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‘Corona, Lime, & Cannabis, Please’: Big Brewer Enters Marijuana Biz

Constellation Brands, distributor of Corona, Svedka vodka, and Mondavi wines, buys 9.9% of Canada's Canopy Growth.

Get Elevated With 5 Mocktails Featuring Cannabis-Infused Sodas

Try these five cannabis-infused mocktail recipes—from sangria to a blood orange basil spritzer—that you can mix for yourself or for your guests.

Forget 5:00; 4:20 Is the New Happy Hour

The concept of happy hour as we know it has long been associated with the most popular substances of the day. Finally, cannabis is catching up with alcohol.

Liquor Industry Lawsuit May Sideline Nevada’s Cannabis Launch Date

Planning a Sin City vacation this summer to indulge gambling, entertainment, and the opening of Nevada’s cannabis market? You might want to pump the brakes.

No, Legalizing Cannabis Doesn’t Hurt Beer Sales

States that choose to legalize cannabis have seen no impact on alcohol sales, according to a new study from analysts at investment firm Bernstein. In some cases, beer sales have marginally gone up in states that have legalized.

4 Lessons Alcohol Prohibition Should Teach Us About Cannabis

There are many parallels between cannabis and alcohol prohibition, but what can we learn about legalization from America’s first prohibition?

Data Dive: Does Legalization Hurt Beer Sales?

Alcohol trade groups are spending big to defeat legalization. But does cannabis really pose a threat to their market share? The data may surprise you.

Stoned Sex vs. Drunk Sex: Which is Better?

Learn about cannabis versus alcohol for sex and pleasure, and whether the debate of stoned vs. drunk sex can finally be put to rest.

Leafly Medical Studies Roundup: Is Cannabis Addictive Because We ‘Prefer It Over Fruit’?

NIDA concludes that long-term cannabis use is associated with altered activity in the brain’s reward processing pathways, plus studies on alcoholism and PTSD, liver cancer, and more.

The Shake: California Police and Prisons Fight Legalization, and Vets Can Talk to Docs About Cannabis

Toronto dispensaries vow to fight the mayor's crackdown, Vermont entrepreneurs are feeling bullish, and the DEA is a stick in the mud.

A Twist on ‘Craft’ Cocktails: Drink Recipes With Cannabis Cocktail Syrups

Mix up some cannabis-infused cocktails with these small-batch cannabis cocktail syrups from Washington state. All four seasonal drink recipes are perfect for summer cannabis sipping.

The Shake: U.N. Drug Summit Begins With Fireworks, and DEA Science Stinks

Researchers in California are designing cannabis sobriety tests, D.C. lawmakers ban cannabis cafés, and New Zealand police make an oopsie.

Jane’s Domain: The Consuming o’ the Green on St. Patrick’s Day

On average, 276 people will die nationwide in drunk driving accidents on St. Patrick’s Day. This year let’s try something different.

Is Cannabis-Infused Alcohol the Next Hot Trend?

Hemp-infused spirits are trendier than ever, but will we ever see the day when alcohol manufacturers fully commit to brewing cannabis into their products?

Cannabis Edibles Under Fire For Attracting Kids While Alcoholic Soda Ads Air on TV

While hard sodas are getting air time on national TV networks, lawmakers gather to discuss the problem associated with cannabis edibles: too many of them attract kids.

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