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The Haymaker: How Prohibition Aided a Pennsylvania Murder Spree

Two of the four victims in the Bucks County horror would never have been lured to their deaths—if they'd lived in a legal state.

Jeff Sessions’ (Unfounded) Love Letter to DARE

At the anti-drug organization's 30th annual conference, Sessions sang the group's praises. One problem: DARE didn’t work.

Sessions Urges Prosecutors to Push for More, Harsher Punishments

Advocates quickly criticized the move as a revival of the worst aspects of the drug war.

Anti-Cannabis Group Violated CA Campaign Finance Laws, Commission Finds

A leading anti-legalization group has agreed to pay thousands of dollars in fines for violating California campaign finance laws as it fought Proposition 64.

4 Lessons Alcohol Prohibition Should Teach Us About Cannabis

There are many parallels between cannabis and alcohol prohibition, but what can we learn about legalization from America’s first prohibition?

Federal Report Finds Lowest Teen Cannabis Consumption Rate Since 1993

The results are the latest to refute arguments by cannabis opponents that legalization would lead to a higher rate of use among minors.

DEA Annual Report Finds Decline in Smuggling, Teen Use, and Prosecution

A new report from the DEA has a few items catching the eye of cannabis advocates around the country.

Amid Drug-War Chaos, France is Reconsidering Its Cannabis Policies

Signs that France is finally taking cannabis reform seriously emerged this summer, but a recent series of events has sped the shift.

Obama: Prohibition ‘Not Tenable’ If States Legalize Cannabis on Tuesday

The president told Bill Maher on Friday that Tuesday's vote could force federal prohibition to crumble.

Meet Holland’s Best Known (Illegal) Cannabis Farmer

Doede De Jong is fighting a longtime paradox in the Netherlands that allows cannabis sales at coffeeshops but prohibits cultivation.

Will France Be Stuck with Cannabis Prohibition…Forever?

For 45 years, governments in France have held on to some of the harshest and most outdated cannabis policies in Europe.

Germany and Austria Are Pouring Billions into Cannabis Prohibition

Even in tolerant cities like Berlin, authorities have stepped up enforcement of cannabis prohibition. It's not working, and it costs taxpayers a bundle.

Do Medical Marijuana Patients Give Up Their Right to Bear Arms?

A 9th Circuit panel on Wednesday upheld a federal ban on the sale of firearms to cannabis consumers — including MMJ patients.

Montana Cannabis Opponents Push for Initiative to Undo Medical Marijuana Law

The measure seeks to repeal Montana's medical marijuana law and declare that any drug that is illegal under federal law is also illegal under state law.

Legalization Opponents Raise $2 Million to Fight Ballot Measures

Much of the money is expected to be funneled to opponents of California’s Prop. 64, an adult-use measure that could be pivotal to the nation’s legalization movement.