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Cannabis Strains That Are Unexpectedly Similar

We often think of sativas and indicas as being polar opposites in effect, but if you look closely at their cannabinoids and terpenes, you’ll notice that many of these strains are unexpectedly similar.

This Is the First Hemp Strain to Be Awarded a US Patent

Famous for the iconic Charlotte’s Web strain and fresh from a big IPO, Colorado’s Stanley brothers have secured the first US patent for a hemp plant.

How I Found the Right Cannabis Strain for Sex

Which types of cannabis strains lead to the most satisfying sex? Here's how one woman found her best cannabis-fueled orgasm through terpene profiles and a smart vibrator.

Vape Death Pushes Oregon to Call for Cannabis Product Review

Oregon authorities said Wednesday that they will ask cannabis store owners to voluntarily review marijuana on their shelves and pull any they feel might be unsafe.

Canadian Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Myrcene

Myrcene, also found in hops, is one of the most abundantly found terpenes in the world of cannabis.

We Tried the CBD Hemp Flowers You Can Buy Online. Here’s How They Smoked

You might be wondering, do CBD hemp flowers smoke as bad as they look? We ordered these online offerings to find out—and now we're reporting back.

Canada Watches Warily as Reports of Vape Pen Illnesses Increase in US

Concentrates for vaping will become legal across Canada next month.

Smellin’ Lemons: Unlocking the Potential of Citrus-Scented Cannabis

Can this terpene boost your mood and enhance productivity?

Star Signs and Cannabis Strains: September 2019 Horoscopes

This is a month to hit the reset button, push forward with some positive changes and set your intentions.

NBA All-Star Gary Payton’s New Cookies Strain Heating Up California

The worlds of cannabis and pro sports are uniting like never before.

Canadian Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Linalool

The linalool terpene has both relaxing and balancing properties, shown to decrease anxiety and aggressive behaviour.

Canadian Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Limonene

The citrusy limonene terpene is found abundantly in nature, everyday household products, and many strains of cannabis.

Opinion: Jack Herer (the Cannabis Strain) Is Overrated

Some of you may like those earthy flavors in cannabis—not Leafly's strain expert. Here's why this classic bud is not at the top of his list.

The Newest Cannabis Products in Prince Edward Island

See the latest products coming to store shelves in Prince Edward Island as we update this post regularly with new arrivals.

The Newest Cannabis Products in Alberta

New cannabis products continue to hit store shelves in one of the most robust cannabis markets in the country.

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