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Product Review: The Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the Arizer Air portable vaporizer.

The Arizer Air at a Glance

Arizer Air portable vaporizer box contents

Product: Portable vaporizer

Manufacturer: Arizer

Price: $229

Features: High-quality ceramic heating element, glass dishes, and rechargeable, interchangeable lithium batteries that offer an hour of continuous use per charge (plus the ability to use the unit while charging the battery)

Includes: 1 warming unit with battery, 1 charger with power adapter, 2 glass diffuser stems, 1 glass aroma dish, 1 carrying case, 1 clear protective silicone skin, 1 stainless steel stirring tool

Initial Impressions

Arizer Air portable vaporizer

The Arizer Air from Arizer is a very simple yet incredibly effective and powerful vaporizer that is more than capable of taking you wherever you need to go.

On first impression, I have to admit that I wasn’t terribly fascinated by the Arizer Air when I first took it out of the box. I noticed right off the bat that was that there was a decent amount of weight to the unit, and while this no-frills cylinder wasn’t huge (5 inches long and an inch in diameter, to be exact), I still would have an unsightly bulge in my pocket (phrasing, I know) were I to carry the Air around. As someone who values discretion and aesthetic design, this portable vape was almost too simple and “big” for my tastes. However, the performance of this thing more than made up for the perceived design flaws.

Using this vaporizer is incredibly easy and intuitive. To load my herb, all I had to do was pop open the plastic tab at the top of the vape to access the deep chamber. After packing the bowl, I easily inserted my preferred mouthpiece. One downside to the Arizer Air is that it requires you to carry the vaporizer around in two pieces, the main unit and whichever mouthpiece out of the three included that you prefer.

Arizer Air portable vaporizer from Toronto Vaporizer

Turn on the unit by pressing the center of the two-directional pad button. The Air has no digital display, instead using a 5-color system to set your temperature level. Although the colors make sense (blue is the lowest setting, then white, green, yellow, and red at the highest setting), the white and yellow lights look pretty much the same, which gave me some initial confusion at first. This detraction is barely worth mentioning though, since pressing on the up or down arrow buttons make it easy for you to see which color you’re really on.

Some people may not like not being able to set an exact numerical temperature, but I really appreciated the simplicity of just pressing the button a few times to get to green. This pared down feature may be ideal for those of you who are new to vaping and aren’t really sure which temperature you would set your vaporizer to.

Full disclosure: I was not prepared for how well and how hard this thing can hit. The clear mouthpiece tube allows you to see how much vapor you’re taking in, and this portable vaporizer really packs a punch and allows you to blow some nice clouds after a quick warm up period.

Arizer Air portable vaporizer with clear mouthpiece

The Arizer Air is a very powerful portable vaporizer that can allow you to get almost as much, if not a bit more, vapor out of your nug than some desktop vaporizers I’ve tried in the past. I also enjoyed the fact that using the longer mouthpieces allowed me to take deeper and longer pulls without the air getting too hot for my lungs. A couple strong puffs on the Arizer Air and I was already flying pretty high, and the rest of the bowl went a long way as I kept adjusting the temperature throughout my sesh.

The open airflow of the chamber and mouthpiece connection will cause some vapor to easily leak out in between pulls, but that is an extremely minor flaw to point out in comparison to how well this vaporizer gets the job done.

Our Verdict

Arizer Air portable vape unit

Overall, the Arizer Air portable vaporizer is a simple but very effective and powerful portable vaporizer that isn’t so portable if you aren’t the purse or bag-carrying type. The battery during use held up for a little over an hour, but luckily you’re still able to use this vaporizer while it’s plugged in and charging. Having to carry the vaporizer and mouthpiece separately in order for it to truly be portable was a bit annoying, but the power and vaping performance more than made up for that slight inconvenience.

At $229 it is on the pricier end as far as portable vaporizers go, but in my opinion the vaping performance in a such a small package makes it worth the price to me. If you’re looking for a near-desktop vaporizer performance in a much smaller bundle, the Arizer Air portable vaporizer may be right for you.

More information about the Arizer Air:

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