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A Tribute to Franco Loja, the Strain Hunter

Green House Seeds "strain hunter" Franco Loja was researching the benefits of CBD for patients with malaria when he also contracted the disease.

Despite Growing Demand, Dutch Health Insurers Dropping Cannabis Coverage

One of the biggest health insurers in the Netherlands announced last month that it will stop covering medical cannabis treatment.

Mysterious After-Hours Shootings Target Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops

The city has shuttered the shops that have been fired at, raising concerns among some that municipal policy may be fueling an industry turf war.

5 Myths About Cannabis and Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

Millions of tourists visit Dutch coffeeshops every year, but most have no clue about the complicated and paradoxical legal status of the plant.

With Cannabis Cup Gone, Two New Dutch Cannabis Competitions Emerge

In the post-High Times Cup era, two new cannabis competitions have emerged: the Elite Cup, in Amsterdam, and the Homegrown Cup, held in the southern city of Eindhoven.

These Dutch Tips on Responsible Cannabis Use Are Downright Charming

The advice is well-intentioned without being snooty, reminiscent of your best bud who helped ease you into the cannabis scene.

Are Tourists Allowed in Dutch Coffeeshops? The Strange Tale of the ‘Weed Pass’

When it comes to selling cannabis to foreigners, the pendulum of public acceptance in the Netherlands keeps on swinging.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Europe? Coffeeshops vs. Cannabis Social Clubs

There are two predominant ways cannabis is legally distributed in Europe. Which works best?

Holland’s Former Prime Minister Was the Guest of Honor at the Country’s Biggest Cannabis Event

Forty years ago, Dries van Agt introduced the country’s famous policy of cannabis tolerance.

The 8th Cannabis Liberation Day

Sunday, June 12th Amsterdam, Netherlands On Cannabis Liberation Day is a celebration of the international cannabis culture and show how much this […]

Why Belgians Urge You to ‘Pull Your Plant’

Sparked by one man's novel idea, Belgium's Cannabis Social Club movement is small but strong-willed. Can it survive the latest government scrutiny?

‘We’re Gonna Poke Everyone with Pitchforks’: Dutch ‘Medical Social Club’ Pushes Limits

The shops give patients access to cannabis oil, a product that's still hard to find despite the Netherlands' famously tolerant stance on cannabis use.

Why Cannabis-Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the U.S. and Europe

Due to differences in laws, electricity prices, suitable climate and some other factors, the European and the U.S. indoor culture developed on separate tracks. Here are the main differences.

Amsterdam 420

Wednesday, April 20th Amsterdam, Netherlands The event held in the notoriously cannabis-friendly city of Amsterdam is more of a grassroots […]

The Elite Cup – 420 Edition

Monday, April 18th Amsterdam, Netherlands The Elite Cup Returns to Amsterdam, for a 420 Edition. As there are many things […]

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