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What Are You Smoking? Episode 45: Prohibition Pains

This week, Dante Jordan—Leafly's newest staff writer—holds forth on legalization's impacts on life in prohibition states like Texas, why Seattle doesn't smoke blunts, and the many different flavors and effects of "Sour Diesel" in the Lone Star state.

An Ode to CBD Dabs

Dabbing doesn't deserve its divisive reputation. Especially if you start with CBD.

3 Affordable Oregon Extracts You Can’t Miss This 7/10 Holiday

Good news! The million-pound cannabis surplus in Oregon has resulted in budget-friendly concentrates & extracts. Try them out this 7/10 holiday!

7 New Gadgets That Make Dabbing a Whole Lot Easier

Want to transform an ordinary vape pen into a dab rig? Ever wondered, "What if Swiss Army made a dab tool?" Check out these ingenious new gadgets that make dabbing much easier for the casual cannabis consumer.

Happy 7/10 From The Avid Dabber!

The Avid Dabber wishes you a happy 7/10 and shares a few reasons to celebrate. As if you needed any.

Know Zero Things About Dabbing and Don’t Want to Ask? This is for You

Do I need to dab? Do I want to? Why would someone in my demographic—well past my experimentation days, very satisfied with my chosen pleasures—even venture into this territory? I got my answer.

The Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado According to Budtenders

Looking for the most popular cannabis extracts? We asked budtenders about their best-selling concentrate products and where you can find them.

Don’t Miss These Online 7/10 Sales on Dabbing Accessories

Getting ready to celebrate National Dab Day? Find some of the best online deals on dabbing products and accessories in this guide for 7/10 dabbing sales.

Induction Heating Comes to Cannabis Vaporizers

Induction heating arrives in the cannabis space with the new Switch vaporizer from Dr. Dabber. Learn how this technology works here.

I Dabbed for the First Time. Here’s What Happened

Curious about dabs & what to expect as a first timer? Read about my first experience and get some tips to help get you started.

The Avid Dabber: Pressing Rosin at Home With the Rosinbomb Rocket

This week the Avid Dabber tests the Rosinbomb Rocket, a compact home rosin press.

Cannabis Legalization Is Shaking Up America’s Glass Market

Chinese outsourcing, vape pens, and electronic dabbing devices are upending the traditional glass market. How are America's glass artists surviving?

How to Shop for Your First Dab Rig

There's a lot to keep in mind before buying your first glass dab rig for cannabis concentrates. Check out this helpful guide to make your purchase easier.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 34: Industry Trends With Dominique Dabs

Lorenz Houston, marketing manager for the dispensary chain Diego Pellicer, joins us in the studio to talk about trends he sees in the industry, how to kickstart a career in cannabis, smoking in public, and much more.

Hands-On With the Vivant Incendio

We took Vivant's new e-nail and concentrate vaporizer, the Incendio, for a test drive, and found it to be a great middle road between concentrate pens and full-blown dab rigs.

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