How to summer detox with the help of cannabis

Published on September 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our lives; and without our favorite ways to shake off unhealthy summer habits, many of us have been left to wonder how we’re going to manage this year’s summer detox. Between shutdowns and social distancing, workouts in the gym have become tougher, and reaching for comfort food has never been easier.

These shifts in our lifestyles require us to rethink the ways we rid our bodies of toxins, so that we can go into fall feeling our best.  

Many of the common toxins people want to detox from include:

  • Processed foods
  • Pollution in the air
  • Pesticides
  • Added sugars
  • Environmental stressors
  • Alcohol
  • Emotional trauma
  • Nicotine and caffeine

Detoxification with cannabis

It’s important to note that sweating alone doesn’t detoxify the body. Humans produce sweat for cooling down- like the body’s internal air conditioning system. Exercise is a necessary tool for total health, but for detoxification, cannabis may be better suited.

Detoxing and fasting aren’t new, but the concept of using cannabis to help with a detox seems pretty new-age. While it’s no miracle drug or tummy tea, cannabis can help with detoxing and fasting due to its many useful natural qualities.

Cannabis is packed with beneficialphytochemicals (various biologically active compounds found in plants) and has been studied for both its analgesic and antioxidant properties.

If you’re asking, ‘’what’s wrong with a few oxidants?,” we totally understand.

When there is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, it can cause what’s known as oxidative stress – a naturally occurring process that can lead to cell and tissue damage. And though this process happens to our bodies no matter what, there are plenty of ways to help slow it down.

Here are three ways you can incorporate cannabis into your summer detox to help you feel fresh for fall:

1. Summer detox with CBD oil

CBD oil is a great stress reliever and natural supporter of our bodily functions. It does this by encouraging homeostasis within our endocannabinoid system.

CBD can help you detox from summer and settle in to fall by helping you find a better sleep pattern, cope with the anxiety, and/or help relieve the stress of working and homeschooling under the same roof.

Full-spectrum CBD oil products will introduce the body to the full array of compounds found in the cannabis plant: cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, etc. – helping you introduce all of nature’s goodness to your system while encouraging the entourage effect.

What are full-spectrum cannabis extracts and how are they made?

2. Detox the body with raw cannabis leaves, flower, and seeds

How to Pair Food and Drinks with Cannabis Terpenes

Like kale, spinach, and collards; cannabis can be consumed as green roughage. Though eating the plant doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect, cannabis leaves, flower, and seeds serve as a good source of minerals, fiber, and protein.

Most of us don’t need any explanation for the benefits of a diet higher in all three f these nutrients. But for those that may, minerals, fibers, and proteins help the body nourish organs like the liver and support a healthier thyroid. Eating raw cannabis also allows your body to access the natural terpenes and flavonoids in the plant uninterrupted by heat.

So next time you make a salad, try making it extra green with raw cannabis, adding some hemp seeds to your smoothie, and or juicing the leaves and flower. Just make sure the cannabis you use is pesticide-free.

3. Detoxing the mind with cannabis tea

We often think about the physical body when we think consider detoxing, but mental detoxing is just as important – especially after the weirdest summer many of us have seen. A mental detox is the release of thoughts that trigger negative emotions, and the acceptance of thoughts that lead to feelings of peace and joy.

Cannabis tea is one of the go to’s for stress relief and relaxation and a great tool for your mental summer detox. A cup in the morning or night along with a sound meditation routine can help you find calm and prepare for winter’s challenges, like seasonal depression and being indoors even more.

Many things are out of our control right now, but healthy practices aren’t. Just remember to speak with your doctor before starting a detox or any ther kind of dietary adjustment.

Whether you want to boost your immune system, mood, and nutrient balance or reduce inflammation, anxiety, and stress, a cannabis detox may do you good. After all, a healthy body and mind is the key to a happy life, in and out of a pandemic.

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Veronica Castillo
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