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Former Heisman-Winning QB Getting Into the Cannabis Industry

A former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback will now be competing in the cannabis industry, as former NFLer Troy Smith is now entering the industry.

NFL Players Union to Propose Easing Penalties for Cannabis

The NFL Players Association is putting together a proposal to adopt a “less punitive” approach to cannabis, but details are still fuzzy.

Bill Walton Derails College Football National Championship Coverage to Talk Cannabis

Inexplicably dressed as Uncle Sam, everyone’s favorite Hall of Famer/old hippie broadcaster spoke out in support of cannabis in a “that’s so Walton” non-sequitur.

Yet Another NFL Player Suspended for Cannabis

The NFL announced a 10-game suspension of Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson for using medical cannabis to treat Crohn's disease.

ESPN Survey: 2/3 of NFL Players Say Cannabis Would Cut Painkiller Use

In a new ESPN survey of more than 220 current NFL players, 61 percent of players said that if cannabis were a legal option, fewer players would take powerful pain-killing injections.

NFL Suspends Bills Offensive Tackle Henderson for 4 Games

The Bills right tackle was using marijuana for medicinal purposes to relieve the effects of Crohn's disease.

Source: Bills Tackle Appealing NFL’s 4-Game Suspension

Henderson's appeal is based on him using marijuana for medicinal purposes to relieve the effects of Crohn's disease.

Relax, Jerry Jones. Calm Down, NFL. Ezekiel Elliott’s Cannabis Visit Was Perfectly Normal.

Don't scold the Cowboys running back. It’s common for tourists to be curious what legal cannabis looks like.

For Ex-NFL Punter Chris Kluwe, Cannabis Was the Safer Choice

For NFL rookies, this week marks the beginning of a never-ending series of choices about how to alleviate pain.

Cannabis Stunt Turns NFL’s Aldon Smith Into Master of the Self-Sabotage Video

In the one-minute clip, which looks like it was filmed after hours in a nail salon, a woman can be heard telling a blunt-holding man “you shouldn’t even be posting that.”

NFL Lineman Eugene Monroe Won’t Take Opioids, Not Allowed Medical Cannabis. So He’s Retiring at 29.

Monroe’s retirement leaves Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan as the only current NFL player publicly urging the league to lift the ban on the use of medical cannabis.

Ricky Williams: Cannabis Connoisseur and the NFL’s Most Enigmatic Player

The enigmatic player, and his relationship with cannabis, take center stage once again this week, when SI Films premieres the documentary "Ricky Williams Takes the High Road."

Ex-NFL QB Jake Plummer Rips Jerry Jones Over CTE and Cannabis

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Denver Broncos, opened up this week about the NFL’s drug problem.

Titans’ Derrick Morgan Voices Support for MMJ in the NFL

Players like Morgan are becoming more aware of the negative health effects that accompany professional football, such as chronic traumatic brain injury.

Ravens Release Eugene Monroe, NFL Player Who Gave $80K for Medical Marijuana

Numerous reports have surfaced that the Ravens have been trying to distance themselves from the eight-year veteran. Now the team has.

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