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7 Eco-Friendly Cannabis Brands Helping Us Get High Sustainably

What products should you be looking for as a consumer hoping to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint? Here are 7 brands that are setting an eco-friendly example.

A Simple Super Soil Recipe for Your Cannabis

Learn how to amend organic soil for cannabis, and follow these guidelines so you can create your own super soil for your personal cannabis grow.

What Is Super Soil and How Do You Make It?

Learn about organic super soils, how they can help improve your cannabis plants, and four steps to create organic soil for for growing healthy, thriving cannabis plants.

Why Kyle Kushman Swears by Veganic Cannabis Grow Methods

Learn from Kyle Kushman about veganics, a growing technique using no animal by-products, and how it can be used when growing cannabis.

Organic Pest Control for Cannabis Home Growers

Learn about a variety of organic pest control solutions that can minimize damage and prevent pests from taking over a cannabis home grow space.

Using Veganics for Growing Organic Cannabis

Learn about veganics, a growing philosophy that abstains from using animal byproducts or synthetic ingredients, and how it can be used for cannabis.

Sustainable Gardening Practices for Growing Cannabis

Learn helpful strategies for incorporating sustainable practices into your indoor cannabis garden and save on the cost of maintaining your grow.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Design: The Way of the Future

Explore how cannabis companies are using sustainable packaging designs that help avoid the unsustainable plastic packaging market.

The Greenhouse Revolution: How Old-School Structures Are Changing Cannabis Cultivation

Greenhouses aren’t exactly new technology, but they could play a key role in reducing cultivation's financial and environmental costs.

Growing Organic Cannabis at Home

Organic farming practices for growing cannabis can result in better yield, flavor, and quality. Learn more about growing your own organic cannabis.

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging: How It’s Made and Why It Matters

Environmentally conscious packaging is integral as the cannabis industry expands. Sun Grown Packaging explains the necessity of developing sustainable child-resistant packaging designs.

Is Hemp the Best Alternative to Synthetic Materials?

In the last century, natural fibers have been replaced by synthetics to a great extent. Unfortunately, its production and disposal contributes to an array of environmental problems.

Hemp vs. Cotton: 3 Reasons Why Cotton Is Not King (and Why Hemp Should Be)

With the growing decriminalization and legalization of cannabis across the U.S., hemp has the opportunity to knock cotton off its throne and become the fabric of our future.

Why Is Hemp Known as the ‘Green Buffalo’ of Plants?

Native American tribes used the buffalo in its entirety, but did you know that hemp is often referred to as the "green buffalo" because all parts of the hemp plant are valuable?

‘Hempcrete’ Could Be Putting the ‘Green’ in Green Building

When the word "hemp" comes to mind, you probably envision clothing and food products, but this versatile plant may have a new application that could impact building construction.