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Dabbing gets cleaner and more high tech with DabTabs

Published on August 6, 2020
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(Courtesy of ilo Research)

Dabbing has soared in popularity over the last several years, and it remains a staple way to consume cannabis. While certainly effective and able to pack a punch, oil isn’t always the most convenient to work with. Sticky, messy, and unpredictable in terms of dosage, dabs take some forethought and planning.

However, a new way to dab has emerged onto the market that just may make some downsides to dabbing obsolete.

What are DabTabs?

DabTabs, or “dablets,” are measured portions of cannabis concentrate—usually full-spectrum—encased in a natural mineral-based ceramic. They can be heated and dabbed without having to remove the extract.

Created by manufacturer ilo Research, the small honeycomb-shaped dablets are simply placed flat directly into a dab rig heating chamber and heated, providing approximately three pulls before turning black to indicate they are spent.

As for what’s inside them, ilo Research partners with extract producers to determine which products to offer in dablets.

“We have producers currently offering live resin, hash rosin, distillate and sauce, shatter, cured resin, and wax options in various markets. The flexibility of the DabTab product is one of its hallmarks,” said ilo Research CFO Ray Utech.

What are the benefits of DabTabs?

Leveraging years of industrial design experience, the founders are on a mission to reverse the downsides of dabbing. The result is a product that seeks to revolutionize concentrate usage, dosing, and reliability.

For example, dosing when dabbing can be a bit of a guessing game, but each DabTab comes with an evenly measured amount of 50mg, either THC, CBD, or a blend of the two. This makes it much easier to know how much you are taking in while dabbing, and even easier to narrow in on exactly the right dose.

In addition to dosing, these little shelf-stable extract capsules eliminate the traditional mess of dabbing. No more messing around with sticky concentrates and getting them all over your dabber, or worse, your clothes. DabTabs can be easily transported and won’t leave a mess in your rig either, as the dablets simply turn black when empty and can then be easily recycled or discarded.

“If you drop a tab on the ground, in dirt while hiking, or in the sand on a beach, simply wipe it off and it’s ready to go—never again will you face a ‘carpet dab,’” said Utech.

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How to use DabTabs

Using dablets is pretty straightforward. We recommend cold starting with DabTabs.

  1. Drop your DabTab into the heating chamber—such as a banger—and make sure the dablet is lying flat. You can use multiple at a time for a larger dose, but they must all be flat against the heat source, as this allows them to heat evenly and quickly.
  2. Cover with a carb cap.
  3. Heat your dab rig or device to the recommended temperature of 450-550°F.
  4. Take a hit once smoke appears in the chamber.
  5. Once empty, remove with tweezers to prevent burns.

In addition to traditional rigs, the company also has a few portable devices. ilo Research has a saying: “If it fits, it hits!”

“DabTabs are compatible with most at-home and portable devices,” said Utech. “What’s unique is that with a DabTab you are never dabbing off the heat source directly but vaporizing directly from the pure ceramic substrate as it comes to temperature—smoothly releasing the therapeutic contents of the oil, while holding in the lipids, waxes, and undesirable compounds prone to combusting.”

The dablets can be discarded normally or recycled via a “Go Green” program at participating retailers. Alternatively, the company offers another green solution—dablets can be repurposed as a soil amendment, similar to perlite.

Where to find them

ilo Research partners with processors across the nation to bring their product to local dispensaries and can currently be found in 11 states, including Washington, Colorado, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, and Maine. The company is currently working to bring the product to additional states such as Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, and New York.

DabTabs are even breaking into the international market in Germany, Chile, and Japan, where they offer hemp-derived CBD-infused dablets.

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