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New Strains Alert: Purple Punch, Gold King’s Thai, Legend OG, and More

This week's New Strains Alert shares unique varieties of cannabis from the Midwest, the West Coast, and Leafly users like you.

Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Christmas? Treat Yourself to These Glass Deals

Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Treat yourself to some killer glass deals courtesy of After all, nobody knows you better than yourself!

CBD Shatter and Grow Planners: The Best Cannabis Products for January 2017

This batch of cannabis product recommendations may help you start your new year off right. Pick up some grow planners, hemp wicks, mini vapes, and more goodies.

Cool and Artistic Bongs with an Expensive Price Tag

If your pockets are itching to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, check out these cool, artistic, but very expensive high-end bongs.

Product Review: Deviant Dabs Wax

Deviant Dabs currently offers three types of cannabis concentrates: wax, shatter, and rosin. This review highlights two wax products, Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream.

New Strains Alert: Strawberry Frost, California Hash Plant, Captain’s Cake, and More

Here's a handful of special crosses from Royal Choice Farms, as well as a new Strawberry Cough cross, a new Cookies cross, and a double-deep Hash Plant cut from the Golden State.

Deals of the Week for January 6, 2017: Dab Rigs, Tools, and E-Nails

This week’s trio of deals is designed for those of you looking for the complete dab setup. Update your rig or try a new consumption method this year!

Cool Animal Glass Pipes for Cannabis and Animal Enthusiasts

Explore these animal-shaped glass pipes to represent your animal of choice at the next smoking session, and find a cannabis strain pairing for each.

NYE and THC: Cannabis Strains to Pick Up for New Year’s Eve

Pick up these cannabis strain suggestions to help ring in the new year right. So long, 2016!

New Strains Alert: Appleberry, Lime Skunk, Romulan Haze, and More

You’ll discover two new Cookie crosses and an abundant bouquet of pungent cannabis terpenes in this week's New Strains Alert. Happy New Year from all your pals at Leafly!

Leafly Budtender Panel: Watch Cannabis Industry Insiders Review Popular Vape Pens

In our first-ever Leafly Budtender Panel, watch Darren, Randi, and Taylor discuss the things they love most about three different vaporizer pens found on

Deals of the Week for December 28, 2016: Cookbooks, Cookie Cutters, and Magical Butter

Chances are that one of your loved ones gifted you with some cash or an Amazon gift card. Check out these Amazon deals to get you started with some medicated baking essentials!

New Strains Alert: Pacific Blue, Euphoria Cookies, Bianca, and More

Check out all the strains recently added to the Leafly strain database, including Pacific Blue, Euphoria Cookies, Bianca, and more.

Hemp-Infused Cosmetics: An Interview with Utah Hemp Retailer Cannasmack

Leafly met with Cannasmack founder Suzanne Hoggan to learn more about the business of hemp-infused cosmetics and whether she's faced any roadblocks basing her company in Utah.

Pair Pantone’s “Greenery” Color of the Year for 2017 with These 7 Subtle Accessories

Celebrate this vibrant shade and everything it represents with glints of subtle accessories that connect the future’s abundance of cannabis to your own love for the green.

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