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What Are You Smoking? Episode 22: How We Rate Strains

Leafly's cannabis experts explain how they rate strains, detailing what they look for, how they test, and even how you can submit a strain for review.

New Strains Alert: American Beauty, River Song, Lucifer OG, and More

Explore cannabis strains recently added to Leafly's database including Lucifer OG, American Beauty, Biker Kush, and more.

The Avid Dabber: 3 Methods to Help You Dab at the Right Temperature

Our Avid Dabber shares three simple tips to help you find the perfect temperature for your next dab.

We Made Infused Dips and Drinks With Pearl2O Cannabis Water

Two Leafly staffers concoct some fiesta-friendly snacks and drinks using the cannabis-infused vitamin water Pearl2O. Give their infused recipes a shot in your own kitchen!

The Avid Dabber: A Simple Travel Rig for Dabs on the Go

Our Avid Dabber shares the simple setup he uses to make dabbing easy on the go.

New Strains Alert: Zelda, Dreamcatcher, Summer Breeze, and More

Explore cannabis strains recently added to Leafly's database including Zelda, Summer Breeze, Dreamcatcher, and more.

5 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2018

Discover new, exceptional cannabis strains at the forefront of their popularity, and find out what really makes them stand out.

Bud on a Budget: What $20, $50 and $100 Buy at an Iconic Denver Dispensary

If you're up for some bargain-hunting, $100 can get you a haul including Pre-98 Bubba Kush, a 200mg edible, a gram of shatter, and a childproof to-go bag.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 21: Looking Ahead to 2018

What's 2018 got in store for the cannabis community? The team makes some predictions for what the new year will bring and what new products they'd like to see more of.

Meet the Makers: Behind the Scenes With Portland’s Cutting-Edge Edibles Producers

Oregon has come into its own as an adult-use market, and cannabusiness is booming. Meet five culinary cannabis experts making outstanding edibles in PDX.

Cannabis Product Deals: Oil Rigs, High-Res Calendars, and Cookbooks

Kick off the new year by treating yourself to a new tabletop rig, track your schedule with a marijuana-themed calendar, and try some recipes from "The Cannabis Cookbook."

10 California Cannabis Products Available in 2018

Whether you’re a newcomer to California’s adult-use market or a longtime patient making the switch, look for these 10 products, all available now.

7 Cannabis Strains That Changed the Game

The backstories of many strains are shrouded in mystery, but these seven are enshrined in the cannabis canon for their outsized impact on cannabis history.

Random Testing, Million-Dollar Fines: Canada’s Cannabis Pesticide Crackdown

Until 2017, the Canadian government trusted licensed producers of cannabis to avoid banned pesticides of their volition. Following high-profile contaminations and class-action lawsuits, a strict new era of checks and balances has begun.

New Strains Alert: Blueberry Cookies, White Choco, Green Magic, and More

Explore cannabis strains recently added to Leafly's database including White Choco, Green Magic, and more.

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