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How to Buy Quality, Tested CBD Oil

When shopping for CBD oil and similar products, a good rule of thumb for consumers is to seek out products that have been thoroughly tested to ensure that what’s inside is real, natural CBD oil.

Craft a CBD Simple Syrup and Whip Up These Soothing Infused Cocktails

CBD cocktails are a fun and refreshing way to introduce your friends to this unique cannabinoid. Here are some great recipes to try at home.

In the Midst of a CBD Craze, New York City Opens Its First CBD Cocktail Bar

Take a look inside Adriaen Block, a cocktail bar where CBD is artfully balanced with alcohol & provides a soothing, refreshing experience.

6 Common Myths and Controversies About High-CBD Cannabis

CBD is becoming popular because of its many health benefits, but not all of the information you see is correct. Learn more about some common CBD myths and facts.

Looking for High-Quality CBD Flower in Oregon? These 3 Strains Are Just for You

High-CBD cannabis strains are great for those who want to enjoy the relaxation of cannabis without getting too high. Read about three standout CBD varieties from Oregon.

Looking for CBD in CA? Here Are 5 Options We Love

Looking for great, effective, pure, and potent CBD in California? Here are some options.

8 Must-Have CBD Products for Athletes and Exercise Junkies

A roundup of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD relief for athletes, exercise junkies, or anyone looking to soothe sore muscles.

Study: With CBD, 80% of Children With Autism Saw Improvement

Israeli researchers have found improvement in autistic children treated with high concentrations of CBD. Learn more about their study here.

Why Is CBD Illegal If It’s Non-Intoxicating?

Safe, effective and non-psychoactive… why is CBD still Schedule 1?

CBD Outrage: 36 Hours in Jail for CBD Oil Sold at Grocery Store

Wyoming cops arrested a 50-year-old woman, nursing her mother with cancer, and jailed her as a flight risk.

The Cramps Crusher? CBD Suppositories Review

If you ever wanted to try THC suppositories for menstrual cramps but don't have a medical card and don’t live in a state with recreational pot: Check out CBD suppositories.

Legalization vs Mexico’s Powerful Cartels: Who’d Win?

This article is sponsored by Diamond CBD. Diamond CBD is dedicated to developing innovative hemp CBD extracts for consumers around the world. As regulations evolve…

Does CBD Only Come From Cannabis and Hemp?

Cannabis may not be the only plant with the potential of producing cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Here's what else might and why.

An Ode to CBD Dabs

Dabbing doesn't deserve its divisive reputation. Especially if you start with CBD.

Guest Opinion: FIFA Athletes Can Use CBD. It’s Time for US Sports to Follow Suit

American sports organizations like the National Football League, which currently bans the use of any cannabis compound, have not been as forward-thinking.

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