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Congressional Committee Discusses How to Legalize Cannabis

While lawmakers seemed to agree on the need to end cannabis prohibition, Wednesday’s hearing highlighted tensions between competing visions of what reform should look like.

Coalition Wants Social Justice Baked Into Cannabis Legalization

On the eve of tomorrow's a Congressional hearing on legalization, civil liberties and human rights groups call for justice reform.

New Congressional Bill Would Let Oregon Export Cannabis

The state produces way more than Oregonians consume. A new bill would let farmers ship to nearby legal states.

US House OKs Plan to Block Federal Cannabis Interference

The Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives has voted to block the Justice Department from interfering with states that have legalized cannabis for adult use.

Washington DC Mayor Moves to Allow Cannabis Sales

Expecting a congressional roadblock to be removed this year, Mayor Muriel Bowser has unveiled a plan to launch legal, adult-use cannabis sales in the District.

Attorney General Says He Prefers STATES Act Over Prohibition

In a Congressional hearing, AG William Barr said a STATES Act solution would be better than the current federal-state conflict over cannabis regulation.

McConnell Offers Congressional Hemp Bill to Fix ‘Glitches’

“I'm prepared to do my job ... all the way into the end zone if it requires additional legislation,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a major hemp-producing state.

The STATES Act Is Back. Can It Win Over Congress?

One of the leading efforts to end cannabis prohibition at the federal level stepped back into the spotlight this week.

Enough Talk! Congress Takes Action on Key Cannabis Legislation

Congress made progress on two of the most prominent cannabis reform bills this week, setting up key votes that could greenlight cannabis banking and OK state-level legalization.

There’s a Mess of Legalization Bills in Congress. Here’s What Really Matters

The influx is a good sign for cannabis reform’s prospects in Congress, but it can also be confusing: Why can’t lawmakers work together on a single bill to address everything?

SXSW Cannabis Headliner Draws Crowds and Protest

Former US House Speaker John Boehner appeared on behalf of Acreage Cannabis, prompting a small backlash against "corporate cannabis."

The Latest Cannabis Bill in Congress Would Do More Than Just Legalize

A new cannabis legalization bill already has the support of leading 2020 presidential challengers.

In Congress, a Changed House Finally Looks at Cannabis Banking

The US House is finally taking up a key issue: banking and other financial services for the new industry.

Sen. Kamala Harris Says Legalize It—and Oh Yes, She Inhaled

'Listen, I think it gives a lot of people joy,' she said. 'And we need more joy.'

Legalization Hits a Tipping Point in Congress This Year

Voters should rally behind the STATES Act to end prohibition in 2019, says Neal Levine, longtime activist and head of the Cannabis Trade Federation in a chat with Leafly.

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