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High Times Business Conference

Buy Tickets! January 19-January 21 High Times Business Conference HIGH TIMES, the leading voice in cannabis culture, is proud to […]

Is Cannabis the World’s Next Disruptive Innovator?

Learn about disruptive innovation and how legalization is priming the cannabis industry to be the next big disrupter.

Oregon Launches New Cannabis Worker Permit

Beginning in just a few months, every employee of a cannabis company licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission must hold a "Marijuana Workers Permit."

Ohio MMJ Law’s Focus on Minorities Raises Legal Questions

Part of Ohio's new medical marijuana law that sets aside a piece of the state's budding cannabis business for minorities appears to be unconstitutional, legal experts said.

Cannabis Tax Attorney: Here’s What to Do if the DEA Reschedules

A tax attorney addresses cannabis business professionals' concerns about claims that the DEA plans to reclassify cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II.

‘Worry About Bad Marijuana — Not Big Marijuana,’ Says D.C. Think Tank

“Regulating this new marketplace will not be easy," the report's authors write. "But regulating against a bogeyman will make that job even harder.”

I Spent 3 Hours on Loopr, Denver’s New Dab Bus. Here’s Who I Met.

I romped around Denver rolling joints, taking dabs, making friends, and dancing in a smoked-out club on wheels.

The Shake: This is What 48 Hours on Edibles Feels Like

Edibles are legal in Oregon tomorrow, Ohio's medical cannabis bill is twiddling its thumbs, and yes, it's possible to lose money in the cannabis biz.

Nasdaq Rejects MassRoots Stock Listing Bid

The cannabis-focused social network could be seen as aiding and abetting the distribution of an illegal substance, the exchange determined.

The Shake: State Dept. Says DEA is Wrong on Cannabis

Oakland wants to be the cannabis capital of California, Obama cuts short 58 prisoners' sentences, and Jamaica adopts initial regulations to launch the ganja industry.

Is ‘Cannabis Crowdfunding’ for You? A New SEC Rule Could Open Startup Investment to Everyone

Investing in startup cannabis companies is about to get easier for the little guy — and for the little company. But it's not as simple as putting up a Kickstarter page.

Jane’s Domain: I’m Just Not Sorry

As I walked out onto the stage at the Women Grow Leadership Summit, I didn’t see just a cheering audience. I saw 1,400 women facing the future together.

How Brand Licensing Allows Cannabis Companies to Expand Across State Lines

Some of the country's most successful cannabis brands are looking to expand to other states. Here's how they're doing it.

6 Best Practices for Opening Your Own Cannabis Business

We asked our most successful clients for tips on starting a new business. Here's what every budding ganjapreneur needs to know.

Jane’s Domain: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Jane is my nom de plume of pot, adopted because I needed to take a leap out of my former professional career. That I did, head first.

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