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State of the Leaf: Irish Like a Bit o’ Green, and Can Cannabis Save Atlantic City?

Colorado sees record sales, three legalization petitions vie for primacy in Arkansas, and a cannabis advocate in Hawaii makes an unusual argument in court.

IRS Agent Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years for $20K Bribe From Cannabis Company

A judge called the agent's conduct “a tremendous breach of public trust,” as well as “an affront to the United States, the IRS and all law-abiding tax payers.”

The Shake: Why Cops Love the HighThere App, and a Stash Clash in Oregon

A BBC reporter's sober bud-and-breakfast stay, and surprise ban on cannabusinesses in a Washington county, and dogs — flying dogs.

Scalia’s Death Could Decide Colorado Case’s Fate

The Supreme Court justice would've been a key vote in an angry-neighbor spat that goes before the high court next week.

Courtroom Drama: Bribery, the IRS, and a Cautionary Cannabis Tale

A cautionary tale for cannabis businesses: What happens when a routine audit by the IRS goes awry, and what can a dispensary do about it?

The Epic Iowa Saga of ‘Cy the Cyclone’ and a Most Dangerous T-Shirt

A student group had to take Iowa State University to court just to put a cannabis leaf on a T-shirt.

Obama Administration Backs Colorado in Supreme Court Lawsuit

The Justice Department's top courtroom lawyer asks the Supreme Court to toss Nebraska and Oklahoma's challenge to Colorado's recreational cannabis legalization.

Police Say It’s Unconstitutional to Mandate Drug Tests on Officers

Police officers have filed a civil rights grievance against the city of Pittsburgh over mandatory drug testing, claiming it's a violation of their contract and of the Constitution.

Weekend Weirdness: SWAT Team Conducts Raid, Mistakes Organic Tomato Plants for Cannabis

With the number of times SWAT teams crack down on cannabis businesses (regardless of legality), you'd think they'd be able to recognize what an actual cannabis plant looks like.

Judge Denies Raid Cops’ Restraining Order, Allows Video of Them Eating Edibles as Evidence

Yesterday a judge weighed in on a restraining order to prevent footage of police officers eating edibles during a dispensary raid from being used as evidence in an internal investigation.

Weekend Weirdness: Cops Caught Eating Edibles Mid-Raid Are Suing…Their Own Department?

Three police officers who were caught on camera consuming cannabis edibles during a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary are now suing their own department over the video footage.

Mo Money, Mo Problems: Colorado Struggling to Keep Cannabis Tax Money While Fighting Lawsuits

Colorado has filed a legal response to one of the three lawsuits it's facing, but a new problem has surfaced: the state may not want to refund cannabis revenue to its taxpayers.

Colorado is Now Being Sued by a Third Group Over Legalization Because Why the Hell Not

A third group is suing Colorado for having the cojones to be the first state to implement a successful legal retail cannabis program.

D.C. Group Suing Colorado Over Cannabis Legalization

A D.C.-based group, Safe Streets Alliance, is planning to sue Colorado on behalf of those “who have been injured by the commercial marijuana industry in [the state].”

After Suing Colorado Over Recreational Cannabis, Nebraska Now Proposes New Medical Marijuana Legislation

Nebraska has proposed a new law that would legalize medical marijuana in the state despite the fact that it is currently suing Colorado for their legalization of recreational cannabis.

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