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Dravet Syndrome

The Shake: Denver Has Growhouse Brokers, and Miami Cops Bust Man with Majestic Half-Beard

Legalization advocates are at the White House today, a Utah study shows further potential for cannabis epilepsy treatment, and seriously, this guy's beard.

The Shake: Obama Frees 61 Inmates and Whoopi Tackles Period Pain

Microsoft's racist chatbot turns out to be a cannabis fan, a Colorado ski town considers tossing edibles, and a faithful dog brings home a massive haul.

How GW Pharma Could Use U.S. Patents to Shape the Future of Medical Cannabis

After its success with epilepsy drug Epidiolex, the British company is patenting drugs to treat cancer, epilepsy, diabetes — even constipation.

The Shake: Rihanna Rents the Entire Floor, Cannabis Outsells Girl Scout Cookies

Infographics! Baked goods! Top-shelf political humor! The Shake today is chock full of good stuff.

CBD Holds Promise as Child Epilepsy Treatment, Studies Find

First-ever scientific studies show cannabidiol's potential to reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures in children.

The Medical Minute: Saving Lives (and Sex Lives) with Cannabis

2013 brought great strides in cannabis science and drug policy, and more optimistic research continues to roll in. We can only eagerly imagine what 2014 has in store!

What Are High-CBD Cannabis Strains and How Do They Differ From High-THC Strains?

Thanks to marijuana’s growing legitimacy as a medicinal option, CBD is starting to emerge as a popular cannabinoid due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties.