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New Study Confirms That Cannabis Can Help Migraine Sufferers

January 20, 2016

Cannabis has long been used for the treatment of migraines, but only in recent years have scientists closed in on the reasons why. A new study published this week from Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado looked at the effects of inhaled and ingested cannabis in migraine sufferers, and the results confirmed what previous studies had begun to unearth.

Researchers reviewed reports from 121 adult participants and collected the following data:

  • The average number of migraine headaches decreased from 10.4 per month to 4.6
  • Almost 40% of subjects reported positive effects
  • 19.8% of subjects claimed medical marijuana helped to prevent migraines
  • 11.6% of subjects reported that cannabis stopped migraine headaches
  • About 85% of subjects reported having fewer migraines per month with cannabis
  • About 12% saw no change in migraine frequency with cannabis
  • Only about 2% experienced an increase in migraine frequency

Inhalation methods appeared to provide the fastest effects and were more likely to stop migraine headaches in their tracks. As expected, edible cannabis took longer to provide relief and was more likely to induce negative side effects like sleepiness and overly intense euphoria (which was reported in 11.6% of participants).

Past studies attempted to understand why cannabis tends to help migraines, citing endocannabinoid deficiencies and activation of CB2 receptors as possible explanations. This particular study didn’t help to answer those questions, but it did add to the growing body of research supporting the use of cannabis as a migraine medication, given the fact that over 85% of participants saw a reduction in migraine frequency.

The next frontier in this field of research is figuring out which cannabinoids, strains, and delivery methods are most effective in treating headaches and migraines. In the meantime, we’ll have to continue relying primarily on anecdotal evidence. If you’re struggling with migraines, be sure to explore all the strains other Leafly users have used to manage their pain here.

Which strains, products, or delivery methods have you found most effective in treating migraines? Share your thoughts with the community below!

  • Artem Voyalski

    Very good video and moves! I do it every day, but mixed with the other method I was recommended by my doctor explained because I am suffering from back pain since 12 years (and no flexibility) and I make the method since now 3 weeks (roughly) and already see a huge difference. I feel alive, haha. You’ll love it is easy and secure. Here is the link:

  • Floyd Hilton

    I suffer from chronic migrains. To be honest cannibis does nothing to my migrains, if I have one to begin with. (EDIT: meaning if a migrain starts cannibis does nothing to stop the pain, vomiting, light sensitivity, or further cluster attacks.) I have had migrains from around 5 years old. Debilitating, I would often end up in the ER with a sopository administered to control my vomiting. Had at least 1 every month my entire childhood that I can remember. Until around 16 years old. I became a chronic cannibis user. I found that immediatly following heavy cannibis use I dropped from 1-5 migrains per month to 1 per year, max. I am going now on 2 years and before that 3. I’m 25 now and have only had about 6 migrains between 16-23. Most of them closer to when I first started using. Now the only thing that triggers my migrains are unnatural lemonade like bottled and powdered. Fresh and simply lemonade is fine. And aspartame. The plague of my life. One sip I will almost gaurantee have a migraine.

    • Fili Granlabro

      Thanks for sharing. i was wondering what do you mean when you say that “cannabis does nothing to your migrains”? As I can understand from your shared experience it actually helped you to drop the frequency “from 1-5 per month to 1 per year”.

      • Floyd Hilton

        I mean once they start. Once it is a full blown migrain the cannibis does nothing for the pain. Nothing to make it stop. Nothing even for the vomiting surprisingly. The only thing I have noticed is the frequency. I still have not had 1 migrain since I posted that. And as long as nobody puts diet soda in the regular soda at my local store I will not have one for a long time in the future (hopefully). Sometimes I don’t know what triggers it. Just bam. Day ruined.

    • chaizydain

      Its really frustrating to see someone post they suffer from “chronic migrains (sic)” and say that they had maybe 1-5 per mo. That is NOT “chronic” migraine. You do not suffer from chronic migraines unless you get AT LEAST 15 migraine attacks each month. Sheesh! Just cause you gotten migraines since childhood does not mean anything special. Almost all migraine sufferers began getting migraines in childhood. I have chronic migraine. Try getting 20-30 migraines a month! Yes, that is almost EVERY DAY. Year in and year out. Try being on IV medication 10-15 days a month. Trying having to give yourself injections at home 15-20 days a month. You do not have a clue and your post is offensive. A suppository! Really? That’s all you had to have. Dude, they cannot start IV’s in one of my arms the veins are so shot from all the past IV administrations. They are talking about putting in a permanent central line…into a major blood vessel…major SURGERY, because they cannot guarantee that the can give me an IV in the ER anymore. Try spending time in the ICU. Try having complications from all the meds they give you…including having your colon bleed out. OFFENSIVE is what your post is.

      • Reret302677

        Hey not tying to be a dick but I’m sure he meant no offence by sharing what he said. The dude isn’t trying to make anyone feel bad for him, he’s just sharing his input on how the consumption of weed helped his migraines become less frequent. It really sucks that you have so many migraines and it’s really awful but he just has a different perspective. It’s kinda like if someone says “I’m hungry” and someone replies with “you don’t even know what hunger is, thousands of kids in Africa die every single day from malnourishment.” The first guy meant no harm or offense he was just hungry. But honestly, I’m really sorry for you dude. I get them weekly and I really just want to die when I’m vomiting everywhere. I hope it gets better bro. (Also sorry if either of you are women I just used male pronouns because their are statistically more men then women with Leafly accounts)

      • Kasey Burt

        I totally get where everyone is coming from here. My life was thrown in the toilet after a motorcycle accident with head and neck trauma. The ‘Migraine Monster’ started immediately and I spend at a minimum of 20-23 days a month in horrific pain. No one knows what it is like to crave sold, dark, silent room so badly you want to die in it and at the same time plead with God you didn’t have to be there. No one knows what it is like to feel like one of your eyes is being ripped out of your head while simultaneously the claw end of a hammer is cracking the back of your skull and scraping out your brain. No one no what it is like to have migraine hang on for 17 days in a row, go to the ER for shots because the migraine abortives, pain medications etc for home Meds didn’t work; only to have the ER Doctor call you a ‘Drug Seeker’ and kick you out of the hospital. I had been to an ER 3 times in fives years for help with migraine and in 2012 swore I would never be humiliated like that again.

        So I want to know, has anyone actually tried cannibis for migraines here? What blend?

        • Floyd Hilton

          You must use it constantly. That’s what I was trying to say. Just smoking at the onset of a migrain won’t help. It is a preventative. If you smoke all the time you won’t get migrains. You don’t even have to smoke. Eat it. Every day. Like a antidepressant. But it’s an antimigrain.

        • T Williams

          Kasey, I do know what you are talking about. I have had pain so bad that I wished I could pull my eyeballs out to rinse behind them and feel sometime that I am a vampire because I long for the dark because the light feels like my eyes are being burned. Noise is so bad. I do know what it is like to have a migraine for 17 days actually it has been for a month and lately to add a new thing, I have been passing out. I had just started a new job in August and now I must wait to see if they approve my short term disability while my husband and I wait to see if our apartment complex puts us out for being one month late on our rent. I dont even go to the ER anymore because they think i want drugs….hell for that matter, my own doctor thinks i want drugs so what he has given me is something that does not even work anymore and to make matters worse will eventually mess up my kidneys and liver. I only take one when I cant take the pain any more to just take the edge off because it does not stop the pain. I am looking into using a God grown medicine to see how it works. I have been doing research all night and found this website and it helps to talk about it. I wish you good luck

      • Floyd Hilton

        Yeah my post is offensive. Maybe you should smoke some cannibis and see if it helps. That’s all I was saying. The frequency of your migrains could drop substantially. Although once a migrain starts all you can do is bear it. I might not have migrains as frequently as you, especially now. But at 5 years old having 5 serious migrains per month was excruciating. I’m sorry you found my post offensive and I can say the same for yours. On the other hand I think you may have read some of my post wrong. I am not againsed cannibis for a treatment. I would actually call it a preventative though.

      • Bree

        I’m not sure what the point of trying to “one up” your migraine issues is, but if you know anything about them than you know there is very little science on exactly what they are or why they occur. Just because your situation is different, doesn’t mean another’s isn’t bad. If anything you are the offensive person. How dare you make light of someone else’s suffering just because it is different from yours! A 5 year old getting a suppository because their vomiting is so bad IS A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thing no matter the cause. Coming from someone with diagnosed Cluster Migraines, his post makes perfect sense to me. Have a medication not work when you have a migraine is a real problem, with SO MANY MEDICATIONS. That statement alone provided me with exactly the information I was looking for. Get the fuck off of your high horse and ask someone for a hug. Your post is dripping with desperation of an attention seeking child and you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Tom Kovacs

        You sound like the classic asshat that wants to whine and cry how tough you have it well asshat surprise there are many many more people out there that have it worse than you its not a contest asshat!

      • LaineyBell

        Trust me, my heart goes out to you. However, the definition of chronic is: long-lasting and difficult to eradicate. There is nothing that says you are not chronic if you haven’t had a certain amount or degree of migraines in a specific time span. I have had them for 27 years and one signal a migraine is coming is that I become irritable and quick to anger. Maybe you were about to have a migraine before you became DESPICABLE in daring to compare your pain to anyone else’s. You have no idea what people go through with their migraines. Their stories would take too long to write in this space. Our migraines are debilitating, period, and destroy our lives. i cannot believe that you suffer with them and are not sympathetic to others. You’re trying to be the top winner in a contest that has NO winners. YOU are the offensive one here.

    • cody hanby

      …what? “if i even had one” implies what you nearly confirmed later, which is that you dont get migraines ever. i feel like you dont even know what migraines actually are. theres a difference between a massive headache and a migraine. im not “offended”. i just pity you. i pity anyone who is as naive as you. im not going to extend to talking about your ego, because i dont know. all that is clear here is that you preach about things you know nothing about, not only acting as if you do, but seeming to believe it.

      its not even that i think youre a bad person. i dont know you well enough. your commend hasnt shown me enough to know that of you. i just think youre incredibly naive, thats all.

      • Floyd Hilton

        When I have a migrain I start to lose feeling in my right hand. The numbness spreads up my arm and into the right side of my face. My tongue goes numb. My vision gets a sparkling effect on the edges. In the dark it kind of looks like sparklers. It pretty much takes my peripheral vision away entirely. The numbness stops then the vomiting starts. The headache sometimes starts behind my left eye. Those are the worst. Feels like my eye is popping out and someone is trying to replace it with a brick. Sometimes it’s just the left side of my head with no eye pain. Sometimes it’s everywhere and I lose my ability to talk. I can still think clearly so it’s really maddening. When I was a kid I was worse. Couldn’t drink caffeine or even eat a piece of chocolate. You are the worst kind of person I am shaking right now. I am going to be polite and not tell you what I really think about you here. But just know you are quite wrong about me. Maybe you should do some research and quit being a blind loon spreading false information.

        • Tonja

          Have you had a MRI in the past year to rule out Chiari Malformation or a syrinx? I had horrible “migraines” for 12 years and they got worse and worse until I had a seizure and they found I had a condition called Chiari Malformation. Your headaches and the numbness, and other symptoms sound like it could be this condition Many people are diagnosed with migraines that don’t respond to anything! It typically takes about 5 years of looking for a solution to be diagnosed correctly with Chiari since it is very much like migraine symptoms. However, you sound like you have some possible neurological symptoms and pressure headaches, not just migraine so I suggest getting a MRI and sending the scan to a Chiari specialist to rule out this condition. Many radiologists use a very old diagnosis that isn’t valid anymore after several studies show a herniation is not the true cause of Chiari. The numbness can also be a syrinx. Other symptoms can be arm or leg “Drops”, numbness, problems swallowing, coughing, or talking due to problem with 2nd cervical vertebrae connection, horrific headaches, and some people have horrible back pain with no mechanical cause. It can be inherited or can be acquired by a traumatic injury like car wreck. If you have a syrinx or you have Chiari which greatly impairs your life, surgical treatment is the only answer but it is an effective answer. Chiari is often progressive and can cause long-term damage due to the blockage of spinal fluid in the head. This is a serious medical condition and often hard to differentiate from migraines but the MRI can show the difference. It usually doesn’t kill you, just makes your life miserable. I had brain surgery in New York with a Chiari specialist and so glad I did! I learned from others to see a Chiari specialist rather than local neurosurgeon if at all possible b/c 50% of Chiari specialists do revision surgeries to fix errors by well-meaning local neurosurgeons with much less experience in this surgery. Good luck! Just know my horrible headaches are gone so there is hope if this is your problem. Unfortunately, not enough people know about this to give advice to rule out completely if you have routine migraine-like headaches and other symptoms.

      • T Williams

        Cody, a migraine is something not to wish on your enemy. it is a pain that I believe comes from hell so I hope you never get one!!

    • T Williams

      I am so sorry for your problems. I have been researching migraines a lot lately. I have had them since I was 22/23 but for the past month and a half, I have had one daily. I have been dizzy, passing out and in severe pain. the meds they gave me do not work and were I live they do not believe in giving you anything strong to help. I am looking into alternatives. I am pretty scared at this point because this has never happened before.

    • Bree

      I’m not sure why people are offended by your post. I found it super helpful. I’m one of 5% of Migraine sufferers who don’t get any warning signals, and almost every “emergency” medication is designed to be taken in those first moments so I really struggle, once I have a migraine, to get rid of it. They’ll go for 16 or 17 days at a time. I’ve tried medications I inject into my stomach, daily medications that interact with so many different foods they put me on an appetite suppressant, botox…been through several neurologists in several states with little luck. My main issue is getting rid of the ones that start and knowing it doesn’t help you makes a big impact on me in that respect. And it’s nice to know you are able to keep them at bay with daily use. I am not currently a cannabis user, for no other reason than it’s never been my thing. But I’m currently starting my search into alternatives, so I can stop being labeled as a drug addict when I’m desperate for some type pain relief. I appreciate you and your story, and although I don’t have a bleeding colon or shot veins, I really feel your struggle.

      • Cindy

        Actually, migraine without aura (ie: without warning signs) is the most common kind of migraine, and accounts for more than 50% (maybe as many as 80% in some studies) of all migraine sufferers.

    • LauraPtennessee

      Yellow food coloring (or most food coloring) and aspartame guarantee a migraine for me, too

    • FleaT

      Powdered lemonades and most bottled or fountain versions have aspartame in them. They use it to cut down on the calories from sugar. I am the same as you, one sip of aspartame and I will have a migraine. That and beef are my main food triggers. It is tricky to track down some food triggers because the delay can be 1-3 days. For me aspartame is almost immediate, but beef causes a migraine 2 days later (have beef on Thursday have a migraine on Saturday). I also have chronic daily headaches since a car accident in 1990. I have tried everything, including imitrix, topimax, and botox with either no relief or the side effects were worse than the headaches. I am considering trying medical marijuana. I have never tried marijuana before, but smelling it gives me a headache- hence my hesitation in trying it for the headaches. What strain do you use, and how do you take it?

    • pieinthesky

      I agree, the problem is many people claim to have migraines when they do not. You know the kind of people, let’s take an Excedrin and it goes away. That’s who is helped by all the studies. It does zero for any migraine I ever had, and in fact, made me sicker, I felt like I just drank 5 espresso coffees, so acted like a super stimulant on top of the nausea and pain. The triptan drugs work great for me and I would use ice cold therapy before cannabis. So ice cubes, ice baths, or going outside in the winter and get very, very cold. That works better than this junk science.

    • rema4684

      Hi Floyd – I know, you posted a while back but in case you do read this can you tell me how often you smoke in order to maintain preventative benefits? I agree, smoking when the pain hits you can be hit or miss. (I’ll give a strain with higher CBD a try next.) Any particular strains you can recommend for actual prevention? I have classic migraines without aura – but can get anywhere between 4 – 12 per month. And of course the usual headaches, which hurt and are annoying, but definitely doable compared to debilitating migraines. TY

  • Лиана Ерёмина

    God bless people like who made this course. thanks them I was able to relieve my joint pain straightaway.

  • Tony

    Hi Guys, I think that quite clearly the poster who said that marijuana does “nothing for me” meant to continue that sentence instead of putting a full stop – ie. grammatical error by the poster. What the poster really meant is marijuana does nothing for me “IF i have one (migraine) to begin with.”
    However by the remainder of the post it is obvious that marijuana has helped long term. Although this may not be totally relevant to this post, I myself suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression. Vaping marijuana has helped me cope with all of these issues, especially insomnia. I have been using for 4 years almost on a daily basis and to be honest I never felt better. I can’t say much in relation to migraines, but I have a pretty severe headache today and I will be getting high soon, so I will pay particular attention to how the high affects my headache. I don’t believe in pharmaceutical pills which are a ploy by the government to simply make money from its citizens by destroying their life. Stick to natural medicine peeps. 95% of my friends and family do not know that I use marijuana – that is because if you use it responsibly it does not adversely impact on you. No one has any reason to suspect I am a user because you know what, perfectly ‘normal’ people use it too – not just ‘druggies’ which is the propaganda fed by GENERAL media. I just do not reveal it to them because I already know they will say that it is CRAZY – that marijuana helps deal with medical issues. Go get some REAL help they will say haha!! This is a great post and hope to see more studies in relation to marijuana. I will report soon on the immediate affecta marijuana has on my headache. For now, peace out!

  • Chris

    My experience is similar to Floyd’s (so I’m not as inflicted as some of you… nothing to get offended or jealous over). I had about 1 or 2 migraines a month, which always started with an aura that would grow for about 15 min then disappear and pain would ensue. I had the most trouble through out high-school and college. With regular cannabis use starting in college they subsided and with a complete diet change to organic foods a few years later they diminished almost completely. I have about 1 migraine every 1 – 3 years. The only thing I’ve found to help when I do get them is a homeopathic medicine called Migraine Blocker by the company Source Naturals. I buy it at my local co-op, but you can find it online. I got a migraine today at 7:30am, and most of the heavy pain was gone within 3 hours of taking migraine blocker. It’s 1:45pm now and looking at screens doesn’t bother me. Prior to finding this remedy, I would be in the hospital for at least a day or 2 and have throbbing head and neck pain for up to 3 days after the migraine. Even Imatrex didn’t work nearly as quick or provide the pain relief migraine blocker does. I hope this info helps at least some of you. For the chronically inflicted posting here… based off your negative, hateful posts, I would look into changing your attitude and manage your stress through yoga, meditation and maybe even diet change…or your migraine pain could just be karma for being a complete asshole. Either way, it sounds like you need to change your life style rather then embracing being an Internet troll.

  • Diana Lorena Gonzalez Sanchez

    Is there an specific type of cannabis you tried? I mean I live in the Netherlands and there are tons of types? do you recommend an specific one?

    • Chris Q Daniels

      “Girl Scout Cookies” strain.. see my recent post on this page for more info

  • Visceral Blackrock

    I had a migraine on my birthday (yay!) a couple weeks ago. I am grateful that I am in the occasional-to-rare category, getting one maybe 2-3x per year. (I had a flurry of them in jr high and high school – several per year – then that tapered off to maybe once/year by my 30s, and ramped back up again in my late 40s to where it is now.) I was not a pot smoker in school, but in the past year or so (I know I know, very late bloomer) thought I’d try it recreationally. I had a lot on hand, trying this and that over the past few months, and happened to have Green Dragon (vape) on Migraine Birthday. I have the typical kind of migraine: aura/flashing lights, 10-15 minutes of shape changing, then the headache if I don’t take anything. I normally use the Triptan family of meds (Imitrex). On this fateful day, I thought WTH, this is why I got the card in the first place, and tried the Green Dragon, as it showed strong nausea and pain reduction. O.M.G. People. Less than 5 minutes! No more nausea, and the residual dull headache that comes with an event (even using the meds) disappeared. I’m a total believer!

    This is the long version of “try Green Dragon” the next time you have a migraine.

  • Tence

    I have had intense migraines every other day for the past 5 to 6 years and have been a cannabis user for about 5 years now. The migraines are soooo bad that it’s stops me from enjoying life. I take about 1200mg of ibuprofen a day so I decided to finally do something about it and see a neurologist and they prescribed me topamax for preventing migraines but the side effects are horrible. I did more research and found the cbd can prevent migraines so I tried it in a 20:1 ratio tincture and OH MY GOD what a change! No more headaches at all!!!! No advil or Motrin either! I highly recommend migraine users to try high cbd tinture!

    • Chris Q Daniels

      you’re right.. it works! and there is little danger of overdose or bad side-effects. One day the over-the-counter med people will figure this out.. it is far safer than ibuprofen and tylenol. My go-to strain is “Girl Scout Cookies”

  • Jeri Lynn Fortune Horn

    I suffer from migraines that make me so sick for 3 to 4 days. Nothing works for me not even meds from the doctor. Sleep makes it go away but then when I get up it returns. Does thc really work for a migraine? What is the best method eating it, smoking it or vaping if it does help?

    • Inhalation is the best, and vaping is the healthier and much more efficient intake method, so worth trying first for better health and saving a lot of money (a small pinch as a dose contains a lot of effectiveness).

      Find a strain that you are comfortable with psychologically. If you can find it, I highly recommend Cheese, because it is a simple and gently uplifting strain that nicely encourages mental balance. Someone very close to me is using Cheese as a daytime strain to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and so far after a couple of years of use, mental abilities have not obviously declined, while demeanor is flawless.

      Granddaddy Purple is another wise choice, but has more weight to it (making it a great nighttime strain), which may be undesirable during the day.

      Simple strains are better to try first.

      Blue Dream is a gorgeous strain with wonderful balance, but it does apply a dreamy effect.

      Wreck strains are at least somewhat dissonant, so I would avoid those in this case.

      Be careful with any complex hybrid strain. They produce very interesting effects, but it may be too much for medicinal purposes.

      A nice clean haze is another recommendation for daytime usage come to think of it (maybe too energetic for nighttime use though).

      I hope this helps, and I hope you feel better.

      • Jeri Lynn Fortune Horn

        Thank you! I have tried Blue dream for my hip pain and let’s just say it made me sleep well at night. Not sure if I would use it in the day time and try to stay a wake or not. I learned to stay away from hybrid and indica strains and to stick to sativas. A bout a year ago I tried just a cbd method and it was ok and made my feel better overall but when my pain or migraines would kick in it did not seem to be helping much even with a higher dose. I was drinking pot-o-coffee and the hot cocoa kind just about daily each morning to see if that would help me at all and that became costly very fast because each box only had 6 k-cups/pods in them. So that was when I switched to hard candy such as ranchers or suckers but it only said 25mg and not the strain and they made me really tired. So I am pretty much stuck with tinctures that I dont really like the taste of and smoking or vaping. I will try to locate some of the strains you mentioned and try them for my over all pain and migraines. Right now all I have is 2 pot-o-coffee k-cups left and a little bit of the blue dream. The blue dream put me in a deep sleep and I dont want that, I just want relief from the pain.

      • Chris Q Daniels

        “Girl Scout Cookies” is my favorite strain for migraine prevention. I stumbled on its beneficial effects by accident.. I noticed I wasn’t taking migraine meds anymore (Imitrex). Vaping is the way to go.. one 500mg cartridge will last for weeks and weeks.

  • mary bufis

    I have migraines about every 4 days or so that last for about a week. This started Sept 8th of 2017. I had an 18 hour seizer
    My doctor doubled all my antidepressants at once. He said “I can handle it . I went to the pharmacy on site where the office is and they told me they couldn’t fill them at the high mg they were at so they would submit them twice at a lower mg twice so I could get them. That…..should have been a red flag. But….I trusted him at that point. I started taking them. Immediately I started getting headaches. Not migranes but headaces everyday. My family said I was slurring my words. A week later one morning I took my meds and a half hour later I went into a full seizer . It lasted 18 hours . No one knew what It was. The hospital had never seen it. I was the first patient like this. After treating me as though as was on PCP at first and discovered I was overloaded with serintonin they had to consult with other doctors outside the hospital to find out what this was. Serintonin syndrome. Now….I have lost months of memory…the migraines are horrible. My coordination is off. I forget where I’m going . Forgot where I lived . I lose control of my bladder , fall down all the the time, went to a gas station to get gas , paid for the gas and left 4 times forgetting to get the gas. I have to write notes and post them all over the house so I know what I have to do. Even while the migraines are going on I have to force myself to get up to take care of the animals and clean , do laundry. I’ve studied a lot in this and I know now I was supposed to be taken off this medication immediately after this happened But my doctor insist I stay on it. I have been cutting down on it every other week This doctor messed up and he admitted it. Just the mg on file alone is proof. I had an MRI Brain scan last week and apparently some trama had been done and thats what’s causing the migraines, now, I have to prove it. Life for me now….well, you can only imagine. This will be hard to prove….I know that. But this is no quality of life. I’m ready to just give up…

    • Michal

      I have a PSSD syndrome after taking SSRI medication (citalopram). It last already 6 years after stopping the medication (I was only 3 months on them). So I do believe that in your case it could be caused by antidepressants. Please read about HDAC inhibitors (e.g. vorinostat, MS-275) they may have therapeutic potential in reversing long lasting substance related disorders. Their main mechanism of action is due to epigenetics. I am going to try one of them.

  • Glen

    The state I live in allows medical cannabis for neurofibromatosis which I have, which is the only way I could qualify. Migraine is not a qualifying condition. My Dr. is not convinced cannabis would be effective for migraine treatment. He questioned me if I had tried it. Obviously I have not, as I can’t get it. I would not know where to begin to obtain it to even try it. Any suggestions as to how I might convince my Dr. to allow me to try it? As I said, in my state he would have to Rx for neurofibromatosis not migraine, but my current medications are not effective.

    • Cassie

      Glen… I know it’s been a long time since you wrote here, but I’m a two-fer. I got the doctor to write the script for MM because of my IC… interstitial cystitis… a really painful if not controlled bladder disorder. Migraines in IL don’t count as a proper reason for MM either… but IC DOES. Lately, my IC flares have calmed down incredibly.. but not the migraines. But will I stop using? No. The doc who wrote my script said to use it for anything that CAN be helped by MM. My neurologist WANTED me to use MM if I could so… we continue to try and find a strain or type that will help. No luck this first month, but I have 11 more to find out if it’s for me before renewing. So ask your neurofibromatosis doc to write you up for THAT.

    • Mariana Guirola

      Change doctor and star non inflammatory diet.

  • Mike

    My dad has been having migraines for the past 10 years and has been going to doctors left and right all the tests have been done they still can’t figure it out everyday he still wakes up with a headache some days hurt more than others. it’s been crazy that they can’t figure out what’s causing the migraines after all the test I just want to know if I can give him a little bit of my cannabis and if I can help him. He has tried it before and I think it was too strong it just got him to high and couldn’t concentrate on if it actually help the migraine or not. Is there a certain stran or strength I should get or oil

    • Michal

      I was also having disastrous migraine headaches. Later I have found that they were caused by tea/coffee/chocolate (possibly caffeine). It is worth mentioning that at first these products relief headache but when they wears off from the body the headache starts. So it is double edged sword. Now I am free of headaches giving up these products.

  • Cory Gush

    I’ve been suffering from migraines for the last 7 years. I’ve tried so many different drugs from docs and specialists over these years with very little progress and so many different side affects. I still don’t have any answers to why I get them or how to stop them. The docs say if the pills reduce the migraines down to half then they are working and if the the pain killers kind of work then that’s enough. I’m tired. I hurt. But I keep going because it’s just another migraine. Another to add to the millions. I don’t know if they will make medicinal marijuana legal for migraines in Queensland Australia but I hope so.

  • Jeaneen Teschendorf

    I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was a teen, I’m 55 and can predict my migraines! Mine come on with weather change! Barometric pressure! I get the migraine 2-days before the front comes! Drop or increase 20-degrees in temperature, rain, snow. I live in Wisconsin and just coming off a three day migraine! It was 70-degrees yesterday February 22nd and has dropped to 36 and still dropping! With rain and snow on its way! I am currently taking: daily Effexor (antidepressant) suppose to help migraines, it sucks! Botox injections every 90 days, trigger point injections every 90 days, frovatriptan, fioricet, cyclobenzaprine, Cambia, Zofran, Ketorolac, Etodilac, Indomethacin and more! I use essential oils, B12, magnesium, and Himalayan pink sea salt! What’s left! I need to try cannabis! What strain?? If they can put all this unnatural crap in my body why not cannabis? I believe there’s cure in this! I’m willing to find it!

    • Jamie Cain

      Get a haze for daytime and an indica for night. Also take CBD every night. Go low and slow until you find your best dosage. A trip to CA to obtain a Dr. to advise you will help, they have 20 years of experience in recommending. Best thing about cannabis is you can’t overshoot and you don’t build a tolerance, so you won’t have to keep building on dosage once you find what works for you. I think of cannabis like Vitamin D drops, it is filling a deficiency in your endocannabinoid system. Once you go a while migraine free, you can back off frequency and still stay well.

    • Reese Daniel

      I have a feeling that all the “unnatural crap” they are putting in you have a lot to do with your migraines increasing and continuing without being helped. This is how they make money with their chemical snake oil “drugs” and simultaneously forming clever smear campaigns against all of the natural things God gave us to help us. Like the Cluster B psychopaths they are, they have manipulated the public’s perception in their favor.

  • Chris Q Daniels

    “Girl Scout Cookies” strain of marijuana prevents migraines from starting, and if taken early enough, it will stop a migraine from getting worse. How do I know? I’ve had migraines all my life.. abused over-the-counter medicines for pain relief for decades, and currently have an ongoing prescription for Imitrex which will relieve a migraine in an hour or so. But, what I want is to stop getting migraines in the first place. And “Girl Scout Cookies” works! I rarely use Imitrex anymore. I use a vape pen at night.. take a single puff of GSC vape once or twice a night.. and the next day, no migraines.. they never start. Give this a try. (Contact me on Facebook if you want to share info with me)

  • Haley Luense

    I’ve suffered with migraines since I was around 5 or 6. When I was 14 they escalated to chronic daily migraines. Here I am 10 years later I’ve been to four different neurologists and have gone through just about every migraine medication out there (including botox and the Cefaly device). I’ve done everything from massage therapy to electro-acupuncture. Even when something helps initially, it doesn’t last long. My migraines also cause insomnia, I’m usually in too much pain to get much, if any, sleep. I’m exhausted and I just want at least one migraine free day. I would like to try medical marijuana (what could it really hurt at this point) but its not legal in VA. Even if I were able to try it I have no idea where to start. What strains should I use? Is there a strain that will still let me function during the day? Is there one that will help me sleep? What is the price range I would be looking at?

    • Celtwolf

      If you still want to function during the day you want a sativa strain, if you want something to help you relax and sleep before bed you want a indica strain. Having migraines myself I can feel your pain, and totally understand wanting to try this route, funny enough even though it is illegal in my state my doctor told me I could try it but didnt want to know were I got it from. Depending on your location and the strain the price can range, east coast pays more then west coast. west coast you can get 2 grams for $10, east coast can be 2 grams for $40.. For migraines you want something like sativa – sour diesel, lemon haze, purple haze, candyland types or hybrids. – for indica – bubba kush, blueberry, purple kush, OG so on. You can also try hybrids for a balance like Girl Scout Cookies, blue dream and cheese. I also recommend vaping it, it makes supply last and is overall better in my opinion.

      • Sue Fobbe

        Can you tell me where I can buy it? I need to try something because no medication is working and I am not sleeping

    • Char Parrondos

      Vaping “Girl Scout Cookies” strain of THC is a miracle for preventing them.. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose

      • cristin mcdowell

        Right and blue dream when u have a migraine to ease it

  • Simone _Lou

    4 years chronic migraines tried every medication seen 2 neurologists had botox and Still have chronic daily headaches that turn into ripper migraines about 4 times a week my life is horrible I can’t function anymore . Medical marijuana is not even available where I live in Australia & if it were I’m sure the Dr’s would make sure it’s only for Cancer -epilepsy & end of life palliative care

    • Mark Leonard

      Take a trip to miami and get urself a couple oil pens.

  • Uri M G

    Well to all of you that get migraine headaches I had migraine headaches for about 7 years, and belive me there is no place ,doctor or medicine that really cures your migraine, but I found out there is a way that works so far I been with out any for about 2 1/2 years, but I been trying find a place I can show my product , if you need help or someone can help me with that let me know

  • Uri M G

    By the way I’m in springfield il

  • Char Parrondos

    After a lifetime of migraines, I found in the last year that vaping the “Girl Scouts Cookies” strain prevented them from occurring. I went from having at least 10+ a month, which required sumatriptan to stop them.. to having to take sumatriptan only once in the last 3 months. I have no doubt in my mind that THC prevents migraines.. but once they have started, then prescription sumatriptan is the only thing that will relieve the pain. Prevention is far more effective

    • Justin Feldman


    • Chelsie Elizabeth Cruise

      Char, I’m in the same boat. Had to up and leave work today for a random migraine attack and the only thing that will work is sumatriptan. It’s unbearable. I’m desperately looking for anything to help me live my life without feeling like someone is trying to scoop my left eyeball out with a melon baller.

      • Toecutter


      • Los

        Crazy how migraines controls your life lost 2 jobs due to migraines , can’t go out at summer much heat, bleach, perfumes cologne are my triggers

    • tarasdsu

      I have GSC vape (Kurvana brand), is this what you use? How often/how much do you need to prevent your migraines? Is the dosage small enough to keep you functional (able to use it while working/driving a car)? Thanks!!

    • cristin mcdowell

      When i have the migraine i found blue dream helps

  • Nora Cummins

    I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years and am allergic to or have severe side effects to almost every medication including paralysis. I have them almost daily and they can be so debilitating that I cannot function yet I have to work to earn a living. I’ve even been hospitalized with them several times. Any advice? I too have tried the botox but it only gives short-term relief and is no longer covered on my insurance.

    • Mariana Guirola

      Im almost there of a solution ,and is not what you expect, non inflammatory diet ( at least 3 month ) , cutting alcohol, chocolate , coffee
      refined sugar -sugar add,commercial bakery sweets ( hydrogenated oil ).and processed foods.what can you eat?
      Fresh veg-fruits-lean meat-salty organic chips with sea salt-almond milk-cottage 2 %, mozzarella ,seeds, walnuts,rice ur own cookies at home.Green tea-water only..Greek plain yogurt. magnesium every day in powder, and Epson salt bath.
      The zero sugar diet david zinzencko book brings a shopping list.

  • Ronna Herzig

    A lot of good info for me to try. Please stop comparing headaches unless you have a possible diagnosis for them. That said- I am going to try the “Girl Scout cookies” as soon as I can get a prescription. From what I read vaping works faster but ingesting can work also. The key to it seems to be prevention with cannibus. For immediate relief imitrex. Avoid ALL pain killers and anti- inflamatories as they cause rebound. I have a lot of triggers but after menopause excess cortisol was added to the list of triggers. Exercise and (other things 🙄) can keep this down. For immediate relief I use ice on the roof of my mouth or capsicum (by mouth). Ice cream at home (spoonful or two) and very spicy snacks in car. Caffeine can help for immediate relief but it causes rebound also. Beware of Excedrin etc. that has doses of caffeine. I have tried EVERYTHING else listed here. They are still daily but much less severe. Crossing my fingers for cannibus.

  • Toecutter

    Isn’t this horrible we have all been having to endure this hellish torture, when the whole time Cannabis could have gave you your life back? My god, and STILL illegal federally.

    Living in Kentucky is basically a hellishly cruel death. If something happens to your “guy” you get pot from on the Black Market, then you are FORCED to go without.

    And guess what (right on cue), been the worst kind of severe Migraine pain that set in quickly. Sounds, lights, it all is akin to sharp blades slicing your every thought. Been Suffering hardcore for week and a half.

    Tell ANYONE who opposes to go to Hell if they can’t deal with your using cannabis to cure/prevent these terrible mind bending Migraines folks. ✌️

  • Makenzie

    I am a student in college and I have suffered chronic migraines every-single-day non stop for 6 six years now. I have seen about 7 neurologists and I have had botox, acupuncture, multiple therapy types, nerve blocks, 3 head surgeries, 10+ medications, and a handful of other mini procedures. Not ONE thing has helped give me relief. The only change is the medicines has major side effects and caused a lot of problems. Unfortunately, I live in Texas and cannot try medical marijuana. I much rather be off medication that does not work and try something new like this seeing as I have no more options at this point.

    • Ana Storton

      So sorry to read your story Makenzie. My daughter is also in college. She’s 19 and has only had one day without migraines in 9 years. Her list of treatments, therapies, and clinical trials looks like yours. We stopped all drugs a year ago and have been experimenting with Cannabis. So far we know that ThcA helps greatly with nausea. CBD helps with appetite, digestion, and over all wellness. THC in the oil form does not relieve the pain, but almost makes her forget about it enough to function. She’s a straight A college Junior and her studies and clear-headedness is important to her. Since she no longer feels the high, we are going to continue increasing the dosage and experimenting with CBD/THC ratios. She has also never vaped or smoked which apparently is a quicker delivery. All the best to you.

      • BigTif Linney

        My daughter suffers daily as well. You say she does not take thc I oil form how goes she take it. Please any help would be appreciated

    • Comrade Jenkem

      My first migraines started in college. I use to get them once a week without knowing why and I had no other physical issues whatsoever. The day the compute lab replaced the old style CRT monitors with LED monitors they went away. That and fluorescent lights triggered them in me. Pay attention to the classroom environments. I started to wear polarized sunglasses and a hat in the old buildings with fluorescent lights (had to explain to the professors what was happening) and that prevented them. Good luck

  • Angie

    I have been suffering with migraines my whole life, they have increased so much since my hysterectomy. I now experience, migraines when I wake up with terrible neck pain. Also, my sinuses hurt horribly. I have had sleep apnea test, MRI, everything comes back fine. Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane. No one understands what I go through. Does anybody have this? It ruins my whole day, I still have to function as a parent with two kids and have to work. It takes over my whole life, I have been on medication prescribed by the doctor, I don’t want to take it anymore. I am considering cannabis, I see no other healthy alternative. Can someone please give me some advice on what exactly to take, without hindering my job or my children. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!!

    • Kristen Hoggatt Altbaum

      I’m 50 and have been experiencing these same headaches for 16 years. My migraines last 72 hours and are right sided. They always involve neck, upper back pain and congested sinus (right side). I assume this is all inflammation. Get a Rx for triptans. If headaches become chronic, get on Botox therapy by a neurologist. New CGRP therapy in 3rd stage drug trials offer hope. I have 3 teens, and have always resisted medical marijuana, but am starting to think about going that path.

    • Gavin Van Eyk
      This is what I use for my anxiety and headaches and I’ve heard it works wonders for migraines! It is all natural, American grown CBD that contains no THC at all. It is all completely legal so you can get it shipped to your house hasle free. My favorite method of using it is crushing it up and sprinkling it on a bagel in the morning otherwise you can just eat it plain. Here’s the lab test for it aswell. (:

    • Irene Freiberg

      I relate! I’m a single mom and have migrainrs, but thanks to covered Botox, topamax and my vap pen and smoking at night I don’t want to die. It has helped with the pain and to deal, but you need to look into natural medicine and not the poisoned from the Dr. 🙏🏼

    • Lynn Applegate

      Hi. I have suffered with chronic migraine (over 21 days per month) since I was 19 (I am now 71). Tried all the OTCS, preventatives, and am now on high doses of Topamax and Amitriptyline daily as preventatives. They aren’t working so well anymore and my son insisted I try vaping cannabis. I was skeptical at first, but I was desperate so I tried it. Cannabis is a miracle drug for me! It stops the headache in its tracks. I would get headaches that lasted 4-5 weeks, 24/7. They were ruining my life. Cannabis breaks the headache cycle for me! I think anyone who has chronic migraine should check with a physician about trying medical cannabis for treating their migraines. Research studies have shown that it is effective on migraine. No one should have to suffer a lifetime like I did in constant pain and fear. I wish I had known about this many years ago, I could have alleviated a lot of my suffering!

  • Jeff

    Have had migraines 40 years . Stress triggers, smell triggers , can’t go outside without shades. Oh ya I’m a welder so that triggers. As a child riding in cars triggered but I grew out of those when I had control of the vehicle. I can tell when one is coming . I get dizzy and have neck pain.90 % of my headaches end in vomiting sometime up to 4 times . I’ve smoked weed since age fourteen. I quit for a time in my 30s and again a short time later. This is when I noticed that when smoking I had less headaches. We are talking 2 to 5 per week down to 10 to 15 a also helps my nausea but at the cost intensity of The headache goes from a 10 to an 11. I don’t smoke when I have a headache for this reason.maybe edibles would help. Marijuana is legal for medical in Illinois but not for migraines. Wtf? Anyhow I tried all meds out there as a youngster and I’m not going through that again. This works , guess I’ll just be a criminal.

  • Sarah Duguay

    I use MM (medical Marijuana). I have a prescription for it and use it for a number of things (sleep disorder, anxiety, pain etc) but I have yet to try it for migraines which I am about to do. What people need to get over is…….what others think. Who cares………educate them as many associate it with just getting high but it is far more beneficial. Many do not know it can come without THC. Unlike pharmaceuticals…….MM does not kill your liver, kidneys or stomach and if consumed as an edible it doesn’t hurt your lungs. It has been around for a long long time. It is now known how beneficial it is for pain management amongst cancer patients and is great for giving them the munchies…..which is what they badly need because the unfortunate side effect of cancer treatment(s) is severe weight loss. JMO

    • Julie Bly

      In the same boat except illegal here in VA. Im about to do illegals bc my liver and kidneys i fear will soon end up needing replaced with all the stuff im on for 10 to 22 days of migraines a month. I used to care what ppl thought now i dont care. I just want a SAFE drug to take thats natural. That wouild be THC.

  • class_mom

    I’ve suffered all of my life from migraines. I went to a neurologist this year for the first time after years of taking tylenol, advil, Aleve and then different rx types and prednisone. Before she talked to me about a course of action, because I was also there to have my tremors diagnosed, she had me go for an MRI and suggested I read a book called Heal Your Headaches. I went back to see her a month later. I had read the book. It was determined that my MRI was clean. My tremors are Essential Tremors and my migraines are cluster migraines. I chose Topamax for prevention rather than continuing on rescue medications that barely worked. The Topamax worked for the migraines and also calmed my tremors down. However, it’s not my only medical condition. The migraines and tremors are breaking through after 6 months. I don’t want to keep increasing dosages. I also have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune condition that causes all kinds of havoc. My Internist and Psychiatrist gave me the thumbs up for my MMJ card. It’s a path I’d never thought I’d consider for myself. Wow, one month in and my arthralgia and myalgia abated, with a minimum of usage of tinctures of Charlotte’s Wed and topicals of THCs. I purchased a really good vaping device and bought some flower and blended some Charlotte’s Web flower with some Deep Sleep and it erased my anxiety a little more so I don’t have to take an extra anti anxiety med to fall asleep. I’m on the hunt for flower for daytime use for my migraines, anxiety and depression that is non-drowsy and uplifting that will not cause rebound migraines, which is what all of the tripton (Imitrex, Relax, etc.) based medications do. I think you gave me some winners here! Thank you all for sharing solutions!

  • Katelyn Lockwood

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

    • Kevin Kahler

      you should be able to buy it at tobacco shop it is legal in all of the US

  • trisha f

    I have found that a sativa dominant hybrid or, in case of a severe migraine, a straight sativa will help my headaches. I have had migraines for 42 years and and was getting to the point where even the triptans didn’t always help. Super Lemon Haze is my new best friend. It really helps. I haven’t tried the plant, because it’s not legal in Florida, but vaping it did the trick yesterday. Because the physiology of the migraine is different than any other headache, indicas generally don’t work. The reason for this is because they dilate your blood vessels, and migraines are caused by excess blood flowing to the brain. Sativas cause vasoconstriction and that is why they are more helpful. I haven’t taken a triptan in 6 months. I much prefer cannabis, especially since I don’t get a hangover from it like I do from Maxalt. I would encourage anybody who can to try cannabis for their migraines.

    • Chris Q Daniels

      I agree with your review… I’ll have to try Super Lemon Haze if I find I can’t get Girl Scout Cookies anymore

  • Aspiegirl

    I have questions, probably stupid questions, but everyone seems so knowledgeable that I’m happy to be the naive, stupid one for some answers 🙂 I have chronic migraines, vomiting, the whole nine yards, 15-18 a month. I have to self inject anti nausea drugs after about 12 hours if I just cant find any way to kill it off so I can keep medication down. Drs now talking opiates (wheee!) after kidney issues due to migraine medications. On 100mg Topamax. So…it seems that smoking when you feel a migraine coming on is not effective? Do I need to smoke daily instead? I’m in Australia so no medical marijuana but thats not exactly difficult, just expensive (only slightly illegal 😉 ). Have any Australians heard of Girl Scout Cookies? Since we arent familiar with the actual cookies here, (Girl Scouts dont sell cookies here, dammit they sound delicious after some “Girl Scout Cookies”) I dont know if the name would be identical over here. And CBD Tincture in Australia is $395 for 10ml. Worth it you think? So, if you are still reading, thank you and I apologise for my stupidity, I havent smoked since high school and it certainly wasnt medicinal 😉 Additional apologies if things have been answered in article, maybe it’ll help with the ADHD too!

    • Chris Q Daniels

      Girl Scout Cookies is the “miracle strain” that I have found to PREVENT migraine headaches from even starting. I vape it only two big puffs a night, exhaling slowly through my nose to let the vapor react to the sensors in my nose to brain. Damn.. it works. It’s not a 100% cure… but works 90% plus. Plus a 500mg vape cartridge of GSC will last several months for about $15 to $20.

  • Chris Q Daniels

    After vaping the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain about twice a night (two big puffs, exhaled slowly through my nose) my migraines went down from 16 a month to 1 or 2. I use Imitrex to battle migraines after they had started… but rarely anymore. I tried everything, including almost overdosing on Ibuprofen and Excedrin, and strong cups of coffee. I’ve tried other strains of cannibus, but GSC seems to be the one that works for me. Having an MA Science Degree, I am well aware of the Placebo effect, but the beneficial effects have not worn off in the last 2 years. I swear by the beneficial effects. GSC is migraine prevention for me.. even though it does not stop the migraine pain after a migraine has started. But your goal should be to never to have a migraine start in the first place.

  • Kathryn Vasey

    I am in shock, good shock, been experimenting with THC/CBD, either in gummies or just eating a small amount of crushed bud, about 1/4 tsp, microdosing a few times a day, grown by a friend. It is working. I had tried vaping CBD oil, tinctures, and underthetongue CBD crystal and none of those worked. A friend gave me some CBD gummies. I ate 2 and got way too high, uncomfortably so, and had to wait out a very unpleasant 8 hours….but the next day I was pain free. I could tell there was THC in this particular formula because it really did make me high. So that experience lead me to experiment, keeping the THC content as “high” as possible without getting stoned. Two weeks later and I have only had 3 days down with vertigo and other migraine symptoms. So once it takes hold, it cannot be stopped. So my treatment focus is prevention. Migraine is a daily 24/7 battle for me, I am at the worst end of the spectrum and tried everything.Triggers include barometric pressure, dehydration, low blood sugar, stress, exertion, alcohol, light, noise, everything. Diagnosis is vestibular migraine, also intractable complex migraine without aura. Just saw my doc and told him how the THC/CBD is quieting symptoms, I would say about 80%. I turned down the new CRGP injection. He was very accepting and happy for me and will offer injection again if needed. If the pot really continues to keep symptoms quiet I am so eternally grateful. Already starting to imagine all the new experiences I can have, socializing, going places, seeing family more often, participating in life, finally at age 69!!

  • CakeV

    High thc sativas are most effective at providing immidiate cooling pressure relief from the unrelenting head pain/pressure.
    (I’ve found strains like durban poison, duraflame, amnesia haze-best by far!, super silver haze to be most effective)
    But be careful not to cough if inhaled!
    Its a whole new level of hell.
    High cbd indica strains like cashmere and grand daddy purp are better for relieving the tension in the neck (body pain) that starts my migraines….
    Nothing makes me as manic and distressed as multi day migraine pain.
    And nothing including morphine, maxalt, imitrex, opiates alleviates my symptoms like marijuana consumpteen does….medical science doesn’t quite understand migraines yet and that feeling of not being understood can be the most difficult obstacle of all…..I’ve yet to experiment with topical marijuana treatment but I think a sativa based tea tree ointment that could be rubbed into the forehead, temples, and neck could be a great way to treat our pain.

  • Icydragon23

    What strain has everyone found helps stop migraines once they have started? What strain is the best preventative in your opinions?

    • emergingclarity

      Blue Dream is my migraine go-to. A few hits on the water pipe and it’s gone. As far as a preventative, a daily dose of around 10-12 mg THC taken once a day at bedtime in edible form — I use a hybrid — has decreased my need for rescue meds from several times a week to less than once a month. When I started using MMJ, I had 18 Maxalt in my cupboard. Now, 3 years later, I still have 12 of them left. I’ve already told my doc there’s no way I’m going back to pharmaceuticals.

  • Comrade Jenkem

    For what its worth here is my story. Happened just now and had to log in somewhere to share my experience not more than 1 hour ago. I infrequently get stimulus migraines. Maybe every 4 years. This one today started from snow patches on dark ground while I was working in the yard. The tell tale aura of flashing lights and tunnel vision started and I know a migraine was coming. Nothing I ever tried work so usually I grabbed some vodka and camped out on the couch for the day because the pain was so bad and nothing worked. BUT, now legal recreational weed is legal in my state. I only tried weed a few times over the past 20 years. I figured, “what the heck, lets try some pot” so I packed up a bowl and took a few light hits. I must report. WOW!!! The flashing auras went away in minutes and as of about 1 hour ago all I feel is a small tingle on my neck when I normally would have been completely debilitated for the day with an extremely painful headache and nausea. I do not know the strain but it was a hybrid with about 2:3 parts of CBD and THC.