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New Strains Alert: Ecto Cooler, Tillamook Strawberry, Lee Roy, and More

Check out Leafly's recently added cannabis strains and leave reviews for any varieties you've already tried.

Stylish Art and Corkscrew Glass Blunts: The Best Cannabis Products for February 2017

This month's cannabis product offerings include a one-of-a-kind stash jar, gorgeous artwork, vape kits, and more. Take a look and plan your purchase!

Product Review: Sensi Chews Amoré Medicated Chocolate

Our review of Sensi Chew's Amoré Aphrodisiac Medicated Chocolate Caramel, available in California, considers pros and cons before offering a verdict on whether it's worth buying.

Deals of the Week for February 13, 2017: Bong Condoms, Humidity Packs, and Dab Rigs

Keep the germs away with bong condoms, your cannabis fresh with humidity packs, and your glass collection up-to-date with a great new dab rig.

New Strains Alert: Brainwreck, DJ Andy Williams, Dirty Widow, and More

Find out which strains were recently added to Leafly's strain Explorer, including Dirty Widow, Brainwreck, and more.

Product Review: The 2-Strain Cannador with Blustream Hygrometer

Store your favorite strains in the lockable wooden Cannador, and enhance your storage using Blustream's bluetooth hygrometer.

How Does a Cannabis Strain Get Its Name?

Learn about how a cannabis strain earns its name and how this practice may change as the industry evolves.

Product Review: Weed Wipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit

The Weed Wipes cleaning formula makes scrubbing the stickiest, dirtiest glass piece a breeze, whether you're washing an e-nail, dab rig, bong, or bubbler.

7 Jamaican Cannabis Strains to Try in Honor of Bob Marley’s Birthday

To celebrate Bob Marley, a man who spent his life singing songs of universal peace, love, and cannabis, here are 7 strains that were influenced by him and his home island of Jamaica.

New Strains Alert: Wonder Kid, Mud Bite, Tranquil Elephantizer, and More

Check out Leafly's recently added cannabis strains, featuring Mud Bite, Wonder Kid, Blush, and more.

Product Review: SOURCE Nail Portable eNail & Vape Pen Temp Control eRig

The SOURCE Nail and Temp Control E-Rig provides an authentic dabbing experience in terms of strength and flavor with an easily transportable package.

What is ‘Kush’ Cannabis?

Learn what Kush cannabis means, the attributes that characterize a plant with strong Kush genetics, and find the most popular Kush strains.

New Strain Alert: Peyote Cookies, Chocolate Drop, Pineapple Cookies, and More

This week's highlights include a tropical variety of cotton candy in cannabis form, an Afghan Kush cross with sedation to spare, a Muhammad Ali homage, and more.

Product Review: The SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Coil-less Quartz Vape Pen

The SOURCE Orb 4 consistently delivers a strong and effective vaping performance paired with very simple functionality.

Product Review: Xternal Topical Balm

We review Xternal Topical Balm, a non-psychoactive cannabis-infused topical rub featuring THCA and CBDA, sold by Making You Better Brands.

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