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The Roll-Up #19: Canada Has Its Maureen Dowd Moment

In this week's podcast: Toronto cops try edibles and discover they're not Seth Rogen; Ben defends LA's cannabis appetite; Dave hallucinates about pirates.

The Roll-Up #18: Erykah Badu Adds a Tour Date in Vermont

Vermont goes legal, Vancouver cops bust street sellers, Trump's drug czar intern resigns, and Erykah Badu lauds the utility of the vinyl album cover.

The Roll-Up #17: Florida Man, Attorney at Law

Ben finds the world's worst cannabis attorney, Dave rants about Oregon's ID ineptitude, and Bruce frets about the federal budget. Good times!

The Roll-Up #16: Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Resort

This week: America pushes back against Jeff Sessions, Vermont votes to go legal, and Mike Tyson plans a cannabis resort in the California desert.

The Roll-Up #15: California Goes Legal and the Cole Memo Dies

This week: Bruce enjoys California's first legal day, Jeff Sessions kills the Cole Memo, Vermont moves to allow adult use, and Dave proposes senior discounts for all.

The Roll-Up #14: San Diego Is Winning the California Game

California issues adult-use licenses and San Diego's the place to be. Also: Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2017, Mexican edibles, & Ben pitches an Acapulco gig.

The Roll-Up #13: Christmas Will Break Your Heart

This week we take on net neutrality, Walmart's 'Weed Christmas Tree,' Canada's plan to tax medical cannabis, the MassRoots implosion, and holiday classics from the Pogues and LCD Soundsystem.

The Roll-Up #12: Is Scromiting a Winter Olympic Sport?

This week's cannabis news: LA rolls out its regs, Canadians oppose toaster oven tokes, and the crew has serious questions about the 'scromiting' trend.

The Roll-Up #11: Yogi the Thanksgiving Miracle Dog

Dave's back with a little something extra this week. Ben goes off on 280E and homegrow prohibition in his home state. Bruce yaks about drowning dogs and MMJ patients getting their guns seized.

The Roll-Up #10: Balcony Tokes With Anthony Bourdain

CNN's adventurous eater samples a little legal Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Ben lays out California's pricing future, and Bruce defends the greatest Thanksgiving film of all time.

The Roll-Up #9: We’ll Stop the Boone’s Farming of Cannabis

While the cannabis industry convenes in Las Vegas, we're stuck home getting news-drunk on breaking stories about California, cannabis, and food.

The Roll-Up #8: Let’s Gamble With PotCoin in Las Vegas

Ben dives into PotCoin, WeedCoin, Metal Pay, and all the hip cryptocurrencies, while Dave cashes out his mattress to enjoy Las Vegas while high.

The Roll-Up #7: Enjoy Your $25 Gram, You Tools

Ben, Bruce, and Dave discuss holiday safe practices, gram prices, candy, and Barry O's retirement hobbies.

The Roll-Up #6: Stoners Have More Sex

Science confirms the sexy sexiness of partakers, Jeff Sessions blames cannabis, and Ben reveals a poor Halloween costume choice.

The Roll-Up #5: Lovely Chats With Border Guards

After a three-week hiatus, Bruce, Ben, and Dave return with cracking banter about Melissa Etheridge, Gord Downie, and border crossings we've enjoyed.

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