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Data Dive: Legalization No Longer a Partisan Issue, 2016 Election Data Show

Voters in extremely conservative counties supported cannabis legalization measures this election—in some cases by wide margins.

Infographic: Here’s How Many Stoners Have Died in Horror Movies

Pack a bowl and light up in remembrance of these stoner characters from the past four and a half decades of horror movies who didn't live to see another J.

Why are New York Times Reporters So Dumb About Cannabis?

The paper of record says five state legalization measures may usher in a bold new era. But its reporters still repeat discredited claims from a bygone age.

Which Cannabis Strains Give You the Best Bud for Your Buck?

Do some cannabis strains give you a better bang for your buck than their high-priced alternatives? We dove into our data to find the best budget-friendly strains.

What Cannabis Strains Do Women Like? Our Readers Weigh In

Which cannabis strains do female Leafly visitors love the most? Our readers shared their favorites, from sleepy indicas to active sativas.

Cannabis Makes You Watch Cat Videos (According to Google Trends)

To help out publications hoping to churn out sensationalized cannabis headlines, I turned to Google Correlate to find search queries with similar growth trends as "cannabis."

Behind the Headlines: That Colorado Report Means Less (and More) Than You Think

Yesterday’s release of a report on the effects of legalization in Colorado inspired dueling media narratives. Here’s the story behind the headlines.

Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State (and D.C.) in 2016

What are the fastest-trending cannabis strains in every market? From Blue Dream to Chemdawg, learn what your customers and friends are searching for on Leafly in 2016.

Colorado Report: More Adults Using Cannabis, but Not Kids

Surveys given to middle- and high-schoolers indicate that youth marijuana use didn't rise significantly in the years after the 2012 vote.

What Cannabis Strains Do Women Want?

Are there really cannabis strains that resonate more strongly with women? According to our data, yes. What are they, and what qualities do they possess that appeal to females?

Female Interest in Cannabis is Growing, But by How Much?

More women are getting into cannabis, but how quickly is female interest in cannabis growing and which states have the most cannabis-curious ladies?

The Leafly Marketwatch: Which Illegal States are the Most Cannabis Curious?

We identify the states that have limited medical marijuana laws or are completely illegal, yet check the Leafly website because they're "cannabis curious."

This One Chart Captures Everything Wrong with NYC Cannabis Arrests

Even as arrest figures dropped, racial disparities show no sign of going away. In 2015, black or African-American New Yorkers were eight times as likely to be arrested for cannabis as whites.

Oregon Sees Consumption Rise, Arrests Plummet

A first-ever report on cannabis use by residents gives a snapshot of Oregon residents' attitudes and behaviors at the dawn of a new era.

The Leafly Marketwatch: What Percentage of Your Dispensary Visitors are Out-of-State?

What percentage of out-of-state folks are curious about what Colorado, Washington, and Oregon cannabis dispensaries have to offer?

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