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Introduction to Growing Cannabis with Aquaponics

Learn more about using aquaponics to grow cannabis sustainably, and find out whether it's the right growing method for you.

How to Find the Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

Discover what traits make up the best soil for cannabis, what to look for when shopping around, and explore different pre-mixed soil options.

‘Breeding Is an Art Form’: An Interview with Cannabis Cup Champion, Exotic Genetix

Leafly sat down with Exotic Genetix’s founder, Mike, to get a firsthand look at how excellent cannabis genetics are bred.

How to Grow Hydroponic Cannabis

Learn how to best use hydroponic growing systems and techniques to cultivate cannabis and how these techniques can improve your crop.

Grower Stories: How 5 Cultivators Came to Thrive in the Legal Cannabis Market

To paint a more genuine picture of the present-day cannabis grower, we’ve profiled five growers from legal markets across the country.

Your Regional Guide to Growing Healthy Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Learn how your region's climate, soil, and water supply affects the outcome of your cannabis harvest with this guide to growing cannabis outdoors.

How to Make the Most of Cannabis Plant Count Grow Limits

Learn five ways home cannabis growers can make the most of plant count limits in order to maximize production in their gardens.

What Is Biochar and How Can It Improve Your Cannabis Garden?

Learn more about biochar, a soil amendment that has been used for centuries and is making a comeback in the past few decades among cannabis farmers.

Grow Room Humidity Control: 5 Tips for Indoor Growers

These five tried-and-true tips can be implemented by indoor cannabis growers to perfect humidity levels for their operation, saving them a lot of money and hassle.

10 Fast-Growing Cannabis Flowers for Impatient Gardeners

These fast-flowering cannabis strains are perfect for novice growers as well as set-it-and-forget-it growers who want to squeeze out a harvest with little time to spare.

5 Tools Every Cannabis Grower Should Have

Whether you want to improve your overall yields, reduce the need to troubleshoot, or get better-quality buds, these tools can improve the ease and abundance of your home cannabis grow.

Basic Cannabis Growing Setups for Cultivators With Tight Budgets

What are the bare minimum requirements for growing healthy cannabis? Find out how to rig a low-cost, basic cannabis garden for cultivating cannabis on a budget.

5 Tips for Controlling Odor in Your Cannabis Garden

The pungent aroma of living cannabis is something to be celebrated by many growers, but unfortunately the smell can also draw undesired attention to a garden. Here we explore some of the most popular and effective methods available.

The Home Grower’s Guide to Simple Cannabis Breeding

In this guide, we’ll review the basics of small-scale cannabis breeding and illustrate the benefits these techniques provide to those who want to create their own cannabis seeds and strains.

How to Support Your Cannabis Garden With Trellising

Trellising not only improves the quality of your garden, but also makes the plants easier to work with. Follow these simple steps to build trellises in your own cannabis garden.

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