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Canadian Cannabis Producer to Begin Exports to Chile

Tilray has entered a deal to begin exporting medical marijuana to Chile, the latest of the company’s initiatives to expand into overseas markets.

State of the Leaf: As Opinions Shift, Unlikely States Weigh Legalization

With the results of the 2016 election in hand, many state legislators and advocates are weighing their options for legalization...

Latest Olympic THC Limits Are Shockingly Reasonable

Whether or not cannabis consumption should qualify as doping remains a controversial issue in the world of sports. For now, it’s one of the many…

Brazil Approves U.S. Cannabis Product RSHO as Imported Medication to Treat Cancer

Brazil has approved the import of Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s CBD hemp oil product, RSHO, as a prescription medication for cancer. Brazil's heath care system will subsidize its cost.

Marcha da Maconha Curitiba 2016

Sunday, April 17th Curitiba, Brazil The 10th annual Marcha da Maconha Curitiba is set to take place the Sunday before April […]

Brazil to Allow the Import of CBD Hemp Oil Products from the U.S.

The Brazilian governmental health surveillance agency, ANVISA, is now allowing CBD hemp oil products to be imported into the country.