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Does CBD Calm Essential Tremor? Researchers Are Looking Into It

In a groundbreaking agreement, Canadian producer Tilray will export cannabis to researchers at UC San Diego.

Canadian Cannabis Producer Tilray Files Paperwork for Nasdaq IPO

The Canadian licensed producer filed paperwork Wednesday in preparation of going public on the US-based Nasdaq stock exchange.

We Asked a Scientist: What’s the Right Dose of CBD?

Leafly’s in-house neuroscientist Nick Jikomes explains how different cannabinoids interact, why different conditions benefit from different doses of CBD, and more.

How Are Canadian Patients Using Medical Cannabis?

A new study led by medical cannabis provider Tilray shows how patients are working medical marijuana into their healthcare practices.

Tilray Secures Portugal License, Plans EU Expansion

The Canadian LP continues its global growth with a C$29 million facility.

How Canadian Licensed Producers Are Driving Medical Marijuana Research

Learn about how licensed producers across Canada are helping drive some of the first large-scale clinical trials on the benefits of medical cannabis.

The Legal International Cannabis Trade Already Exists, and We Mapped It

Canada and the Netherlands have become global export leaders. Yes, in cannabis. And it's legal.

Canadian Cannabis Producer to Begin Exports to Chile

Tilray has entered a deal to begin exporting medical marijuana to Chile, the latest of the company’s initiatives to expand into overseas markets.

Benefits of Cannabis Terpenes: Terpineol, Valencene, and Geraniol

Find information about geraniol, terpineol, and valencene–three terpenes found in cannabis strains–as well as some of their potential medical benefits.

Benefits of Cannabis Terpenes: Ocimene, Terpinolene, and Guaiol

Find information about ocimene, terpinolene, and guaiol – three terpenes found in cannabis strains – as well as some of their potential medical benefits.

Croatia Makes Medical Cannabis History. How Did It Happen?

The ancient Romanesque village of Groznjan, Croatia, witnessed a historic moment this month: the first-ever legal shipment of cannabis extract from North America to Europe. Here's the story behind the headline.

Tilray 1st Company to Legally Export Medical Cannabis Products From North America to EU

Global medical cannabis leader proud to help Croatian patients in need.

Cannabis Terpenes: The Benefits of Humulene, Caryophyllene, and Trans-Nerolidol

Terpenes are a group of fragrant essential oils that contribute to the complex aroma and effects of cannabis. Three common terpenes include humulene, caryophyllene, and trans-nerolidol.

Myrcene, Linalool, and Bisabolol: What Are the Benefits of These Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are rife with aroma, flavor, and medical benefits. Learn the benefits of strains high in the terpenes myrcene, linalool, and bisabolol.

Cannabis Extracts: The Science Behind Cannabinoid and Terpene Extraction Methods

Canadian medical cannabis producer Tilray explains the science behind cannabis extraction methods including ethanol and supercritical carbon dioxide.

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