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I Got High With Ricki Lake and We Discussed Her New Documentary, ‘Weed the People’

"Weed the People" follows the journeys of five children with pediatric cancer as their families explore cannabis oil as a possible treatment or cure for their diseases.

Girl Scouts Eye Whether Cookie Sales Near Cannabis Shop Broke Rules

The San Diego Girl Scout council is looking into whether a scout who was photographed selling cookies outside a marijuana dispensary broke any rules.

Colorado Will Ban Cannabis Gummy Bears

Sponsors say that gummy bears, gummy worms and chewy candies shaped like fruits are too attractive to children.

Does Cannabis Use Automatically Make You an Unfit Parent? The Government Seems to Think So

Despite ongoing cannabis reform in the U.S., many families are having their children removed from their care over simple possession charges and medical marijuana loopholes.

Maine Could Legalize Children’s Use of Medical Marijuana in Schools

The Maine Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee approved Legislative Document 557, which would allow children to take prescribed medical marijuana on school grounds.

DARE Mistakenly Shares Satirical Report: ‘4 Teens Become Pregnant for Every Joint Smoked’

Today's D.A.R.E. kids are learning that "for every one joint of marijuana, four teenagers become burdened with pregnancy," according to a satirical article that was mistakenly posted.

Suspending Students for Cannabis Use Actually Increases Likelihood of Future Use

A new study released by the American Journal of Public Health examined the effect of school suspension policies for cannabis use among students, and the results are surprising.