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How long does THC stay in your system?

September 27, 2016

Congratulations, you just landed your dream job! Your eyes widen as you read through the offer letter from your future boss. “Salary…health benefits…401k.” All that hard work has finally paid off! But as you reach the bottom, your heart stops. “Routine drug testurinemarijuana.”

Panic sets in. When was the last time you smoked cannabis? Two weeks ago? Three weeks? And how long will it show up on a drug test?

Although conventional wisdom says at least 30 days, the answer is not straightforward. There are many different kinds of drug tests available, which have varying levels of sensitivity and time periods to detect cannabis in your system.

Meanwhile, wide-ranging patterns of usage as well as a unique biology for each individual make the calculation of a concrete detection window (the number of days after ceasing usage that a drug test will continue to be positive) even more complex.


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“There is no typical window of detection,” says Ryan Vandrey, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Johns Hopkins University. “It is highly variable from person to person and it varies based on the frequency of use and the amount of use. So there is no way of predicting or knowing how long someone would test positive with any kind of certainty.”

How do drug tests work?


About 40 to 50 million drug tests are conducted by employers each year, which analyze biological material including urine, hair, blood, saliva, breath, sweat, and even fingernails. When cannabis is consumed, THC levels temporarily rise in the body, which are detectable by blood tests from several hours up to a day after a single usage. Although these levels drop significantly after a few days, there are still other means of determining recent usage.

THC, CBD, and their metabolic byproducts, called metabolites, are lipid-soluble and accumulate in fat reserves throughout the body. These molecules are then slowly released over time, resulting in a considerably longer time period for the body to purge itself of marijuana traces compared to other recreational drugs, especially for chronic users. Hair tests tend to have the longest detection window, capable of registering the levels of a non-intoxicating THC metabolite called 11-nor-delta9-caboxy-THC (THC-COOH) up to 90 days after cessation.


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While each drug test has its advantages, urine tests tend to be the test of choice by most private employers and are the sole test recommended by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a branch of the U.S. department of Health and Human Services that sets standards for drug testing of government employees. Like hair tests, these urine screens do not directly measure the amount of THC present, but rather the levels of the metabolite THC-COOH.

Once a specific test is selected, the experimenter must then choose its sensitivity, or the cutoff concentration of THC-COOH above which a test is considered positive. The most common cutoff for most urine tests is 50 ng/mL, but cutoffs can be as low as 15ng/mL and as high as 100ng/mL—each of which result in widely different detection windows.


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“Testing is usually a two-step process,” says Vandrey. “The first step is a qualitative yes/no with a typical cutoff of 50 nanograms per milliliter. And if you see a qualitative positive, you then send it off for confirmation with a more sensitive quantitative assessment that uses a 15 nanograms per milliliter cutoff.”

Despite the fact that SAMHSA sets standards that regulate these urine tests, the vast variability in cannabis use as well as individual differences in biology and genetics stymie efforts to develop specific time windows for detection.

How long does cannabis stay in your system?


Meanwhile, each of us has a unique metabolism that processes cannabis at a different rate, further complicating the picture. Even amongst people of the same gender and age, individual lifestyle choices such as levels of exercise and eating habits may also affect the amount of time required to pass a drug test (those with higher levels of fat content store cannabinoids more readily than leaner folks).

Given these preliminary grains of salt, however, there are several studies that have explored this question over the years, which offer some general guidance for those awaiting their impending drug test.

“...there is no way of predicting or knowing how long someone would test positive with any kind of certainty.”
Ryan Vandrey, associate professor, Johns Hopkins University

According to a 2005 review by Paul Cary, director of the Toxicology and Drug Monitoring Laboratory at University of Missouri, while detection times in excess of 30 days do occur for some, they are largely an exception.

For example, a 1989 study of chronic users showed a maximum detection window of 25 days at a sensitivity of 20 ng/mL. Yet he points out that only one subject tested positive after 14 days, and it took an average of just 9.8 days before cannabinoid levels were no longer detectible. And while a 1984 study testing chronic users at a cutoff of 50 ng/mL showed a maximum of 40 days to get clean, 8 out of the 10 subjects needed only 13 days to show their first negative.


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Consequently, Cary offers some shorter estimates of detection windows that he believes would be reasonable to expect given an individual’s frequency of usage and the sensitivity of the particular urine test.

At the standard 50 ng/mL cutoff, he states that “it would be unlikely for a chronic user to produce a positive urine drug test result for longer than 10 days after the last smoking episode.” And if this sensitivity is dropped to the 20 ng/mL level, he posits that this detection window extends to around 21 days for frequent users.

Meanwhile, for those who smoke occasionally or for the first time, “it would be unusual for the detection of cannabinoids in urine to extend beyond 3-4 days following the smoking episode” at the 50 ng/mL cutoff. This is drawn out to around one week for a more sensitive 20 ng/mL threshold.

It’s also important to remember that ‘occasional’ and ‘chronic’ each represent opposite sides of the usage spectrum, and most users would likely fall somewhere in the middle.

“I think these [detection times] are reasonable,” says Ron Flegel, director of the division of workplace programs at SAMHSA. “If it is an infrequent use or a single use it usually takes just about 72 hours” at the 50 ng/mL cutoff, whereas “chronic users are probably looking at seven to ten days.

Factors that may impact drug test results


Flegel also notes that he often sees cases where individuals fluctuate between positive and negative tests over a period of time.

“A lot of people call us and say the person was negative and now they are positive, and they say they haven’t used,” says Flegel. “But if a person becomes dehydrated it concentrates the urine and when they exercise it breaks down fat cells and releases THC,” both of which increase the chances of a positive test. “So you will actually see that over time they will go up and down between positive and negative.”


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Meanwhile, Vandrey believes that even these general recommendations are unfounded, particularly for chronic users.

“In a single acute use for a fixed dose we might see a range of variability on the order of days,” he says. “So someone might be clean the next day and others might be positive for seven days. And if you are talking about frequent repeated use the variability just gets bigger. I have had people who smoked cannabis all day every day be clean in a week and a half, and others be dirty for two months.”

Does CBD consumption result in a positive drug test?


And what about those who consume other non-intoxicating cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol)? How long does it stay in your system, and will it show up on a drug test?


Does Using CBD Hemp Oil Result in a Positive Drug Test for THC or Marijuana?

Because standard urine testing only analyzes metabolites of THC, those who consume CBD/hemp oil have very little risk of testing positive. But because hemp oils contain very small amounts of THC, those who use an extraordinarily large amount of cannabinoid-rich oil products (greater than 1000-2000 mg each day) might show a positive test on the initial urine screen, which is susceptible to cross contamination from other cannabinoids. However, this initial “false positive” would not hold up to the more rigorous second round of confirmatory testing, which specifically measures THC-COOH.

How to pass a cannabis drug test


But for those who do consume cannabis, is there anything you can do prevent a positive test or speed up the detoxification process?

Although abstinence is an obvious initial answer, it may even be dangerous to hang out with friends who are smoking. Indeed, in a 2015 study, Vandrey exposed a small group of participants to secondhand smoke in both ventilated and non-ventilated rooms. He showed that some participants who sat in the non-ventilated room tested positive for THC-COOH, with concentrations in urine exceeding 57 ng/mL.

“You can’t inadvertently have secondhand smoke exposure to the extent that would trigger a positive urine test, but it is possible,” says Vandrey. “So if you are subject to drug testing and are surrounded by a bunch of people smoking weed in a closed up room, you should leave.”

Many who are facing a drug test but are unwilling to fully give up cannabis turn to synthetic cannabinoids in the hopes of cheating traditional tests. Yet, these alternatives, commonly referred to as “K2” or “spice,” are unpredictable, showing side effects ranging from nausea to seizures that have caused a spike in overdoses in recent months. And many private companies now include tests for synthetic cannabinoids in their repertoire, making this approach both dangerous and futile.


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Others who continue to smoke may attempt to tamper with their urine, adding chemicals such as pyridinium chlorochromate or peroxidase that eliminate THC-COOH in the sample. Most testing agencies, however, will screen for these compounds and being caught is often just as bad, if not worse, than a positive test.

“In our programs if you adulterate a sample it is considered a refusal to test, and in most situations you are fired,” says Flegel.

How to get THC out of your system


For those who are able to quit, one common technique is to flush out your system by drinking a lot of water. This can be a good approach, as dehydration will increase the concentration of your urine and could increase your chances for a positive result. If your urine is diluted too much, however, it will automatically invalidate the results and you will have to repeat the test. So hydrate carefully.

A potentially more effective tactic for speeding up the detoxification process might be cutting back on the Big Macs and hitting the gym.

“Fasting is going to burn fat, which is going to release more cannabinoids,” says Vandrey. “If you have more fat then there is more tissue for the cannabinoids to get stored in so you might get a little bit longer window of detection.”


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Nonetheless, it is important to give your body enough time to clear out these stored cannabinoids, as exercise or fasting will likely result in a transient spike in measurable THC metabolites as they exit the body.

If you know you have an upcoming drug test, not all hope is lost. Given the current detection windows for standard cannabis tests, it’s likely you will be able to pass a urine test as long as you are not an extremely heavy user and are given sufficient advanced notice. But if your employer tests you regularly and without prior notification, perhaps it wasn’t a dream job after all.

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Adam Hoffman

Adam is a freelance science writer living in Brooklyn. He grew up in the Bay Area, where he developed a profound love of fog and tacos. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Health Magazine, and STAT News.

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3 part series

  • Sergio Farias

    Drug tests are oppressive.

  • Richard Hill

    I was wondering if those detox drinks that you can buy are any good or if they are a rip off?

    • BigRalphSmith

      Detox drinks are crap.
      ALL of them!

      • ggmm

        why do you say so? I had hunch they were, but can you give me so explanation before I spend some $$$

        • BigRalphSmith

          Rather than tell you why, I’d rather lead you through the steps of answering this for yourself.
          First question: What is a “detox drink”?
          Second: How does the human body detoxify itself without such a product?
          Third: How does the drink either accelerate or sidestep the natural processes of detoxification? What is the mechanism?
          Fourth: Is there any scientific evidence that you can find that supports the idea of a drink leading to immediate detoxification?
          Fifth: What is the primary target market for these drinks?

          Once you really look at these questions and do a little research and work to avoid wishful thinking, I think you’ll realize quite on your own what the reality of “detox drinks” are.

          • victor

            the ones that work don’t really detox they cover up or flood your system and hide the results

      • victor

        not really just the chap ones, worked for me on pee test

    • Timoth Shefield

      No no no fake urine 98 100 temperature

      • Mark DeCou

        Dude knows what he’s talking about! This works for me as well. Has for 12 years and look I use an eigth a day and concentrates, Don’t need to probably having only broke my neck and all, but I would never test clean after detox, a lot of your readers are in the same boat for whatever reason. To much to detox? Go Synthetic Urine get you a hand warmer pack from Target 98-100 for real never fails, never.

    • victor

      there is a drink that works, I wish I could remember the name. it comes in a white box, bottle inside. the color is red
      it has some type of root extract. Go to a vitamin store, don’t tell them why or they cant sell it to you. just say you want to get CLEAN
      not for drug test. it will only work for pee test. but it works, it was $50 , that was several years ago. don’t buy cheap stuff. remember will only work for pee test. that’s why most places have switched to dna swabs.

    • Kisha

      Yes they do…well yes and no! It really just dilutes your pee but it works to pass the test. Drink it down an hour or two before your test, TAKE 2 VITAMIN B PILLS…very important step as the vitamin B will make your pee yellow so it doesn’t look diluted. Otherwise your pee will be clear and the test will be rejected. So take it with vitamin b and lots of water and it’ll work. Trust me, I smoke pretty much every day and passed.

  • politicalzoo

    Liberty is a mirage… control is the reality.

    • arjelio

      Some of us escaped! I retired at 49 and have been on the radar as little as I could manage since then, 15 years ago. I like thumbing my nose at authority.

  • Jeremy Klondike

    I smoked pretty heavily for about 3 years I have committed myself to detoxing for potential drug tests. I am about 70 days in and the drug tests are still coming up positive. Heavy smokers, give yourself adequate time to detox before quitting your job.

    • Tyler Collins

      i smoked heavily for about two years solid I am trying to join the military I have like 6 to 7 months you think thats enough time if i do a lot of detoxing things?

      • Shiquita

        My cousin was a heavy smoker from age 16 to 35 and it took three months to come out of her system. Also if you are in the house with others who smoke be careful as anything in your hair or lungs will also result in a positive test. ( This is what she was told)

        • Dev O

          When U say “Heavy”, do u have an idea (by chance) how much is heavy? I’m curious because I always try to myself into the correct category as far as, (I smoke daily, but maybe 5 or 6 puffs off the pipe at night usually.) Is that considered heavy or………? It’s different for everyone, the trick is figuring the timeframe until you your test is negative. I’ve never done that, always do the flush, creatine and vitamin B 6, B12 and pee, pee, pee before the test. I’m always a nervous wreck, but it works……

          • Shiquita

            She smoked from the time she woke up until bed time.

      • arjelio

        If you don’t pass a drug test with that lead time, it is a clear indication that the universe sees you as a stoner so go to school for landscape design or something that allows you to own your own business. I had my own business before I retired and the subject never came up in any meeting.

        • Dev O

          Nevermind, I forgot what I was going to say… have a good day/evening.

      • FLW

        It’s been 8 months. I hope society had more to offer you than the Military, so you didn’t have to sign up. Unless you love soldiering, in which case, go whip butt, and thank you for serving. God save democracy.

    • Timoth Shefield

      It’s sad but they won’t admit cannabis is not a toxin you can’t get rid of it with detoxifiers natural and your body just has to use it Up Overtime keep the urine at a consistent temperature of 98 – 100 and you’re golden mouth swabs 3 days and your gold everything else sup to you I’ve had cancer my system up to a hundred days later it’s natural

  • Tyler Fuller

    i smoked about 2 weeks ago. i am 5’5 125 with a muscular build. i am an athlete that drinks lots of water and is always running and sweating. im taking a drug text this friday. will i pass?

    • Mike


    • Ben YT

      did u pass it lmfao

  • Dan D.

    I drink a lot of ginger teas before the tests. Ginger is a natural blood thinner. So my thinking is thin the blood out, then it gets thru membranes easier. Collecting and cleansing cells. And stop 2 days before test as things get back to normal. Well see tomorrow, got to pee for the va…

    • Christina Hernandez

      So did you pass

    • Timoth Shefield

      Those are random tests they don’t test every single one if you’ve already sold your soul I wouldn’t play with my career

  • Wendy
  • 745Giants

    Out of all the online journalism I’ve read on the internet, this writing may just be the best. It is written with passion. Never stop writing Adam Hoffman!

    • BuckCronkite

      Not only that, but Adam freestyles all over the place in a wide-ranging variety of publications. I loved the last line of this piece, Mr. Hoffman wrapped it up beautifully with a philosophical bow. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

  • Corry

    take niacin like its candy and drink alot of water and dont do any for about a week u should be clean ive done it countless times and im a heavy user

  • Dan Healy

    30 years ago if you brought up the topic of drug tests for employment you would have been laughed out of the room. There’s a thing they USED to call probable cause. That means your employer has to have a REASON to suspect you and then can get a search warrant to see if they’re right. Well kids your own democrats and republicans don’t give a shit about your PROBABLE CAUSE and the testing laboratories cheered. Get it stupid?

    • Timoth Shefield

      They’re just a bunch of rich people who want money and don’t want to really work they can never dig a hole introduce anything worth talking about so they push up poison and take side money to support their friends you got another the richest separated from everyone else but we’re still made to support them

      • Gregory Didycz

        too many people, not enough jobs. Easy way to reject you, based on criminal check, credit check, drug check. etc.. Again loosing freedom, one generation @ a time.

    • Gregory Didycz

      stealing our freedom, one generation at a time.

    • Charles

      Don’t be stupid, stupid.

  • mark

    I’m a trucker and smoke weed regularly. I can’t even begin to tell you how many piss tests I’ve taken over the years, and I haven’t failed once.I carry a kit in my duffel bag at all times, and it consists of a gallon of water, powdered creatine, and 4 vitamin b complex tabs…When I get called for a test I immediately mix 4 scoops of creatine into the water and begin drinking while taking the B’s. Take 1 B per quart drank. Keep drinking and peeing drinking and peeing right up until you go in for the test. The B is to turn your piss yellow so you don’t get refused by the test taker for being too clear, and the creatine is taken to show the examiner that you haven’t tried to dilute. Creatine is what they look for in determining if the sample has diluted..Truckers are tested at the 50NG/ML cutoff, so I don’t know if it will work for a 20ng/ml cutoff test…I always have at least 2 hours notice too, which is perfect, it gives you time for the Creatine and B’s to get in your system..Remember drink the last of the gallon just before you walk in the the testing facility..Timing is everything..don’t worry if the make you wait 15-20 minutes you’ll still be ok…Beware some trucking companies, especially during orientation will make you wait hours before giving you a test…in this case, my recipe won’t work…

    • MSSwamprat

      I was in the Army and we learned don’t ever give the first piss of the day and drink plenty of water. For the ones that followed this rule, we all passed. Be careful and know what you are walking into. I work in heavy industry now and we do hair follicle test which we get to choose the window of time, 90-days is the typical look back. We choose 90-days, because we are more interested in the chronic users and of course if you smoked the day before, it has not had time to get into your hair yet (the lab washes all samples before testing), they are looking for the chemicals in the hair, not just an exposure to the smoke. Also, one good concert should not be enough to trigger a positive, but if you are a regular user it will be in your system for a while. Also, don’t try shaving to avoid this test! That just raises suspicion and the hair can come from anywhere on you…

      • mark

        Yes..Anyone can pass a urine test regardless of how much weed is in their system, by drinking LOTS of water, BUT if it’s too clear, it will be rejected on the spot. That said, if it’s got color it will go on to further testing, But when the examiner gets the sample and see’s there’s no creatine it will be rejected as diluted, which is not a bad thing, it only means you’ll have to retake it…

    • arjelio

      I drove for 10 years and marijuana enhanced the trip because, while I did the job, I considered myself to be a professional tourist and my focus was on seeing the sights. I got the dispatchers to look at the freight rates for light loads and pointed out that it takes less fuel to move a light load and that got them finding light loads. I got to go up the mountains at 75 and that also helped the experience.

      • mark

        Cool Bro..Yep light loads are the bomb..BTW…I quit smoking weed, had a VERY bad experience with some brownies I made..Thought I was going to die…Severe anxiety, and very low blood pressure, passed out, luckily I wasn’t driving!! Also started thinking about what would happen to me if I ever got into a fatal/injury accident..There’s NO way to pass a blood test when a trooper takes you to the hospital for one… could end up in prison for a long time…

        • arjelio

          Since I quit driving in 2001 when I retired to the farm, I’m not sweating a lot of interactions with those fella anymore.

        • Olivia Branch

          Your experience reminds me of what happened to me when I was 14. (I’m 53 now) I was in my room smoking a bowl of gold dust left over from some choice bud I’d had. (I had this elaborate setup of a life-size cardboard Steve Martin stand up cut out that a kindly record store guy had given me and it had a little shelf for my water pipe. I also had aquarium air line tubing snaking out of my window to cut down on the smoke smell. ) So anyway, my mom bangs on my door as I’m finishing up this incredible bowl and says I have to do the dishes. Oh well, bummer, but no big problem, right? I stand up and the next thing I know I’m looking undeneath my bed, flat on the floor. What the heck? So I try again and manage to make it TO my bed before fainting again. Unreal. So I get back in bed and think that there is absolutely nothing that will get me to stand up again. Well, in comes mom. She’s pissed and i-had-better-do-those-dishes! So, I stand up and run like heck for the kitchen and faint dead away into the filthy sink water. I hear my oldet brother and my future husband laugh in in the dining room, and there’s no way I want to be embarrassed like this. So, as I head back to my room, I faint again on the cold tile of the hallway, opening a huge gash in the underside of my chin. My parents are horrified, but have no idea that I’m stoned out of my mind. Future hubby and bro get it right away. So, the chin need stitches and my dad’s retired Air Force. That’s right. I get seen by military docs. I’m thinking, that I am completely done, but these guys were SO cool!! One of them shined a light in my eyes and started grinning at me and whispered something to another guy who chuckled. As he was sewing me up, he said: “Been having a bit of fun, eh?” I must have turned quite red because he said not to worry about it and winked. I was very lucky on many counts! Very dangerous, indeed.

          • Justina Caseda

            I did something quite similar, Acapulco Gold, 15 yrs old (55 now) couldn’t find my way out of the bedroom. Had the spins so bad I had to crawl. I had ridden my horse into town prior, she was in the back yard eating my moms garden… by the time I got out there, still crawling, she had pretty much wiped out the corn and any of the greens my mother had worked so hard at planting. Whats worse Is I couldn’t get her to stop.. I swear the horse was laughing at me. The neighbor thought I had been thrown and knocked myself out when they found me face down in what was left of the broccoli. Mom wrote my dizzy spell and passing out as a head injury. But my big bro who’s weed I pinched had a pretty good idea what had happened.

          • Olivia Branch

            Just saw your post! Wow! That must’ve been bizarre!! Hope you didn’t get into too much trouble!!

    • Michael Milburn

      Mark, I would love it if you would try using the new app I have developed for the iPhone, iPad called DRUID. It measures actual impairment (e.g., hand-eye coordination, reaction time). More info at See this article about DRUID at the Oregon Cannabis Connection:

    • britney starke

      So Mark, if I have to wait 45 minutes to take the test will I still be ok?

      • mark

        yes…I’ve had one company during orientation make us wait and hour and they wouldn’t
        let us go pee..I almost died…LOL…

        • Gregory Didycz

          fuck that i would quit. I’m sure that is against the law in Canada. Sounds like torture.

    • forkboy29

      I’m in Canada and have a legal prescription. Glad I don’t have to deal with any of that bullshit.

      • Don K Laing

        So because of your prescription you are exempt from testing?

      • sergio 1989

        They don’t give a fuck about prescriptions out here its still a federal schedule one drug so insurance companies want no part out it.

      • SarahKentucky

        Bullshit, kanuck. You act so high and might up there. It’s legal in most of the U.S. and your pot aint’ shit up there. You get tested too, and you get fired. They still have raids in precious Kanada.

        • forkboy29

          What you wrote is entirely bullshit. Marijuana is ILLEGAL in 30+ states. I have never once in my entire life been tested for drugs. That would be illegal in Canada because our country is run better than yours. Also, there have been NO marijuana raids here since legalization. You ENTIRELY invented all of that. You don’t know shit!

          • Alexander Moises

            Canada sucks, That’s why I left after 22 years, “whoop di do”, you can do drugs, Your fucking PM is a brownface racist. And your country is run like shit. STFU

          • SarahKentucky

            Your country is the king of image. In reality Canada is a low grade hyper regulated 2nd tier country.

        • John Lemon

          Love that half the weed that comes out of BC is 10x better than anything from the states, also if its legal the you’ll probably get fired for having it in your system because they think you use it regularly or before work and the stigma that comes along with being a toker usually isn’t the best especially in the eyes of someone who only values you for what you do for their brand/company, and the only raids that are apparent are those on people who they suspect are selling without the proper permits those who have whole pounds sitting in a bin, I know if I found that much kush that I would think that person is definetly selling because its pretty hard to smoke though multiple pounds before it goes bad unless you’re storing it properly.

          • SarahKentucky

            Your PM needs daddy America to save you, once again

    • XO Dosia J.G.S.

      lol, i drive also, and i’ve violated DOT regulations about 375 times

    • g8rb8

      Your system is PERFECT.. worked like a champ for me. THANKS..

    • Dale Burdick

      I was wondering if the creatine comes in certain milligram itch or strengths and which one should I pick and also the vitamin B tablets also come in different strengths which one should I pick

    • AC

      Hi Mark. I’m curious to know if to this day your method still works?

    • Billy

      I know this post is 2 years old, but I wonder how it’d work in my situation. With all the rules and regulations, I have lost my CDL due to the negligence of other. After my 3rd time getting rear ended, I knew as soon as my back was opened up that I’d fail my D.O.T. inspection. Within the past year being all 5-6 spinal surgeries have failed, I was put under for a morphine drip pump but noticed it started causing a lot of problems. I’m in the process of getting it turned off and taken out.

      Within the past 5 months, I’ve started using medical marijuana. Unfortunately, being disabled and unable to work, the doctors office does drug testing which if positive, they won’t prescribe medication. Which is the tricky part because the medical marijuana is prescribed by another doctor.

      Although I have a prescription and the license to use it, I wonder if the creatine would also affect the morphine levels?

      Lastly, anyone know how much the doctors offices test for being they do up to 8-10 different tests? For the past 1 1/2 month, I’ve been using mandarin dreams at least once a day and using mandarin dreams & 9 Lb. Hammer vaping cartridges up to about 10 times per day on the highest setting on my vaping pen.

  • Jay Leon Murdock

    Y’all wouldn’t be posting this article if you knew in certain states, medical patients can have their cards taken from them for trying to dupe a piss test. But hey! Let’s all pretend that the states in the US are like Colorado, washington, nevada, and fucking California. That’s the smart way to do it!


    2 weeks is all you need. Water, gym 20-30 minutes a day, and green tea does wonders.

  • Todd Burgess

    Synthetic urine. The only way to “go”.
    Employer wanted me gone, so “random” tests came up, 2 per year. Never failed. Eventually got fired for a hernia, but that’s got nothing to do with pot, except as a post-op pain reliever. Better than the morphine tabs they prescribed.
    F ’em all!!

  • Isaac Mizrahi

    are you people SERious? the way to pass a drug test is the same as any other…
    ; – )

    • katkelly57

      I once stayed up all night studying for a urine test.

      • massvocals

        yep he did i watch his brother hold his pants open so he could P

      • Mark

        Hahahahaha you’re not alone dude!

  • Suzann Baldwin

    I passed a urine drug test after smoking only two days before. The trick? Flush your system with plenty of water and take massive amounts of natural vitamin C. I took all natural rose hip supplements and drank warm lemon and lime water. Best of luck!

    • arjelio

      Sometimes I think it’s possible to “pass” the test because it never really gets processed. An employer that doesn’t have any regulatory requirement to test may use the test to elicit confessions or other behavior that indicates an unwillingness to be tested and if those circumstances doesn’t materialize, they will consider the willingness to test sufficient.

      • Suzann Baldwin

        I can understand your skepticism, but that wasn’t possible in this case. A test was administered, right in front of me, and I did pass it. It was a doctor’s comment that led me to the vitamin c trick. My husband had gone in for a new employee physical a few months earlier, and the doctor giving him his physical and drug test made a comment about his ph levels, saying that he must eat a lot of fruits and veggies, because his urine’s ph levels were low. The doctor volunteered the information that lower ph levels can cause a drug test to come back negative. But I am glad for your comment. I should have shared these details in my original post.

        • arjelio

          That’s excellent information. My roommate has an ex who plays games like drug tests, failing to tell the state that she got her child support, etc., and I smoke a lot so he can know how to do that. That may be why I passed some tests back in the olden days, I used to eat 22 grams of Vitamin C every day for weeks at a time, using time release for the night to get my pH low and keep it there. I passed a couple of tests I was really concerned about and would definitely use the Vitamin C, or “Vitamen C”, if you take more than one, as you have generously pointed out.

    • mark

      They must have tested you with a cheap in house otc kit, because if they would have sent your sample to a pro you would have been refused by the nurse for no color, and if by chance the nurse let it pass clear, it would have been flagged by the examiner for being diluted…No b6/color/creatine no pass

      • mark

        Vitamin C does nothing…

  • Kisha

    This article literally said a whole bunch of nothing! No real tips or recommendations, no sure fire way of passing a drug test which is only the TITLE of the article! But rest assured folks, I AM HERE TO ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTION! I am a proud passer of a drug test and I smoke every day because of MS and sometimes just recreationally. I bought HERBAL CLEAN® QCARBO20 from GNC which dilutes your pee. BUT HERE’S THE TRICK…YOU MUST TAKE A COUPLE VITAMIN B PILLS SO YOUR PEE IS STILL YELLOW! That step is very important. If you take the cleanse and don’t take the vitamin b your pee will be clear and they’ll negate the test and you’ll have to come back again. As long as your pee is still yellow they won’t void it even though it might test “diluted”. Now I took that specific one cause I’m overweight. It’s specifically meant for those who are overweight. If you’re not overweight use TOTAL ECLIPSE™ ASSURE DETOX. Works just the same, and remember to take the vitamin B…very important! Works like a charm. Take 2-3 hours before your drug test and make sure to drink alot of water the day before and with the detox. It tells you in the directions.

    • Katy Greenlaw

      how many b pills? b12?

      • Beach Potato

        Every 4 hours take a B50 complex. Not B12.
        Take a look at High Times magazine at the book store for ads. Plenty of products to avoid detection. Synthetic urine, neutralizers, shampoo. Little heater pads with clean synthetic urine…..etc…..don’t fail a test, lots of ways to beat it. Get smarter than the test.

  • Christian Jensen

    If you are afraid to get busted.. Just have some soap it taste nasty but works..

    Brush your teeth and use a sincerity before driving or knowing you are going to take a drug test or if you think. ‘
    Wash inside the mouth each side .. And before the test take a drop of soap on your finger put some where you piss comes form ..
    Ore inside of the mouth where they take the test. This will end with a corrupt test.. This works for everything even opiates.. Did this all the time..
    If its a urine test say you did take a shower that day…

    • arjelio

      I hope you follow your advice. Your sense of humor needs to find someone better able to express it.

      • Christian Jensen

        I know this works.. Ive used half my life…
        And i got subutex now for almost 15years.. The day i i was gowing to get them i had to be clean form heroin. And i used the day before.. and i took a shower before.. If you must piss when they look,and your smart have a drop soap on your finger and stick it in the test.. Ore have it on your genitals! You wash your self so what is the big deal whit some soap? 99% of failed test are since you took a shower and soap get in the test.. I have taken test for years one every week… And my doctor told me this trick. Since i got some piles i cud loose my subutex if i used to so i did this at least 20% of the tests.. This is free and it’s everywhere.. Show me a better way then for free! This works on everything,,,,, But blood and hair…. But those test cost to mutch to do anyway they do not do them a lot,,,

  • Larry342516

    This article told us nothing on how to avoid a positive testing. IMHO the best way is to stop smoking the stuff, and your problem is not a problem. As far as those that smoke and drive on the road for a living may God protect the innocent.

    • arjelio

      Marijuana doesn’t impair your ability to grasp reality in the way alcohol or meth do. Drivers who test positive have yahoos screeching that it was the marijuana but often it’s a drug or alcohol that’s the real culprit. You should get some experience with pot before you start disseminating your “information” or just let some articles pass without putting your two cents in..

      • Mike Hunt

        Weed, as any type of impairment, slows your reaction time. Period.

        • arjelio

          Mike, your opinion is a great one. Now, add some facts that aren’t written in your own hand and maybe you’ll be interesting to listen to. You’re probably a Trump troll with the weak-willed brain Putin loves but information doesn’t kill you nor is it “fake news” if it doesn’t agree with your strongly held beliefs.

          • Mike Hunt

            First off, arjelio, you’re a moron. No matter what I say, you will discount it, because you are a moron, and a punk.

            For anyone else who cares, a simple Google search will return many articles informing one what we already know, that marijuana causes impairment. People space out and are easily distracted while high.

            Why would you smoke or eat doped brownies and then drive? You idiot. If you run off the road and kill yourself, no problem, but if you hurt someones family members. You idiot.

            Look, I don’t have a problem with folks drinking and drugging, just don’t drive afterwards, you liberal moron.

            The following is from a quick internet search:
            Low doses of THC moderately impair cognitive and psychomotor tasks associated with driving, while severe driving impairment is observed with high doses, chronic use and in combination with low doses of alcohol. The more difficult and unpredictable the task, the more likely marijuana will impair performance.

            Dec. 30, 2005 – US Department of Transportation (DOT)
            DOT Drug and Human Performance Fact Sheet (75 KB)

          • Mike Hunt

            Low doses of
            THC moderately impair cognitive and psychomotor tasks associated with
            driving, while severe driving impairment is observed with high doses,
            chronic use and in combination with low doses of alcohol. The more
            difficult and unpredictable the task, the more likely marijuana will
            impair performance.”

            Dec. 30, 2005 – US Department of Transportation (DOT)

          • Charles

            I use everyday. Mike is right. Marijuana slows a person’s reaction time. Don’t believe it? Then you don’t use. You are the troll.

        • Tammye S

          Hey Mike;
          I don’t understand why mean hateful people seem to always think they know the facts about everything & everyone else is what was it…weak-willed brain. ha! I do know that they seem to always be a Lefty! And btw you are 100% right about impairment & anyone who says different is apparently weak-willed brain. I know this BECAUSE I’m a PROUD TRUMP SUPPORTER!

          • Mike Hunt

            Hey Tammye, Trump 2020!

          • Charles

            I’m on the right. Way over on the right. I’ve got to say I don’t agree with your assessment that hateful people that come to these websites are on the left. Frankly, it is usually people on the right that scream about marijuana. They don’t get that less regulation with legalisation, and the feds staying out of this (Let the states decide) IS the conservative stance. Unfortunately many of those who think they are on the right don’t even know what that means.

      • TheDarKnight

        Holy shit — this conversation is a cesspool of old people who were apparently never taught basic grammar rules and like to share what fucking candidate they’re voting for. Like it matters or something.

    • Suzann Baldwin

      Larry, Ajelio is right. God put marijuana on this earth for his children to use. It eases pain and heals suffering in a natural way. But, I do agree with the no driving part. Users should not drive under the influence. I smoke, at home, in the late afternoon, after all my shopping and errands are finished. Then, thanks to marijuana, I can go into the evening pain free with the expectation of getting a good night’s sleep. Pharmaceuticals only make me more sick.

  • Raul Tsi

    Are the metabolites only from smoking cannabis or does eating it do the same thing?

    • Dan

      You’re getting that THC in your system, Raul. Same thing no matter how you ingest it.

      • massvocals

        Wrong wrong wrong there are many metabolites in cannabis there called Cannabinoids.. some are here : CBN CBD THC COOH , and this THC delta 9 the only one which will cause impairment but not cognative performence issue

        please keep in mind employers are being given credit for insurance compnaies the work place act by the feds has no legal description and does not require drug testing form anyone .even truckers in fact DOT end the program in 1996

  • Dan

    Unfortunate that you can’t refer to any recent studies. Citing studies from 28 and 33 years ago doesn’t really instill confidence in your articles assumptions on how long it takes to come up with a negative result. Good article, but you should have more recent data to pull from.

  • dianehappylife420

    Pass the test everytime!! Legal CBD oil. This product gives you the benefits, without the worry of losing your job. It is amazing! Buy it here!

  • rebecca

    If I smoked on April 29 stopped smoking but have a drug test May 30th will I pass?

    • mark

      Yes you will, if you follow my directions above…

  • massvocals

    frankly THC COOH and THC derivatives such as complex 11 does not test if a person is under the influence ( being under the effect ) therefore all drug test do is test past uses this should not effect a employment because even high levels of THC COOH would not and can not show per se level of being intoxicated at the time there fore all drug test are faults

  • massvocals

    I wish I had real lawyer my union contact says being under the influence on the job the union and signatory has tried to trap me by not informing me or getting store bought test too test me , I ,m never positive however signatory discharge me anyway in past now been 6 years paying dues The union of carpenters out of Worcester Mass refuse dispatch too me , there more to story Need lawyer to being suit

    • Major Tom

      None of that made sense.

      • Charles

        He’s probably high.

        • TheDarKnight

          Probably ha ha

  • kush fred

    i hate drug tests but i love the weed lol from the 🙂

  • dianehappylife420

    check this out…. All the benefits without the THC!! CBD oil

  • sean marry

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  • David Bkcollege

    Hey Everyone, Mark the trucker is completely CORRECT. I used his cheat method and it worked like a charm. I was failing the at home(OTC) tests left and right. So I used his method and tried it on the OTC, dollar tests and passed. 2 days later, I went to the testing facility and passed. I did stay off weed for like 2 weeks but his method was a slam dunk. You will feel a little bloated a few days later because of the creatine. Creatine adds a ton of water to your muscles but its temporary. Last a few days at best.

  • As a sports medicine physician who believes in the medical benefits of cannabis I have had to address this issue professionally in a speciality where anti doping sentiments are strong. My professional approach has been to emphasize the safe, non psychoactive and cost effective benefits of cannabis infused transdermals for the myofascial and musculoskeletal symptoms seen most often in sports injury, overuse and occupational strain. This is excellent information and highly relevant. It would be more helpful if it included a discussion of the bioavailability of THC in alternative methods of use including tinctures and edibles. I am aware from pharmacokinetic research that the bioavailabiity of cannabinoids is higher when administered under the tongue as a sublingual tincture. Thus, more enters the blood stream and may have impacts on testing. Rectal and vaginal suppositories also have a higher bioavailability. It is important to emphasize that many tinctures and suppositories are formulated with high levels of CBD that is not detected on industrial urine tests. It is also important to remind the public that the 2014 Farm Act – a Federal hemp law was passed that defines cannabis sativa from hemp as having less than .3% THC. Hemp is legal in all 50 states and can be purchased across state lines.

  • Elizabeth

    I am a regular smoker and have been on and off for years. In December 2014 I got an OWI which still floors anyone I tell because I rarely drink anymore due to severe gastroparesis and can count how many times I have drank in the past 7 years. Unfortunately, I was in an area I was not familiar with and I ran a stale yellow light which prompted my being pulled over and the rest is history. Anyhow, I had not smoked for a few days prior to my arrest and of course didn’t take the chance after. I not only tested positive for THC for a few weeks after but I tested positive for a couple months. I am 5’11 and thin and I also did MAJOR flushing of my system and took at home tests. The one thing I had been smoking at that time was wax which I think may have been the reason I tested positive for so long. My levels also went up and down which now makes sense. I have heard tons of different things people do to try and pass tests and some of them do work, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. In my opinion, if you know you are going to be tested or you are looking for a job, stop smoking/vaping/ingesting any form of marijuana!! It is just not worth taking the chance, take it from me.

  • Kayla

    So I have a drug test coming up in 5 days… I have not smoked THC now for 41 days, but on day 37 I took a home drug test and it was STILL positive. I am starting to freak out as I have to take this drug test by Friday and it is Monday. What can I do in this short amount of time to clear my system? I feel like it has to be almost out of my system by now but at day 37 the positive test still has me concerned. I am not an “in-shape” person but I am also not overweight. HELP

  • Thomas Weidner

    I am 55 Years old 245 lbs. I am a Union Electrician and we get random tested every month (although in the past 4 years my number has not come up in the random draw.) I was a daily smoker for 30 years before i joined the union. I buy the THC test kits from Amazon , 15 tests for less than $20.00. I live near the Colorado state line so i drive over and get the highest THC weed i can find and usually keep 3.5 grams on hand for a single puff every few months on my last day of work for the week. so i always test myself before smoking and of course i come up negative. I take one big hit on a Friday night then test myself daily after until i am clean. I have found 1 hit and i’m clean in 3 days. We will get tested automatically if we get into an accident or have been on vacation for more than 30 days. I had 42 days of vacation saved so i took the family to Colorado Springs for 10 days. I bought 6 grams of Bubba Cush 18% THC and 6 grams Strawberry Cough 23% THC and smoked all 12 grams over the next 11 days. After that i stopped and just did the normal daily stuff (no cleansing or any other way of trying to get the THC out). i tested negative on the 22nd day and negative every day since. I go back to work in two days and am sure i will get tested but not too worried. In the morning i will drink 2 or 3 bottles of Gator Aid just to dilute a little, add color and pee a few times before the test. I fell there is no need to dilute because i have not smoked in 31 days and have tested clean the last 10 but better safe than sorry.

    • massvocals

      Listen urine testing does not test for delta 9 THC The test reveals only THC COOH a residue which they measure a na gram which is complete fraudulent test qas it test for the wrong metabolite , the test can not show any result to performance its only policing you for pass usage its fraud on one word .

  • John Keane

    Hi everyone, I have piss test coming up next week. I used to smoke every day but not now. For the past 4 months I’ve cut down a lot last week I took a couple puffs on 2 different days. I’ve bought some synthetic urine but not sure if I want to use it or if I should try something else

  • Christi Porter

    I have not smoked pot in 3 months but have used CBD cream on my neck and wrists. I failed a UA for a job. Ugh! Embarrassed

    • FLW

      If I ever find myself in the same position, I imagine bringing in my receipts for my CBD oil. Let them know they can test for THC to their hearts content. I would try to be proactive so they know to do a test that won’t confuse CBD with THC. In a perfect world, maybe that would help.

  • Green Gone Detox

    If anyone needs help with this check us out!

  • Ryan

    Quick question I was a fairly heavy user. I’m 6 foot 260 lbs didn’t smoke for 3 weeks. Then smoked couple joints. Then didn’t smoke for 2 weeks. Smoked 1 joint. And haven’t smoked in 12 days and piss on monday. What r my chances of passing this test. I’m guessing it’s ur standard 50/ng thanks in advance for ur input

    • Mike Hunt


      • Ryan


        • FLW

          Just Legalize It.

          (Good news about passing.)

          • Suomy Nona

            FLW…How is that helpful…I would imagine if it was in hiw power he would legalize it he is asking for information not an add… I would say probably not Ryan,,, 30days and drink alot of water is good advice in most cases. , Its taken me as long as 2 months and im thin and get a lot of exercise..but i was a little dehydrated…Most of the time i come in at 30days. clean……..dont give the first pee of the day and dont put the first steam into the cup. Pee into the tiolet a little then in the cup.. make sure your hydrated…,Its not a bad idea to drink alot of water and take a vitamin b tablet to yellow it out a little

        • Emma

          Did you do anything to prepare before the test?

  • Abby’s Normal

    Buy a box of Certo (fruit pectin) used for jarring preservatives, available @ any major grocer, $ General, etc etc. There is 2 pouches per box. Mix each pouch in a gallon of water, shake well & occasionally as consuming. Drink 1 gal night before test, take 4 vitamin B6 tablets. Don’t worry you’ll urinate a few times through the night.
    Day of testing, 3 hours before test start drinking your other gallon of Certo/water that you (didn’t refrigerate last night, keep room temp) and take 4 more Vitamin B6 tablets, and urinate as many times as you can before test, and after drinking the gallon of Certo/water, drink more water. You want to complete this in 1 hour. You are now ready to give the urine sample with a 2 hour window.
    **There is your high $$ retail Flush/Cleanser**
    Certo cost less then $2.00
    You’re welcome.
    3.87 GPA Pharmaceutical & Sciences

    • Tammy Martin

      I heard that is dangerous to drink that stuff. Why?

  • Stopthemadness

    What the dot needs to do is update their drug test pertaining to pot. To show current impairment instead of pass use. On your time like alcohol it’s your choice

    • Danny Bernal

      That fkn part

  • Anna

    I get my urine tested once a month because I am pregnant. I quit smoking 3 months ago, and my latest URINE test STILL shows a very slight amount of THC. I was surprised it was there close to 90 days later. I will say I am overweight, so maybe that matters, and also I was an every day smoker before I quit. I have been burning off a lot of my excess fat during this pregnancy, so maybe it is releasing stores of THC as that happens.

  • stevetrent williamson

    I have a drug test coming up next week. And I must say that even after reading this article, I still have no idea about how long cannabis would stay in my system.

  • Kathy LeMaster

    What would be considered “Heavy Usage” I smoke about one half of a joint everyday. Is that considered Heavy?

  • Z3R0_FUCKS_G1V3N

    Quit smoking for over a month now and the First Check test still comes back positive for THC.

    And this isn’t my first rodeo, last time it took around 2 months to pee clean.

    Crazy these people want to know why marijuana is in my system for a job. Working on oil rigs they’d have a medicine cabinet and it would be full of tylenol and aspirin and whatever else generic pain killers they can stuff in there.

    I smoked marijuana because I knew it didn’t affect my liver the way these pills do. But then again CORPO isn’t making a dollar off of me when I use natures remedy.

  • XO Dosia J.G.S.

    ever since legalization in nevada… i think i made it to that number

  • Don K Laing

    If I have a medical condition and a Doctors prescription for weed can I be challenged and or terminated under ADA ?

    • Charles

      Yup, you can. The problem is there is no way to test when you used. That’s too bad. That killer drug, alcohol, leaves the system quickly. MJ hangs around a little while.

  • Don K Laing

    In light of the laws in Americans with Disabilities Act are there considerations given to an employee? Maybe he/she smokes on their own time and are fit for duty at work. There would be trace elements in these individuals. We may need to put more effort into the laws of the ADA as protectionism.

  • Kevin Backon

    What If I smoked between 1 to 7 pounds a day? What would that time scale look like?

    • Charles

      Zero. You’d be dead.

      • DuBz

        Incorrect. Cannabis has killed 0 people ever. You would fall asleep before getting anywhere near that amount

  • Jacob

    So i’m 14 and I have been smoking a lot. My mom is gonna give me a drug test in 2 days. What should I do?

  • Very informative Information i like to to read leafly regularly.I love your all stuff .

  • Pat

    Just recently was advised by my PCP (primary care physician) that in order to refill my Percosets that he has been prescribing to me for many years for a chronic back condition, I now have to take a piss test for weed which I also have consumed for many, many years. He is a certified medical marijuana doctor who knows I smoke weed for medicinal purposes and was giving me a heads up. Why, oh why would the FDA or whatever government agency be concerned considering the opioid crisis in this country. I smoke the weed so I don’t have to ingest as much of the addicting narcotics as prescribed. Thoughts…..

  • Greg

    I smoke cbd with a .7% thc level. Will I be able to pass a drug test?

  • Becky Hall-Ingle

    It’s been 45 days no smoking at all still failing for THC??? I drink lots of water everyday always have.. I’ve smoked for over 40 yrs how long does it take to get this out of my system.. very frustrating..

  • Sears

    I have a drug test in 2 days I haven’t smoked for 36 days, and before that I was clean for about 6 months, I’m currently freaking out because I need this job and what are the chances of me passing with a 20ng/ml or below, I have been drinking lots of fluids and green tea and I’m also 135lbs and 5’3