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The US Surgeon General Just Tweeted WHAT About Cannabis?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently used his official Twitter account to make a startling claim about cannabis. It wasn't the first time.

The Latest Cannabis Bill in Congress Would Do More Than Just Legalize

A new cannabis legalization bill already has the support of leading 2020 presidential challengers.

Stop of Fake Arizona Delivery Van Nets Cannabis Seizure, Arrest

State Department of Transportation officers seized a half-ton of marijuana after stopping what proved to be a fake delivery van in the state's far northwestern corner.

How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt

How Does Law Enforcement Know if Your Cannabis Is Legal?

National Expungement Week Cleans Up Records Across US

Several organizations are offering free legal advice in 13 cities to help people remove cannabis convictions from their records.

Canada Cuts Ribbon on World’s Largest Legal Marijuana Marketplace

Bonus: Canada will pardon all those with convictions for possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana, the now-legal threshold, a federal official has said.

America’s War on Drugs Has Been Racist for a Century

The drug war didn't start with the Nixon or Reagan administrations. Its history dates back nearly a hundred years—to the advent of the US Border Patrol.

Colorado Cannabis Laws Too Loose, US Attorney Says

"If somebody is licensed by this state, should they feel at increased risk of federal prosecution now?" U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer said. "Yes. They should."

FAQ: What to Know About the DEA’s CBD Rescheduling Order

For one, it doesn't actually reschedule CBD.

Seattle Court OKs Plan to Erase 542 Cannabis Convictions

It’s the latest example of evolving criminal justice policies in the era of legalization.

DC Scales Back Punishment for Public Cannabis Consumption

People caught smoking marijuana in public in the nation's capital will now get a citation instead of being taken into custody.

New York Cops Still Making Cannabis Arrests, Despite Mayor’s Policy

State law says THC oil isn't marijuana—so cops are arresting people for it.

Brooklyn DA’s Plan Could Erase Thousands of Cannabis Convictions

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said on Friday that his office will allow nearly 20,000 low-level cannabis convictions to be wiped away.

The Roll-Up #45: An Avalanche of Good Cannabis News

This week: grand gestures from New York officials, shockingly sensible moves in a former Soviet republic, and how fear-mongers are trying to skew “cannabis poisonings.”

Meet the Author of the Most Important Memo in Cannabis

Known today as the 2013 Cole memo, the document helped usher in a new era of state-legal cannabis.

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