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How VividGro is Evolving LED Lights for Cannabis Grows

Learn how new LED technologies use less energy, produce less heat, and provide cannabis growers with more bang for their buck.

Just How Good Are LED Lights for Growing Cannabis?

Are you considering LED grow lights for your indoor cannabis? Learn some of the benefits, as well as how LED technology has evolved over the years.

What’s the Buzz? Cannabis Grow Lights Vex Ham Radio Operators

Radio operators mostly say they don't have a problem with cannabis but worry growers may not know cheap ballasts can have phony FCC-compliance stickers.

In a Cannabis Grow Blaze, Firefighters Worry About a Lot More Than Smoke

Do firefighters take extra precautions when fighting a cannabis-related blaze?

Why Cannabis Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the US and Europe

Due to differences in laws, electricity prices, suitable climate and some other factors, the European and the U.S. indoor culture developed on separate tracks. Here are the main differences.

Quiz: How Can LED Lighting Impact Cannabis Growth?

How much do you know about using LED lighting to optimize your cannabis grow? Take our quiz to find out!

Four Steps to Picking the Right Grow Lights

Finding the right grow lights can be difficult and confusing. Leafly and Solid Apollo's Cole Johnstone teamed up to provide some information to prospective growers.