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Introduction to Top Dressing Cannabis Plant Nutrients

Top dressing soil is a great way to provide vital nutrients for your plants. Read about how to apply this method for healthy cannabis plant growth.

How and When to Transplant Cannabis Plants

Transplanting cannabis is important if you’re using a pot or container to grow. Learn how and when to transplant, as well as how to avoid transplant shock in your cannabis plant.

How to Use Mulch to Improve Your Cannabis Garden

The best way to grow in nature is with nature. In this article, we will explore mulch and explain why and how it offers so many benefits to those growing cannabis.

Choosing the Right Container for Your Cannabis Plant

Growing cannabis can be difficult given all the options that are available. Read about how to choose the best pot for your cannabis growing needs in our simple guide.

How Data Drives Indoor Cannabis Growing: Organigram Talks High-Quality Production

What does a modern, state-of-the-art, indoor cannabis production facility look like from the inside? We asked Matt Rogers, head of production at the Canadian licensed producer Organigram.

An Introduction to Foliar Feeding Cannabis

Foliar feeding is a process that can help plants absorb nutrients quickly. Learn all about how to foliar feed your cannabis plants to help them grow healthier.

Mycorrhizae 101: How Fungi and Plant Symbiosis Can Help a Cannabis Grow Thrive

Mycorrhizae are types of fungi that live in symbiosis with plants. Learn how this relationship can improve the health and resilience of your cannabis plants.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds can streamline the growing process and ensure that cannabis cultivators get the most out of their hard work. Read all about the process here.

How Can Cannabis Retailers Implement Sustainable Practices?

What does it mean to be a “sustainable and organic” business in the cannabis industry? Amy Andrle shares a few tips from her successful sustainable retail business in Denver, CO.

How Controlling Vapor Pressure Deficit Can Improve Your Cannabis Grow

Understanding, monitoring, and adjusting vapor pressure deficit can help ensure growers get the most out of their indoor cannabis crops.

How to Use Cover Crops to Improve Your Cannabis Garden

Keep your cannabis soil strong in the off-season by using cover crops, an age-old farming method used protect and improve soil year-round.

Introduction to Growing Cannabis With Aquaponics

Learn more about using aquaponics to grow cannabis sustainably, and find out whether it's the right growing method for you.

How to Find the Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

Discover what traits make up the best soil for cannabis, what to look for when shopping around, and explore different pre-mixed soil options.

‘Breeding Is an Art Form’: An Interview With Cannabis Cup Champion Exotic Genetix

Leafly sat down with Exotic Genetix’s founder, Mike, to get a firsthand look at how excellent cannabis genetics are bred.

How to Grow Hydroponic Cannabis

Learn how to best use hydroponic growing systems and techniques to cultivate cannabis and how these techniques can improve your crop.

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