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5 Facts About The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was the first federal anti-cannabis prohibitory act, but what were the true consequences of this law?

The History of Cannabis in Canada

The history of cannabis in Canada has been a tumultuous journey. We're taking a closer look at the complex road from prohibition to legalization.

Why Scientist Carl Sagan Embraced Cannabis Throughout His Lifetime

Carl Sagan, known for his immense contributions to science, was an avid supporter of cannabis. Learn about his views and experiences with the plant.

Remembering the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, the Nation’s First Dispensary

Every time you hit a legal joint, you have the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club—and the larger LGBT community—to thank. Here's why.

Say What? Why ‘Cannabis’ Is Rising and ‘Marijuana’ Is Fading

With legalization sweeping across North America, the very words we use are changing.

50 Years Ago: What Was the Summer of Love Like, Grandpa?

By summer 1967, marijuana was blossoming in its pubescent prime, reflected increasingly, if not downright presciently, in magazines, music, literature, and television.

Malcolm X: From Cannabis Peddler to Iconic Civil Rights Activist

In remembrance of Malcolm X, we examine the iconic (and controversial) civil rights activist's past peddling cannabis in Harlem and the impact of his legacy in American history.

O Captain! My Captain! Inside America’s Oldest Operating Head Shop

Located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Captain Ed's is the oldest operating head shop in America. We check in on 50 years of activism, glassware, and back room trysts.

10 Events in History That Prove 4/20 Is the Best Day Ever

4/20 is a day worth celebrating, not just because of cannabis, but for a variety of reasons. Need proof? Check out these 10 events that left a positive mark in history.

What Is Bhang? A History Lesson and a Recipe

Learn about “bhang,” an edible cannabis preparation that has become an integral part of Indian culture after being in use for thousands of years.

What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis Coffeeshops?

By banning public use, states may be missing an opportunity to promote responsible behavior while hindering cannabis-related tourism.

The Problems Plaguing Cannabis Coffeeshops

The evolution of Dutch coffeeshops has led to the paradox that while cannabis sales are legal, coffeeshops are still supplied via an illegal production system.

How Are ‘Coffeeshops’ Different From ‘Coffee Shops’?

What's the difference between coffeeshops and coffee houses, and how does the Dutch government properly regulate these cannabis-friendly establishments?

The History of Dutch Cannabis Coffeeshops

Explore how Amsterdam's famous cannabis coffeeshops emerged in the Netherlands and the various changes they have undergone over time.

The History and Emergence of the CBD Cannabis Strains

Learn more about the emergence of cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis and why strains high in this cannabinoid continue to grow in popularity.

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