship of truth all this time solutions are being suppressed, we could have cheap cannabis making clean energy to replace fossil fuels but big money don’t want that they want a rigged economy they can get ahead in and sabotage other peoples lives with failed policy and massive fraud (See the documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012, its classic and exposes Alex Jones infowars as part of the new world order agenda!)

  • Adam Danischewski

    It’s probably just as well, plants have souls and think like humans. I know it may sound crazy, but if you connect enough dots you will find that you are living in a virtual reality (realistic physics emulated). The marijuana plant is like a human, if you close your eyes and allow the sun to wash over your face you feel the warmth that is how a plant feels. When a marijuana plant grows crystals it is in one of the best states of being, then it is rudely chopped down and then suffers being burned alive. That’s really ugly and not okay, I don’t promote marijuana. THIS IS NOT A JOKE –

  • Rainey

    I suspect federal law enforcement has found a way to heavily pressure YouTube’s owners and force them to remove all cannabis content. Right now, with more states allowing cannabis sales, LE is worried their funding will be cut back. They rely on asset forfeiture as a way of boosting revenue; without cannabis-related arrests, that revenue stream is drying up. Additionally, if arrests are down then federal funding to law enforcement agencies will decrease, as well.
    Their “answer” is to lean heavily on every major pro-cannabis site and group they can identify.
    The opioid hysteria is another example of the current level of official desperation: Federal and state law enforcement agencies are harassing physicians who write “too many” opioid prescriptions; and the CDC is trumpeting false statistics insisting 64,000 Americans have died from “opioid-related” overdoses, which is flatly untrue. There were 64,000 TRACES of opioids found in about half that many possible overdose deaths!
    We saw this happening 90 years ago with alcohol prohibition. And now, is trying it again. The last attempt at Prohibition gave us Al Capone, the Mafia and organized crime. I have to wonder what cultural disaster we’ll be “blessed” with as a result of drug prohibition in the 21st century.

  • lovingc

    I would like to inform U Tube that I will no longer have any need for this so-called service. It has been a service until you started censoring content. Now there is no reason to go to U Tube at all. Congratulations accept the I shot myself in the foot award. MORONS!

  • ridnovir

    It is the issue of free speech it is either free or not and currently all sorts of speech are being censored on the internet it hes started out with “gunnuts” then moved to “nationalists” then “right wing” then “drug promoters” soon they will ban your mother’s cooking channel for “politically incorrect” cookies!

  • PandaKatt0420 Pk

    Youtube is safe too upload now! Cheers everyone!!! see ya all on TwT or youtube Much Luv from Pandakatt0420 PK!

  • Cat

    So a video of an 11 year old wearing adult costumes is fine and can even be monetized. But communities who enjoy a plant that grows naturally around half the world, who enjoy talking about it and chilling, get banned. This is why I’ll never stream on YouTube. The company doesn’t even know what it’s doing. I’ll stay on twitch smoking my js. Shameless plug lol – – twitch is still weird sometimes but it’s better than pooptube.