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Georgia Set to Expand Access to Cannabis Oil

Under the proposal, six new diagnoses will be added to the list of qualifying conditions, including autism, AIDS, Tourette's syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease.

Why You Should Support AIDS Walk SF: An Interview with Team Cannabis Founder Dan Grace

Join Leafly and Team Cannabis for the 2016 AIDS Walk in San Francisco on July 17th. Help raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS, including HIV support and care services.

Cannabis and HIV/AIDS

In the past few decades, medical marijuana has become an increasingly common prescription for HIV/AIDS patients as they attempt to manage the many devastating symptoms of this disease.

The Medical Minute: Three Unexpected Cannabis Benefits Prohibitionists Won’t Believe

The federal stance on cannabis is that it offers “no medical value.” We invite you to rage with us as we look at three more reasons to protest this classification of marijuana.