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The Best Cannabis Strains and Products for Every Situation

There are limitless combinations of cannabis strains and products that you can pair with any scenario. Here are a few of our favorite combinations.

Product Review: SOURCE Nail Portable eNail & Vape Pen Temp Control eRig

The SOURCE Nail and Temp Control E-Rig provides an authentic dabbing experience in terms of strength and flavor with an easily transportable package.

How to Choose the Best Dabber Tool for You

There are various dabber tools on the market, and choosing the right one can be tough. Learn a few things to consider before you find the best one for you.

Product Review: Deviant Dabs Wax

Deviant Dabs currently offers three types of cannabis concentrates: wax, shatter, and rosin. This review highlights two wax products, Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream.

Deals of the Week for January 6, 2017: Dab Rigs, Tools, and E-Nails

This week’s trio of deals is designed for those of you looking for the complete dab setup. Update your rig or try a new consumption method this year!

9 Lessons We Learned at the 2016 Emerald Cup

Held in the California's mythical Emerald Triangle, the event brought together some of the most innovative minds in West Coast cannabis.

Dab Dosage Guide: How to Dose Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

Learn some techniques that help you to better understand the dosage of your dab as well as the strength of the concentrates you’re dabbing.

The Art of Extraction, Part 5: The Future of the Cannabis Extract Industry

In part five of The Art of Extraction, Roxy Striar meets with extract experts across the country to hear their ideas about the future of the cannabis extract industry.

Leafly Investigation: How Much Butane in BHO is Too Much?

Allowed limits of residual solvents in Colorado cannabis concentrates will increase significantly in 2017. Is it worth worrying?

Taking the 3D-Printed Bong to the Next Level

For all the hubbub around 3D printing, it’s still rare to encounter an honest-to-goodness 3D-printed object. Cannabis could very quickly change that.

Where Did Dabs Come From? A History of Cannabis Extracts

Solvent-based cannabis extracts, often referred to as hash oils or dabs, have completely dominated cannabis concentrate markets over the last several years. With the advancements in…

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

Learn about the safety of dabbing cannabis concentrates, whether there are associated side effects, and how to most enjoy your dabbing experience.

Happy 710! Celebrating National Dab Day

You might know what 420 is, but what about 710? Learn more about 710, otherwise known as “National Dab Day,” the latest holiday in the cannabis world.

Will New Technology Make Dabbing Approachable to Older Generations?

Set aside that torch and nail, because new technology in dabbing may change the way curious cannabis consumers think about this controversial consumption method.

Do Different Consumption Methods Impact Your Sexual Performance?

What happens when you experiment with different cannabis consumption methods before diving under the sheets with your partner? Do specific consumption methods impact pleasure?

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