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7 Infused Toppings for the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

The perfect summer treat just got even cooler. Try topping your sundaes with these yummy cannabis-infused edibles that go great with ice cream.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for July 15-21

Leafly's pop culture cheat sheet to the week ahead, featuring Tangie Cookies, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and more.

The Best-Selling Cannabis Oil Cartridges in Colorado as Told by Budtenders

It can be hard to choose from all of the quality vape pen cartridges out there so we asked Colorado budtenders about their best-sellers & recommendations.

3 Affordable Oregon Extracts You Can’t Miss This 7/10 Holiday

Good news! The million-pound cannabis surplus in Oregon has resulted in budget-friendly concentrates & extracts. Try them out this 7/10 holiday!

The Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado According to Budtenders

Looking for the most popular cannabis extracts? We asked budtenders about their best-selling concentrate products and where you can find them.

Cool Down With These 8 Chill Cannabis Products

Need some summer treats to beat the heat? Check out these cannabis-infused products like ice cream and popsicles that will help keep you cool!

Here’s How to Buy and Review Vape Carts

The best disposable cartridges for cannabis extract vaporizers share a few common characteristics. Learn how to buy and review quality marijuana vape carts.

The Best Cannabis Products for Your Summer Picnic Basket

Planning the ultimate infused picnic to enjoy the summer sun? Your basket won’t be complete without these delicious cannabis-infused goodies.

Mango Haze, World Cup, and Independence Day — This Is #MondayMotivation

Look out for World Cup, Marvel's new "Ant-Man" film, July 4 fireworks, and much more in Leafly's Monday radar report.

Anxious Pup? Soothe Dog Distress With a Little CBD

CBD is great for calming anxious humans as well as dogs. If your dog is afraid of fireworks, try these cbd products to calm your furry friend.

7 of Oregon’s Best CBD Products & Where to Find Them

Need some relaxation or pain relief? Whether you're looking for yummy gummies or a soothing topical, these CBD products will do the trick!

Here’s Where to Find California’s July 1 Blowout Deals

California retailers have until July 1 to purge their inventories of everything not compliant with new state testing and packaging standards. Here's where you can take advantage of the liquidation.

Vape-Maker Puffco Is Throwing the Hottest Art Show in California

Mark your calendars for California's hottest art exhibit of July — the PuffCo Art Show in Los Angeles.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 42: Pax Talks Vaping as a Platform

This week, the team chats with Pax exec JJ O'Brien about the latest updates to the Pax Era and what else the company has in store.

Protect Your Buds With These 7 Waterproof Stash Bags

Carry all of your cannabis essentials and keep those buds safe & dry the next time you head to the shore with these wonderful waterproof stash bags!

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