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Arkansas Agency Releases Draft of Medical Marijuana Rules

The proposed rules detail the process for patients to obtain registry cards for buying medical marijuana, lab testing, and adding qualifying conditions.

Arkansas Lawmakers Could Delay Medical Cannabis, Impose Taxes

Among the many proposed changes, one GOP lawmaker wants to raise taxes on medical cannabis to cover a $105MM income-tax cut.

State of the Leaf: The Election That Changed America

Eight of nine US states considering cannabis legalization measures passed those laws on Tuesday, ushering in a new chapter for American cannabis.

America’s 2016 Cannabis Laws and Legalization State Map

The 2016 election changed the legalization landscape profoundly. Here it is in a snapshot.

Arkansas Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. Here’s What Happens Next.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, Issue 6, officially goes into effect today, Nov. 9, 2016. However, that doesn’t give anyone license to just go carrying around…

State of the Leaf: Oregon Tests Cannabis More Than Its Food

An Arkansas legalization initiative bites the dust, Alaska opens its first testing lag, and why are some Florida ballots missing Amendment 2?

Arkansas Supreme Court Kills Issue 7

Yesterday, voters had two medical marijuana measures to choose from. Today, they have one.

Early Voting is Already Happening in Legalizing States

Why wait until Nov. 8? You can vote right now (or very soon) in most of the nine states that have legalization measures on the ballot.

Arkansas Lawmaker Promises Limited MMJ Bill Should Ballot Measures Fail

In what legalization proponents dismissed as a ploy to defeat their efforts, Rep. Dan Douglas promised to introduce a limited MMJ bill if two initiatives next month fail.

State of the Leaf: Turkey Legalizes Cannabis Production for Medicine, Research

Alaska's cannabis industry deals with parking-lot problems, Utah warms to medical marijuana, and will the legal age for cannabis in Canada be set at 25?

What Happens if Both Arkansas MMJ Measures Pass?

If both medical cannabis measures are approved by Arkansas voters, what happens next?

State of the Leaf: Alaska’s First Legal Cannabis Harvest Just Began. It’s Already Stalled.

While campaigns in the U.S. gear up for elections, an Israeli company is developing a cannabis testing system that doesn't destroy samples.

9 States to Vote on Expanding Legal Access to Cannabis

Collectively, the ballot measures amount to the closest the U.S. has come to a national referendum on marijuana legalization.

State of the Leaf: Colorado Lawmakers Warm to Cannabis for PTSD

Michigan moves to tax medical cannabis, Ohio lawyers get OK to advise MMJ clients, and Australia's new national cannabis farm is itty-bitty.

Cannabis Legalization 2016: America Votes

If 2012 was cannabis legalization's breakthrough election, 2016 may prove to be the movement's tipping point.