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New Strains Alert: White Chocolate, Tangerine Trainwreck Haze, and More

Explore cannabis strains recently added to Leafly's database including Chem Jack, White Chocolate, and more.

5 Tips for High People Attending Food Festivals

From the Bite of Seattle to the Taste of Chicago to the Maine Lobster Fest, outdoor food festivals are a beloved American tradition. They are also heaven on earth for high people.

Podcast: What Are You Smoking?

Seriously: What are you smoking? Leafly's cannabis experts check out the latest strains and products, offer pro tips, and answer your pressing questions.

The Best and Worst Blunt Wrappers: A Definitive (and Completely Subjective) Ranking

Love blunts but aren't sure which wraps deliver the ultimate cannabis enjoyment? Fellow blunt lover Dante Jordan ranks various wrappers available at your local convenience store.

Feast Your Eyes on These Brilliant Dragon-Inspired Glass Pipes

Bask in the majesty of these dragon-inspired glass cannabis pieces, and follow the artists on Instagram if you like what they’re creating.

New Strains Alert: Ayahuasca Purple, Bad Azz Kush, Kush-N-Cheese, and More

Explore cannabis strain recently added to Leafly's database including Ayahuasca Purple, Bad Azz Kush, and more.

The Spark: 1964 Supply Co. Just Threw the Coolest Launch Party in LA (Video)

Three words: art fight club. That was all it took to get me to book a flight to LA to witness the launch of artsy California cannabis brand 1964 Supply Co.

Best Cannabis Strains for Sparking Creativity

Explore strains that Leafly reviewers rate as highly creative and consider giving them a try if you’re looking to kindle inspiration.

Video: Lord Jones Throws Cannabis-Infused Sound Bath Events and They’re Incredible

California edibles company Lord Jones took the concept of a sound bath and heightened it with cannabis—and rooftops. Check out our video of the event.

Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here again and we've compiled some of the coolest, funkiest cannabis accessories and deals to scoop up.

Four Ways Edibles Can Hit You Faster

Love edibles but hate the wait? From pot brownies to pasta, check out our tips for getting your cannabis-infused ingestibles to kick in a little quicker.

Leafly Staff Picks: Cannabis Strains and Products Perfect for Summer Days

Whether your sunny days are spent loafing beachside or adventuring mountainside, here are a few of our favorite cannabis products for summer.

New Strains Alert: Tahoe Frostbite, Lemon Jeffery, Chocoholic, and More

Explore strains recently added to Leafly's strain database like Tahoe Frostbite, Chocoholic, and more.

Walmart Is Selling a $299 Cannabis Rosin Press. So We Bought One

Alongside its virtual aisles of firearms and Febreze, the world’s largest retailer just added a rosin press.

7 Must-Try Cannabis Topicals for Those Scorching Summer Days

Protect your skin during the hottest months of the year with some of the best cannabis-infused sunscreen, creams, serums, and bath products on the market.

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