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What Does Australia’s Medical Cannabis Legalization Actually Mean for Patients?

You might think a simple visit to your doctor would be enough to access a range of medical cannabis options. You’d be mistaken.

These States and Countries Had the Biggest Cannabis Wins in 2016

2016 has been a rollercoaster, but this year, there was no bigger winner than cannabis.

Can You Travel to Australia with Medical Cannabis?

Can you travel to Australia with lawfully prescribed medical marijuana? It depends on which government department you ask.

State of the Leaf: Maine Opponents Abandon Recount. Is New Hampshire Legalization Next?

Maine's legalization measure officially becomes law, New Hampshire lawmakers eye legalization, and last call for pardons in Vermont!

Hemp Producer Ecofibre Ditches Australia’s Medical Cannabis Rules for the US

Citing onerous security requirements in Australia, the prominent hemp grower Ecofibre announced it will move its medical cannabis operations to the US.

Could Virtual Reality Help Fight Cannabis Use Disorder?

Scientists are exploring whether VR could help subjects suppress their desire to consume cannabis.

What Are the Penalties for ‘Drugged Driving’ in Australia?

Here are the penalties that accompany a positive roadside drug test in various Australian states.

Australian Study Aims to Unlock the Potential of a Little-Known Cannabinoid

Researchers in Australia think CBD's lesser-known cannabinoid cousin, cannabidivarin, will ease epileptic seizures in patients.

State of the Leaf: The Election That Changed America

Eight of nine US states considering cannabis legalization measures passed those laws on Tuesday, ushering in a new chapter for American cannabis.

Despite Modest Showing at Polls, Australia’s HEMP Party Won’t Give Up

“We'll continue on our long-term plan to overgrow the government,” says Michael Balderstone, the party's president.

You Won’t Believe Australia’s Security Rules for Medical Cannabis

Guidelines released by the Australian government this week mandate unmarked vans, protected vaults, and pocketless clothes for employees.

Can You Be Sacked for Using Medical Marijuana in Australia?

As Australia eases its rules on medical cannabis, workers and their employers have questions about what is and isn't allowed.

Australian Research Initiative Will Put Medical Cannabis Claims to the Test

Many patients and their family members feel the benefits of cannabis are readily apparent but simply haven’t been backed up in the lab.

State of the Leaf: Delaware Lawmakers Will Vote on Legalization Next Year

Canada considers setting the legal cannabis age at 25, Queensland embraces MMJ, and new testing rules are causing an uproar in Oregon.

Why Australia Treats Medical Cannabis With Extreme Care

Canada mails it in tidy packets. In Australia, the government has very different plans for delivering cannabis to patients.

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